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About the Other Languages category

If players would like to put guides or notes for our non-English-speaking players on the forums, then this is where to do it!
If we start to get too busy in here, we will create sub-categories for the various languages we support.


Hello @Sirrian

First thanks for the new category. It could be something great. Better if other languages also have they own posts. But only time is needed I think.

In way to get a better game in all the variants, I express here some of the problems I see in it, about other languages.
For example : Chat 200 and the censured.

  • Words like seguro = sure ; negro (colour) = black are censured
  • And many Spanish insults not.

Maybe a look at this could be good. But I’m not sure if it is possible to adapt different chat channels with different censure on them.


Je cherche simplement une guilde avec des membres qui s’investisse parlant francais . Je suis lvl 1021 je ramasse facilement 500 trophés et+ par semeine, J’investie netement plus que 500k par semeines .