ABHORATH What's the deal?!?

I have nearly every troop including imps and apocalyptics but not ABHORATH. Anybody else have this problem/ know why?

It took me 9 months to get Abhorath. Act accordingly.

RNGesus does work in mysterious ways…

Venoxia was my enemy in that respect, took ages to get him/her/it, when I had many copies of every other legendary…

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Took me 20k glory keys to get Infernal king, i’m with you.

Moloch was my enemy…

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Keeper of Souls…

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Bone Dragon took quite a while but Plague was my nemesis. Two or three new mythics were released before I got that one. I think we’ve all had at least one troop that seemed to be able to escape us. :smile:


I’ve played every day on ps4 since the game was released and I still don’t have aborath or webspinner! There’s a few more but those have been in since day 1 I think.

I was over level 900 before I got Keeper of Souls.

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@RiverSong - wow, and I thought my level 750+ wait for Sheggra was annoying - although its starting to seem like Death and Abysinnia might take just as long to appear for me :scream:.

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Mythics are my problem. Still siting for a first horseman to drop. (Level 560+)


Finally got Abharoth this week, level 390+.


Mother of god, that GIF was annoying… :sweat_smile::laughing:


Plague is the one Troop that avoids me.

I had a single The Silent One forever, had every other Legendary Ascended at that point.

Then RNGesus showed me the light and I got 5 more to drop in a 10 day span.

–\ (’.’) /–

I finally got Carnex at about level 430.

Now I just need Death.

I will never get him.

It took me until last week to get Crimson Bat and I’m almost level 500; been playing since the very beginning. Sometimes RNG is just a bitch lol.

You need to be using the Event Chest to target specific Legendary troops. Wait until the Kingdom comes up in rotation then open, open, open.

I get horrid luck with those. I opened 20 recently and had ten treant. I got another ten and half were treant again! So screw those things!

The rest was junk