A thought for the BLESSED TRAIT

i could easily see 1 powerhouse up front teamed with 3 allies that have blessed traits, especially for defense teams. i think i would be overkill and i wouldnt wanna fight draakulis especially if he gets all magic buff from his 3 blessed teammates. which with the AI luck you know that would happen a lot

i mean a person running 3 blessed is like members who runs 3 humility and a draculus or crimson bat… but hey guess the bright side… people can give web more play :} web is always thing yeah if you havent cared about it lol

One way to improve Blessed while not making it completely bananas would be to convert the Blessed troops magic into skill points using the typical ratio:

4 points = 1 magic
2 points = 1 attack
1 point = 1 life/armor

Gains must be at least one point, but this lets the value of the trait scale with the advancement of the player and the power of the troop. It does require a near-total rewrite of the trait, but maybe it could be squeezed in with all the other changes made once the switch to Unity happens.

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