A Potion a Day

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New Epic Troop: Yarrow Yarrow will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Witches’ Brew There are 5 battles that players can encounter during the event: Shimmerscale, Sol’Zara, Basilisk, The Archduke,…

  • Shimmerscale: 12 Points
  • Sol’Zara: 15 Points
  • Basilisk: 18 Points
  • The Archduke: 19 Points
  • Arachnaean Weaver: 20 Points

Note that:

The battles will each drop a variable number of Mugwort and Nightbloom (on average about 1.18x the base amount)

Which means… each troop will have 2 variable rewards.

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Good: The weekly events have mostly been fine this campaign. The skull medal week had synergy. If not RNG, the design has improved.

Bad: The scoring is exhausting. Please, please stop. Is preventing power orb ties really worth giving your entire player base a fresh headache every week?

Aside: Lycanthropy gems are an abomination.


I don’t think they’re trying to prevent ties. If anything, the world event is designed to allow ties. Everyone gets identical battles. There is only one optimal path, and it’s obvious before the first battle.

The only RNG in scoring are weeks like this with variable drops. So, variable drops prevent power orb ties. Every other week? Should be easy if everyone cooperates.

Here are the graphics to help you this week:

Details of the Event:

Average Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards is Tier 2 (approx 70 to 72 battles)

Reward Stages:

Battles and Scoring:


The scoring this week looks way more complicated than it is. Solution = simply choose highest rarity battle. Because after roughly 20 battles there won’t be any choice to make you will have nothing but shimmerscale battles.



Opaque and needlessly convoluted scoring rules do not add depth or fun; they make you look clueless.

If you want to add depth, skill and maybe even a smidgen of fun to World Events AND have a tie-breaking mechanic at the same time, measure ‘battle efficiency’ (not unlike Guild Wars) and slap a simple, obvious battle difficulty (rarity) modifier on it.


Well this seems like a good start…

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Just give it a minute :rofl:


Does anyone enjoy the GW scoring formula? I hope it doesn’t infect other parts of the game. It limits how you can play; maybe the way you enjoy doesn’t get priority points. Also, new players will be even more crippled as they don’t have the optimal troops.

There’s lots of ways to add variety and variable scoring. I’d argue ties aren’t a problem though, and if they are variable number of drops already fixes that. The lack of variety, the map being a sea of identical fights, having rarity not always translate to better fights, the convoluted drops vs points, the lack of point description in game… that needs to change.


You probably only get to do one of them and they all disappear for ages only to show up all at once again.

It’s not quite that bleak, but you will soon have a board of all Shimmerscales as your only “choices”:man_shrugging:

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No, I got to do all of them. The board didn’t reset.

That’s freaking weird.

I don’t, but (big but): Right now, there’s no way to ‘play better’ in World Events. IMO playing better (building better teams, making better match-3 choices, taking less damage etc) should always be rewarded to some extent.

→ Buying more gems should never be the only way to improve one’s score. ←

I don’t get to enjoy the game my way; the medal system already forces us to play a predetermined way. . Skull team or spell damage team this week? Doesn’t matter which, because the number of viable troops in either category that have synergy is less than 3 - week after week.

I agree with everything else you’ve said.