Abynissia teams that are not slow?

Just curious what you guys are up to with this card / troop. Whether actual or theory - its all okay. Just think the card concept is pretty interesting, but I’m struggling to find its niche. It seems like it screams I want to be cool, but just can’t find a good fit for it.

I ‘lucked?’ out and got two of her day one. I think the artwork is great. Mana cost on the high side honestly in such a fast turn game meta. I really dig the interesting spell / ability, but I’m struggling to make any synergy use with the IK she summons or justify using her super high mana costs. I like that she has cursed ability and legendary ability seems to be designed for the long slow game… but this game doesn’t really play that way… I feel like if there were more cards per team - she would come into her own… but I don’t have the last trait unlocked yet, so jury is still out how much a daemon boosting value is too.

I have been hoping for a support / gatherer / exploder kind of mythic to drop for some time - so I welcomed this one with open arms - but so far, I have mixed feelings on its usefulness as designed. I haven’t tried all the combos, so wondering what others are rolling if anyone has made her effective.

  1. The latest team(s) I am trying are almost the same. The damage basically comes from TDS + Sylvanimora in one version, in the other, famine is pumped by 3 chargers. Neither is quick to start and gorgotha and TDS both play big roles in production. When it gets going, both work. Famine and mabs emperors etc can all give it trouble but famine is the worst. The slow start up in a game that needs fast kill times means it still doesn’t seem quite right:

Sylvanimora (or Famine in 4th spot)

  1. I’ve read about something like this next idea in the official forums thread for the card. Credit goes to whoever there for the idea. I still feel like I’m slow playing sometimes when I try this though. I feel like I’m waiting until I can use bombot and then summon IK… but why not just put IK to start then? The bot does provide a damage bump, but the synergy still feels off… expecially if you loose TDS which is your own red feed. The team to me feels clunky still at best however the sacrificial concept for more damage is appealing when it all comes together.


  1. I’ve tried a few different sacrficial Black Beast kind of ideas… but nothing I’m a fan of.

  2. I tried an all deamon build, and cannot say I found any I cared for there either, and that’s even with toying around with different mythic combos.

  3. Speculation… I have not played with her on a Def, but in the end, maybe that’s her fit. Maybe she paired with gorgotha, TDS and giant spider or something where everything can summon, everything is annoying, everything just stalls is where her best fit is… which is really sad as I wanted to see an offensive exploder, but in the end, she seems best suited for the long game.

  4. I started thinking - okay, how do I use IK? ( Jarl, sheggra, Mercy, etc…) so what if you just run a mercy+IK+SHeg and splash in Aby whereever you want? Well she cannot go to top, so what do you lead with? IK? So set it up the following. However with all the famine and drainers out there, this is not an ideal setup at all. If Mercy fires off good, it can work, but to what end? Would it be better with a real pile driver up front and dropping Aby… yeah, probably.

  5. Then thought about the following, but its far too slow and Aby provides nothing of value really as I’m just slowing down what could happen so Aby has a chance to summon, and her exploder is so slow to build it don’t matter:

So I’m left thinking this is just an expensive Mythic, that perhaps doesn’t really have a good fit for anything I’ve found appealing or that even consistently works for faster paced time to kill that this game thrives on… but what are other folks trying? Has anyone else come up with anything to make use of Abynissa that actually works well, consistently and takes advantage of her powers in a shorter and effective time frame?


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I’m still tinkering but probably the quickest I’ve found is


Charge alchemist and away you go. If and when infernal King is summoned he takes the yellows and generates reds to fill alchemist again.

Replacing Abhorath with Terraxis is better as it uses yellows, generates brown for arch and famine and does decent AOE.

I just like Abhorath. :grinning:


Abynissia is slow, just like all base mythics. If it weren’t so, they would all be insanely overpowered.


Sure, point well received. However, I’ve come up with a number of ways to make War and Famine effective and productive in shorter time to kill games. Both have great damage potential and both can be used in speed teams. Famine can be used on Offense or Defense and control as well as damage teams… War is a beating stick meant for offense and has great attack as well as spell potential. These are fun and interesting mythics that work in a variety of teams.

In Famines case he looks at Moloch and laughs putting him to shame. In War’s case, he looks at Maw or any other beat stick and says, yep I can grow too as well throw deathblow fire as well. These cards have many uses and definite purpose.

