A thought for the BLESSED TRAIT

hey guys i was think that the bless trait should get a buff. like you know how it give all allies and itself 2 to a random skill ? well i was thinking my it can give half its magic to allies and its trait at the start of the match.

Blessed: All allies gains “half your magic” to random skills.

now how it would work… lets take an Elvan Bard for example. Elevan Bard last trait is blessed. Blessed orginally give allies 2 to a random skill., but if blessed gets boost to what i mention above. then instead… (Lets just give Elvan Bard 10 magic base to start with at the begining of the match as an example.) with the buff Blessed trait would be ( All allies gain 5 to random skill points. and so on for other troops with blessed.

I mean would this make other troops spells unbalanced or is this a good idea, considering that troops basically can have double health/shield boost. or be overpowered because the magic kindoms boost ? What do you guys think ?

I like the idea personally, although buff to magic could be overkill

Then it would be OP some end-game players have cards with a magic stat of 20 or more… Hell im a mid-gamer and i have cards that high

While I do like this idea, and would like to see Blessed buffed a little bit in some way, since unless it hits magic or possibly attack it ends up just being a drop in the ocean, I feel that half magic could be a little overboard. For reference, I’ve got all Magic Kingdoms at level 10, and none at 5* (so only the +5 total magic EDIT: and +2 Guild bonus at the moment), and Priestess would have 20 Magic at level 20 mythic, Dryad has 17, Mercy has 16 at Legendary (would have 17 at Mythic). So for Priestess you would be getting 10 extra to a random stat, now while that’s nice for Health or Armor, or event Attack, if that hit Magic it would be overpowered, especially if you had more than one Blessed troop in your team and it hit the same stat more than once.

Maybe 20% or 25% of magic would be better? You’d be looking at which would be 4 or 5 points for troops like Priestess and Dryad.

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Yeah i Understand that, but there’s also troop for instance “yellow gaurdian guy” who basically can buff magic way higher if he’s hit and/or hit the magic trait on troops when the spell is being using… and not only that its easy to recycle unlike this new blessed… if the highest base magic is 20 plus 2 so 22… then only 11 stats are being gain at the begining of a match… not a spell to used every few turns ? You get what im saying ? it wouldnt be much over powered… like it hits health on 1 troop, attack on another, shield on itself nd mgic on the last troop. Its basically a one hit gamble… while troops that boost magic is ongoing use of spells and traits.

In a general sense it might not be strictly overpowered in that it breaks the game. But it would make the trait possibly the best trait in the game, most certainly the strongest of the non unique traits in the game by a mile.
Also while yellow Guardian guy may buff magic as much or more he does need to actively cast or be hit a significant amount of times to do so, which makes it both controllable and interactive.
Blessed giving that kind of juice just passively would basically make multiple blessed troops a must have in teams.

Even as a Legendary or Mythic unique 3rd trait this could still might be unbalanced. (hard to tell in a vacuum) Giving it to all Blessed Troop = Big trouble.

That said, I like it. Perhaps the developers could taper it down a bit and incorporate somehow it in the future.

I agree the Blessed trait, like a huge number of traits, doesn’t scale into the end game well. Many traits are sadly crap in that by the time you have the resources to unlock them, your stats are high enough to not notice the benefit.

That said, I can’t agree with the proposed change. That’s too strong and probably broken.

Better would be it adds a percentage-based stat gain. All troops gain +20% to a random stat. Same for the ‘Bond’ traits and so on and so on.


Sirrian in another post comment on this UNDERLYING problem, and they were going to try and address it. Although not brought in in the OP @Jainus mention the problem is scaling. Fixed abilities don’t scale to late game Poison and burn were specifically mentioned by Sirrian. (I’m sure they will look at others). This reexamination was going to be after Crafting. So we have some time considering resources are still applied to GW.


What if the scaling worked something like this:

Blessed: Troops gain +2 to a random stat / 5 magic points

Magic 5 = +2 to 1 random stat
Magic 10 = +2 to 2 random stats
Magic 15 = +2 to 3 random stats
Magic 20= +2 to all stats


@efh313 thats a good idea but i do think i like @Jainus’s idea better

Hadn’t made it to @jainus’s post when inspiration struck! :wink:

For the record I like his idea too.


That percentage based idea can also work for Cursed and any other debuffs at start of battle. Heck make Poison a 10% loss of health (rounded down) at a 50% chance each turn.

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And while we’re at it Death Marks % to self cleanse increases by the % you really really want it to happen! :grin:

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I really never like the ever reducing variable element that always gets proposed as a change to poison every time this topic discussed. (ie flat 10%)

  1. Poison needs to not change early game much, and 10% damage to enemy health would be a massive boost.
  2. Players on occasion have to do a unique calculation every time to determine damage to be done, because each time its different (this is a casual game after all)

A. Poison should scale off Magic (ensures proper scaling across all levels of play)
B. By scaling off Magic this adds further strategy options to Poison through Magic Buffs and DeBuffs.
C. Retain its 50%/50% change of activing (for uniqueness)
D. Should be fairly easy to determine for the player what damage may occur to a poisoned troop both yours or the enemy.
E. THE BIG QUESTION is the [ratio of Damage to Magic]. This would need lots of testing and I’m sure some Poison troops would also need adjusted. So TBD by the developers.

Not really, if we round regularely a troop would have to have 15 and above hp for poison to tick for 2 damage, 25 and above for 3 and so on.
For very early game that means most of the time that poison would still tick for 1 damage, and in early mid game start ticking for 2 up to 3 in later mid game.
Also keep in mind that the 10% is supposed to be calculated of the targets current hp, not its maximum, so even for beefier troops poison damage in early game would mostly result in 1 damage after initial 2 damage ticks.

Poison ticks are a random occurrence to begin with, so you are rarely well adviced to plan your strategy around it. However when poison ticks actually do determine outcomes, it is when the target is very low on health, at which point the poison ticks for just 1 damage, no calculations needed.

Now i am not objecting to your magic based proposal for poison in any way, but the 10% approach also makes a lot of sense.


Review some of the GW comments this week for a recent example. Occasionally low level players are facing 9,000+ teams. No way by any calculation do those teams have around 15 health points. Try multiples over 15 (I least that what I see).

Indeed i was talking about early game team vs early game team situations.
For your example which is early game team vs late game team, poison still wouldn’t change the early game teams strategy though.
It is not like an early gamer could afford to deploy a strategy to defeat an enemy with three times his stats mainly with poison ticks, even bossted ones. when the enemy troops basically two shot their troops, there is not nearly enough time for the early gamer for that to work before his team is blasted into oblivion.


should have a capability to trigger many times during battle, like bless when opponent match 5 of a kind or when is chosen by opponent’s spell

a bunch of taits need rework

Along the lines of positive traits, I’d love to see a trait that grants all allies “Enchanted” at start of battle.