Abilities not working (PS4)

Has anyone else using the PS 4 had the issue of certain cards not doing what they are supposed to?
I was using Gorgotha, Valkyrie, Brian the Lucky, and Behemoth trying to gain souls, Note I use shadow armor which gives a 75% more souls and I am doing Whitehelm challenges.
Brian’s ability went off 2 raising Valkyries magic each time, Squealing and giddy I continued, eventually raising her magic to create 14 souls per activation :laughing: which her ability activated as follows at:

rank 4 magic twice
rank 9 magic thrice
rank 14 a whopping four times!

which by my math (4x2)+(9x3)+(14x4)+75% = comes to 159.25 souls + 26 for a total of 185.25 souls!

However it only registered 70 + 26 for 96 souls. I crossed checked this with my previous total of souls which pre fight were at 65 then confirmed post fight 161 souls in total. This isn’t the first time I have been jipped out of souls with this team as I have done this many times with one battle taking over 2 hours only to garner an added 70 souls.

So does Valkyrie have a cap on the number of souls she will gain you? or Is this a glitch and when can it get fixed? My Fiance and I really enjoy playing this game on my PS 4 but seems that the console crowd gets left out of allot of things updates, patches, events ect. console gammers want love to :slightly_smiling:

Also in addition Brian the Lucky doesn’t always give all allies + 5 random stat sometimes it is 1 or just 2 not all 3.

The PC portion has caps based on difficulty and armor.

In warlord 2 and Celestial armor, it is 110.

What I want to know is how you got the +26

There’s a cap on the amount of Souls you can earn, 40. I use the Spider Armor (+75%) and get 70 Souls per fight, no matter what I do otherwise.

As for Brian the Lucky, he’s completely random. He can hit any number of allies AND hit any stat.

Another thing, how do you keep the enemy Team alive and yours with that line up? Gorgotha and Behemoth deal out damage and other than Brian boosting Armor, how do you keep from being killed?

@kzintiwife Why are you talking about the PC/Mobile version when the thread is clearly marked PS4?

The +26 was for completing the stage of the Challenge in Whithelm. Base + 75%

Because it was the same in 1.07 on the pc which is what is running on the consoles.

@Atreusicus Oh that’s right, my bad. All my Challenges have been done for a few weeks now. I simply forgot lol…

@kzintiwife We don’t have difficulty yet. What we have on the Console is kind of a “1.07.5” version. We already got the economy upgrade to 1.08 and we have a lot of the issues your 1.07 had fixed. On the other hand, we also have a whole slew of other glitches and bugs :frowning:

I use Valkyrie to change Skulls then when Gorgotha goes off it is ALL gems. I eliminate all but the last enemy once Valkyrie dies or by some mistake skulls kill the last dude then Behemoth usually finishes the job.

did you guys get the “you can only play one revenge” or it locks up if you dont do anything between bug? we got that one on the android and apple versions…

@Atreusicus Sounds like a balance of cat and mouse.

I use Lance Knight, Alastair, Valkyrie & Brian the Lucky with the Adana banner. All six colours are used and Valkyrie boosts up the two guy’s who boost up Armor (LN himself, Alastair everybody). You can get everybody’s Armor into the hundreds and even hit the cap of 1000 if Brian the Lucky is generous with boosting Magic.

Yeah it is allot of cat and mouse my Fiance is always telling me to stop playing with my food lol. However my Alastair and Lance Knight aren’t leveled, sometimes I throw in the silent one just for giggles.

So at any rate the most we can get using Valkyrie is +70 souls?

@kzintiwife Not that I’ve seen. We do however have half our Personal Tasks not working properly. We don’t get Iron keys from those Tasks since they tinkered with the economy. We got Goblin Rocket for a day, but he was broken so they gave us Dokklafar, then a couple weeks ago we got a Barbearius that crashes the game if you use Wallop, then they replaced it with a Troop we already have (Tankbot 2000). Oh and 5-matches with Skulls in the “T” formation randomly do 3-5x damage now. I could go on and on, but there’s honestly not enough time to explain everything, there is literally that much wrong.

Unfortunately yeah. Until the update when we get access to Difficulty and Traits. There’s one Trait called Necromancy (that stacks if you use multiple Troops with it) that gives 50% Souls. Valkyrie has it, so she’s even more valuable as a Soul Farmer.

At least you got Goblin Rocket to show up even for a day. I’ve gotten him 10 + / - times now and not once has he shown up in my troop list.

ooo personal tasks… that sounds cool!

I think when we get 1.08 we lose those permanently.

Goblin Rocket never showed up for me either, it just took a day to get refunded for it.

Barbearius is more annoying. He’s not fixed, still on the Troop list (so if you really want to be a jerk, put him on your defense Team) AND I spent the 3,045 Souls to level him to 15 before I even knew he was broken. Worst thing is, he’d be the perfect replacement for Gloom Leaf on my Main Team (well I’m not sure, since I never got to test it…)

my main team is Gorgotha, Gloomleaf, Keeper of Souls and Webspinner. Using the +2 brown banner as I have that city to level 10.

Mine’s very similar to that. Gloom Leaf, Gorgotha, Keeper of Souls and Celestatia with the Khaziel Banner as well.