Death is a bit unique where ability can be fantastic or meh… but he, like Plague, can do a number in a properly built looping team, but tends to be specific interest unless he’s in just for tick damage… both are on the slower side, though Death can get win button surprise quick at times, just not predictable. Both Death and to a greater degree Plague land at underwhelming, though I admit, Death has some niche builds where it works. I feel both of these honestly do better in the slow defense game, vs. offense. Deamonora or whatever kinda ruin the day of any daemon defenses these days.

Draakullis is a Mythic that wants to be useful and can be in the right tank heavy builds, but struggles to shine while the cursed bat exists… he’s slower to charge, not quite as good and dealing damage as fully leveled curse bat, but can tank like nobodies business with the health gen… even so, he lands at okay, has a purpose, but underhelming. Again in a def build, he can be annoying, but not something I end up using on offense.

Abynissia is a card that seems like she tries to be many things, but I’m not sure in the end she does any of them well. She wants to be on the “yay deamons” team and she can boost them, but does the game go that long, and do you want it to? She wants to be an exploder / gatherer, but there are more cost effective options that yield better returns. She wants to be a summoner, and arguably summons the best guaranteed summon… but again, it takes far too long to make it worth while, and you have to lose something to make it happen, so what do you gain by having the ability if it cannot be adequately leveraged? If this is really just another annoying Def Daemon, then enter Deamonora or whatever again to pretty much bench this mythic too.

I hope that’s not the case. I hope Abynissia has some options, I’ll try @Drathas build tonight and see what it looks like.

I’d love to make a team of


Fully traited. Screw spells, screw transforms, I want to see how irritating a team that passively gains 3 attack and 3 life (5 in Death’s case) every turn can be.

The bombot team is the one I suggested in the original thread. It is very, very rare to lose the Dragon Soul in that setup, and if you do, you have a chance to get it back with the current immortal possession. If the initial setups arent there, you need to let bombot take the hits until you can get your loop going. I don’t like Gorgotha here because he relies on magic to feed, and if he gets withered by famine, there is no way to get rid of him and you can just get the rest of your team is vulnerable to being picked off by spell damage.

I’ve also used this same configuration with the following up front: Manticore, Famine (really need TDS to be able to get up in the first few turns), Anu’s Scepter (archer/mechanist for fast), Tyri, Humility (great vs death), Ragnagord (1 red surge to get things started when you have Fast), Poison Master, Psion (too hard of a block for starting unless the board is filled with red or you get lucky skulls), Green Slime (good kickstarter). For some of these, I find myself wishing I hadn’t traited Sylvanimora, because Aby is very lackluster if you don’t use her to summon.

I’ve effectively used her with black beast as well:
Black Beast
Poison Master
The Dragon Soul

Poison Master is seriously underestimated for how much mana it can generate. It is tied for the lowest mana exploder, and while it is limited to one color, it is a different color than it uses to charge, unlike Herdmaster, who has a link on his explode color which contributes to it being all too frequently cleared off the board. Basically, fill poision master, cast a couple times, eat poision master, get out an infernal king, then see where your mana pools and relative enemy HP stand. If you have TDS up and BB up, IK at low/0 mana, and Aby full or close, eat the IK then explode. If IK has some mana from the cascades, is full, or you can get him full and have a board set up, use him, then follow it up by eating him with the black beast to get more skulls out. If that doesnt finish the team outright through skull trades, you can repeat the loop one more time.

Yes, I’d call these teams “slow” by comparison to the “meta”, but I would not call them prohibitively slow. Their fastest times are much slower, yes, but I’m running with an average time of around 2:30-3:00 per win, similar and actually faster than a lot of my “fun” teams, with my average time for my fastest PvP team being around 1:30. Every team I’ve used her on where I tried to build around her trait was too slow, at least for me, though. I actually find too fast to be just as irritating sometimes, as a larger and larger percentage of your “gameplay” time is spent watching trait activation animations and sitting in loading screens.


I’m not sure whether you would call it fast but I have been using:


I find this has rather effective for me in offensive at least.

With exception to @Nimhain team and the latest black beast team, both which I just now seen, I’ve tried the others this evening. The @mithran bombot team has an element of fun to it that I like. I don’t have a mythic bombot, so feels like I’m missing something to the potential of that one. Still, it works.

I put a lot more time into this team, and fell back to it after changing the banner.


