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ABHORATH What's the deal?!?

Ha. That’s your problem. 20 is not even in the ballpark to get a Legendary. You need to think in terms of 2-5ish.

And by 2-5, I mean 2-5 stacks of 50 Chests.

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Yes, I thought as much, I don’t have that many gems to spare though, I mainly use glory chests via tasks completed in the guild tasks.

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Carnex was my first mythic, then Abhorath. I am over level 600 and still don’t have Jarl, Bone Dragon or Mab :sweat:. I do have a mythic behemoth though.

Having said that I did leave it way too late to join a decent guild so really missed out on getting the most out of the old reward system

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Shouldn’t take more than 50-100, especially 1-Legendary Kingdoms.

Interesting, I usually get one in 50-100, but actual real game experience will show anyone that using Event chests to target a Legendary sometimes it takes a lot more pulls. You must have perfect luck with the AI.

LMAO, I wish

From a ton of glory chests I get that legendary troops are a 1 in 150 drop rate, so at 4x for gem/event that is 1 in 37.5

At that rate, the chances of not getting at least one in a 50 chest pack is around 25% so it isn’t too uncommon to fail to get one. It also means that out of 16 people, it is likely that someone will open 100 without getting one.


I’m still missing 28 of the Mythic/Legends… :slight_smile: But I have patience.

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Any is avoiding me now - literally thousands of keys and gems and she refuses to put in an appearance. Oh, and the Autumn Imp as well. I swear he’s not in chests like he’s supposed to be. :cry:


My last three 3 legendaries required 150 event chests. One before that took 1 key. Never had to use more than 150 keys though

This troop ‘patience’, is that a mythic or a legendary?



It’s a brand new guardian wannabe :wink:

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I STILL don’t have Moloch and I’m well over level 1000 now

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That must be torture…

Really bad luck, Piss off RNG, or I’ll never get him? Please state your preference.

On console, I buy 10 event chests at a time. Usually get the event legendary after 30-40 keys.

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Took me 490 levels to get Sheggra.

Everyone has that one unicorn troop.


Thanks for reminding me I don’t have Sheggra yet either. LOL

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PC only missing one troop and that’s the mythic Aby.
Still need one bunninog though for mythic. Only had enough glory for 5 copies and thought for sure would get one with keys by now. Its now his kingdom event and 150 event keys and 6 The Silent Ones later and still no bunni

I had 6 deaths before I got 1 plague, yesterday I FINALLY got Plague.

Outside of mythics it was Moloch, he evaded me till level 400+