A question for the devs to ignore

How much of your coding is still done within Infinity Plus 2 Studio? And my assumptions are correct. That you have contracted more of it now than ever before. Perhaps moving forward to with the second or third lowest bidder.
Because the actual lowest bidder isn’t worth the cheap labor when you’re losing thousands each day due to your issues snowballing quicker than you fix them and your support staff looking like jokes because they don’t know what to tell players anymore.

Just look under bug reports. They’ll address maybe one a day now and it’s always a softball level bug report. While game breaking bug reports seemingly just get ignored.

Including one where my guild was screwed out of a Mythic legendary task (I know join the club right) a bunch of members filed missing rewards tickets and not a single one has gotten a reply on it let a lone having the missing mythic troop mailed to us.

I used to be able to influence members who were quitting the game by having them focus on the positives and the future of GoW. But now a days even I can’t sell them outside of a sad fact.

Gems of War has become a survival/endurance game. As in, how much can the player endure before they quit the game. Or… Can they hang on long enough until the servers turn off.

Wake… The…Frank…up devs.

And 505 Games, you still have no clue how to run a live service game. Admit your ignorance, and stay the hell out of Infinity Plus 2’s work to give Gems of War a fighting chance at surviving.


Unfortunately my endurance for Gems of War has ran out. Despite supporting the game financially for a long period of time (including the latest campaign and kingdom pass), I can no longer support a game that is regularly broken.

There seems to be a “could not care less” attitude shown towards the players, and I for one can no longer put up with it.

I have set a firm uninstall date for Gems of War of January 1st 2022 and will spend on other things instead and never look back.

In truth, the Gems community are fantastic and it is for that reason I have held on for so long, but this back has eventually broken with constant issues and the time is right to move on.

Take care all, the pleasure was all mine.

ANGIE :kissing_heart::heart::rose:


I’ve been playing Gems of War for about five years or so now. I am also really close to quitting for the first time. The incessant bugs are part of the problem, the poor game design is part of the problem (What if every new feature is just another way to make everything RANDOM! Who wants strategy in their strategy game? /s), but the biggest thing right now is the absolute silence. There are so many bugs that should be simple to fix going ignored. So many serious issues with game mechanics going ignored. Everything is flat out being ignored.

At this point, I can only conclude that the studio is tired of their product, and is just waiting for it to die out on its own. So pretty soon, if this road continues, I will hang up my account and help them get what they want.


I guess they don’t have the balls to close the game, so they decided to release unfinished versions, full of bugs, with no after-service, until people leave willingly


Don’t know anything about the devs desires, but for me its a strange thing, when in game of one publisher theres an option of viewing ads about the games of the other publishers. No fear about loosing auditory’s attention?

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