I believe I’m presently on brown / purple and its working well enough. Mana drain heavy… correction, famine heavy teams are the worst… so much mana is constantly qued that if famine gets a cast, it can be really bad. It’s four exploders and entangle from salad just shuts down anything and Gorgotha can tank any early skulls that get through. TDS plus Sylvanimora is the main damage loop and I get anywhere from 1 to several loops off regularly. I’ve used Aby for additional recharge if Gorgotha isn’t up, and I even had two IK’s TDS and Aby up at one point due to a dual death team getting a cast off once. I went from 15 to 5 tonight goofing around with these builds. Abynissia is at least filling a couple roles, but this and the bot team are really the only time I’m seeing IK come into play. (Okay, the black beast thing just feels forced).

I’ll give Nimhain’s team with War and Marilith a try tomorrow night.

I wouldn’t call the Black Beast team “forced”, there is some great synergy there. And I should know, I’ve made a lot of “forced” Black Beast teams, because I try to make one every time a new summoner is introduced. The absolute worst? Probably Kruarg, but the Bison is pretty bad too. This one is actually good. Seer+Spider is better for pure control (but only does skulls, and frozen really sucks), Terraxsis+Kerberos or Terraxsis+Corrupt Sorceress is faster, especially if they dont have stoneskin/graniteskin and full bonuses, and Aby/TDS is just completely overwhelming when it gets started - and unlike most my other beast variants, is still pretty solid even if the Beast happens to die by a deathmark or Archer or something (though I usually don’t take beast if they have an archer, because the whole point is to trade skulls at an advantage every time). The last slot can be anything, but I highly prefer Ettin if I have another converter, and Poison Master if I don’t have a converter, and Hero (fast, with Anu’s Scepter) when using lower mana starters that dont also use blue mana, or some other empowered board mod I can use to kickstart the other troops I’m using (Mercy, astral, spirit fox, etc).

Even going against the grain vs a Gorgotha, it is still fairly solid:


I tried your build 4 times back to back today. I won all 4 times playing the right-most matchups in pvp. It definitely works. However, as with some of the other builds, it felt ‘sluggish’ at times. Mostly, it’s slow to start and then finishes big was my experience as long as War can be fed. Aby almost seems like the backup plan for War in this build.

My kill times (rounded down) were 5min, 4min, 6 min, 5 min.

I ran a couple different banners but landed on brown / yellow. I thought I felt like Marilith isn’t doing either of her jobs well. Her attack builds, but that stat never came into play. War’s attack builds, but also never came into play. Thus the skull attack builds feel like backup plans for if Gor & Aby both vape… but not sure that’s much of a risk.

War’s spell and burn is where its at for me in this build. All the real damage came from him in my limited testing. Marilith threw some true damage out there, but what I kept needing out of her was more mana… in the end, I think she is the weak link on this team and could be replaced with salad dragon for a better net effect and more synergy.

I ended up using Gorgotha and Abynissia to explode but needed/relied on Gorgotha getting charged fast as Marilith wasn’t offering enough and Aby is slow to get rolling… Gorgotha was therefore essential to keep things going. The problem with that I fear (though not encountered) is with loss of Gor, things slow way down… even if Aby and marilith charged, Aby becomes a one trick pony for awhile as Marilth struggles to offer enough help for recharge.

I ran out of mana once and got very close if it wasn’t for some luck cascades a few other times. The one time I ran out, Emperor drained top two spots and that hurt a bit. I had to rely on Marilith to get things going and it was a slow reset.

However, in all cases, Gorgotha did his job. Tanked and exploded well. He never died! In fact, I lost no team member… so his loss impact is speculation. Aby was purely an exploder for War, which wasn’t bad. Damage held up and got it done.

There was no real ‘looping’. For me it was build up, charge & fire War, repeat. I ended up reserving Marilith as a just in case damage if other two were charged or backup plan in case top two depleted.

The final issue for me with this build is, no real soul generation… and even though I near level 700… and all cities are 5+ accept 2 at 4.5 (need traitstones there), still I have a need for souls on a handful of troops. It’s a minor issue in grandscheme, but if I can fit Valkyrie or TDS in, they are always preferred on my long road to max level troops & cities.

[PS - forgot to note that I do not have the last trait for Abynissia yet… and in an all Daemon team, perhaps it will play… but main damage for me was not coming from skulls.]

I find the Abynissa teams I face on offense to be anything but slow. She might be slow, but facing Gorgotha, Aby, Plague, Death just whittles my troops down before I can muster much in the way of appreciable damage to it. I would really like to see some sort of counter to the skill reducers.

Tried this team out several times, first I had red/yellow banner and I think it caused me some issues. Used Terraxis* as lead. In the very first match, faced a manticore lead with bat, emp and watcher (all mythic full traits). Manticore wrecked Terraxis before I could get him charged… Got alchemist up and cast, twice while stairing at his full charge second time manticore… but aby got enough after second alchemist cast and IK came out to play. Bat ended up wrecking the IK and famine wrecked bat. Fired off aby again for IK #2 which also finished emperor. Famine plugged watcher and IK tapped him with some fire love. cast alchemist twice to charge IK #2 for the kill. It wasn’t fast and got 16 souls, 9 glory and 4080 gold with a key for the effort. I think the banner choice caused me time to kill issues red on Alchemist is blocked by Terraxis lead… so opted for yellow brown again (as if Gor was leading).

Y/Brn banner, Terraxis lead, faced Gor, MOloch, Mab and hero with Crescendo… (BTW - @Sirrian and @Nimhain - I get sore and take a pause - every time I see that weapon. It’s one I do not have and would actually like to use! I want them all, but this one… well, it pains me… LOL) Moving on - quad yellow and tripple brown open, no cascades on either side and I go / you go type of triple matches - slow start. The turn I get alchemist up, his mab is hot. Alchemist can get me extra turn - but only if I flip brown… I do we go back and fourth, but I’m leaving skulls were I can and mab gets a cast. I hold terraxis as there just isn’t much blue on the field. Aby up I use her for explode… and now finally things get going. Famine vapes Moloch. He takes skulls. Alchemist and Terraxis keep the party going with luck drop skulls finishing off gorgotha along the way. Famine wrecks mab but leaves her with 1 health… lol. He takes skulls and cascades into dual 4 match pairs freezing alchemist and famine… I use aby for some cheap skull damage to finish mab, he takes green. Alchemist gets party started, need aby to keep it going, luck into full charge, Aby fires off again, terraxis luck skulls to win.

Next was a maw, mercy, IK, sheg full mythic, full trait team. I was forced into a bad open, red was only tripple and mercy had bad cast, but cascaded into luck. Maw ate alchemist and then cascaded from cast into big skull hit that also crushed terraxis… and his IK is charged… and I have NO mana… sitting on aby and famine… lol - wow, now that was fast! I tried to minimize the pain, but no cascades of note… IK casts and of course, Maw starts pounding. Aby vapes… all over but the crying. Maw was a 62 attack and IK was near cycling… next turn, dead… :frowning:

I can see Abhorath tanking more, but not sure it would have helped here. Mercy luck cascades mean Maw gets pick of the litter. Losing both of the ‘start’ cards alchemist and Terraxis was certain death.

This team relies on alchemist and must work mana around terraxis as he is dependent on a sea of blue to flip with brown. So I felt it was hit or miss. Not having Terraxis full trait may contribute, but had no way to recover once Alchemist was out.

All damage really coming from Famine unless you can get an IK places this team down the list for me as far as reliable, efficiency and time to kill go. Where Nim’s team has backup plans for her backup plans… this team is near a 1 or 2 trick pony, and relies on the alchemist as keystone in my experience.

In the end, if you just wanted to cycle Famine team with Aby… I’d go with my first team I noted above swapping Salad for Famine - it works and is effective and seems a bit more reliable while also offering souls. IK can come to play there too about in the same capacity as this build.

Ok, you play the team differently to me. I concentrate on Terrraxis and cast it almost whenever it s full.
4-6 casts is usually enough to wipe most teams. Famine is very useful in mana drain and big hits, if it doesn’t kill it brings the high value target into the range of Terraxis. I don’t know how to take video on my phone so here is a pictorial of a battle. Main idea is loop Terraxis and alchemist, while using Abynissia to generate mana and summons as required.

Starting board - I matched skulls and then worked on filling Terraxis - with two fire links and Dragon banner (+2 red, +1 yellow) two matches of either red or yellow is normally all it takes, a +5 will instantly fill Terraxis. I cast Terraxis even when there aren’t any +4 fours as I use him to damage the enemy and only need a couple of brown matches to charge Alchemist.

Couple of turns in and Alchemist is ready - converted out the browns to yellows which charged all yellow troops (through cascades). Then:

Cast Terraxis once and matched skulls, then cast Famine on the hero. I wasn’t a kill but now its in prime position to be killed by the next Terraxis AOE.

Then converted the purples, skull drops kills Gorgotha but an Ancient Horror spawns in.

Then used Abynissia to explode the greens and filled Alchemist and Famine.

Then, cast Terraxis - hero dies - then cast Alchemist again to refill Terraxis three more times.

The battle took about 4 mins, I believe.

It is a dicey team to play versus Maw because of all the brown and yellow you generate for your own troops which can then be used against you if things turn.


Roger, that makes sense. I follow and see you had the double red single yellow banner. appreciate the elaboration. I was definitely playing it differently.

I agree that if alchemist goes down things do get bogged down, as Terraxis isn’t filling a generator anymore and Abynissia takes a long time without yellow gen and any links or assistance from banners.

My original idea was that Terraxis was disposable to enable use of Abynissa summons, hence why I bannered this team to quickly fill Terraxis while it’s there. Plus side is if it dies then alchemist fills very quickly to get Infernal King’s expensive spell running.

In some cases I’ll even give the opponents +4 matches when casting Terraxis so they have more mana to boost my Famine’s damage! :grin:

Presently, I find the Bombot and Gorgotha lead teams fastest, but I lean toward the Gorgotha build. In either case, the 3 that follow the lead are TDS, Aby and Sylvanimora.

Both builds run the Purple/Brown banner. I like it as all 4 troops get a mana boost, and IK can use the purple as well. I tried brown yellow, but couldn’t see it making a positive impact and I like TDS receiving a bonus… They both cater to the explosive side constant mana flow game play. I can very consistently get 2-3 min time to kill with Gorgotha lead, and the bombot can go same or significantly longer in a couple cases.

I find I’m focused on taking skulls with the bombot built early, so his armor doesn’t get wrecked and I can maximize his damage, but I also have to charge his and others mana… (dual focus?). Having to take skulls is almost a distraction in this case… On the plus, any skulls you take are burning the other lead.

With the Gorgotha lead, I can ignore the skulls and go for the mana gen first and fastest. For me, this leads to faster charge and faster time to kills than with the bombot usually.

NOTE: My Sylvanimora does’t have last trait yet… perhaps unlocking entagle will change my opinion. My Aby doesn’t have last trait either… so I’m missing some bonus there too.

The brainless looping nature of TDS and Sylvani allows me to pay very little attention while doing other stuff lol… (perhaps not fair measure, but side bonus). The Gor build allows me to charge with everything… 2 dole out damage, I can generally hold Aby in reserve unless all resources get low. In bombot build, I found i needed to cast aby more often, and sometimes I was left without IK charge when I needed it.

I get souls (with both), and if/when Gor finally pops, IK comes out as a clean up crew. In bombot, I need IK to be ready and then I need aby up quickly again. At times, if feels more dicey, though usually comes out on top too.

In my experience, current meta is heavy with manticore, famine and emperor… spirit fox to a lesser degree. Bot team suffers more in all cases as they have one less mana generator. Gor is a very efficient mana generator and the looping nature of TDS and Sylvani mean I can suffer very little from Famine. Even is gor is reduced to a lump of nothing… having 3 mana generators means TDS and Sylvani can do their thing with abi backing them up until Gor gets dusted… in those rare cases.

To date though, I’ve had more IK summoned in the bombot build than any other - and that’s because a bone dragon opponent came out strong in one game and laid waste early. I’ve actually ‘cast’ Aby more in the Gor build to date, because her dual role comes into play more for me in that build.

Ironically, this is a long thread to land back where I started with the very first team… odd… well, the good news is there are plenty of fun and interesting ideas here that all work. Hopefully others have ideas and we’ve only scratched the surface. :slight_smile:


I have tried that TDS/Sylvan team but it is too similar in play style to my Borealis/Sylvan/TDS/Venbarak team. But less fast.

Hence trying to find something that builds well around Abynissia. I have tried Sacrifice but it was a tad clunky. And I tend to get trigger happy and sacrifice the summoner as well without looking! :roll_eyes:

Sacrificial Priest also blocks too much mana to chain IK summons and sacrifices. :sob:

Will get back to the drawing board after work. Only need two arcane blades to get her final trait too. :+1:

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Heh… color me jealous! Try @nimhain’s team before you final trait Aby a couple times, then a couple times after if you get this and have time… would be interesting to see in a team like hers, if the boost comes into play.

For sure, the boost should play a part when IK comes out, no matter what team… well, unless you are consuming him… LOL! :wink:

I do have team with Marilith in it as the generator, as well as some fun teams with all Blighted Lands daemons but it doesn’t classify as fast by any stretch of the imagination.

Herald of Chaos***

Abyssal Banner


Abyssal Banner again. That team works ok and is fun. I agree it will be interesting to see how much effect Abynissia’s third trait will have.

Or try


Exploding the greens made by Webspinner clears the board!

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That shows the power of black beast, did the buff poison master though?