A New Mythic - Infernus

Did anyone say they spent real money to get him? (If so, I did miss it.) The resources may be worth that much but they’re not that hard to earn them back…

I spended 200$ does it change anything?
Didin’t mention it cause it’s not something you are proud when you pay to get f***

Only thing I can offer is that hopefully you more resources to use to try and craft things. That way you still got something out of the deal.

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When i spended that 200$ i was not looking for ressources, i got enough ressources, and if i wanted ressources i would buy directly the ressources i need, i wouldn’t buy vip chest in the hope to get more arcane stones.

Like @Ozball said, I’m not quite sure why you’re asking this.

Within an hour of its release I reported getting Infernus on Android (It’s somewhere in the top 30 posts of this topic). And @saltypatra clearly stated that Infernus was available for Android players around that time too…

@Rickygervais: Try not to get too frustrated (I know, almost impossible in these instances… :frowning: ). I had the same thing you had happen to me tthee times (with Plague, Gard’s and Wulfgarok). It’s definately one of the most aggravating instances in the game. I got Gard’s later from an event key during a whitehelm event but it certainly still annoys my completionist streak as Plague and Wulfgarok are the only troops I am still missing. It’s the main reason the crafting update is the make or break update for me. @Sirrian has stated on the forums that it will be possible to craft Mythics (can’t find the link right now) so if crafting works decently we should still be able to get all the troops eventually…


Here ya go :smiley:


Unity should be the miracle solution to all our problems. Result: bugs everywhere…

So I prefer to see what will be the Crafting update. I don’t believe that we get so easily Mythic when there is no 100$ pack available and when even with 15k gems some players didn’t get them.


Its kind of funny reading through all the complaining in here - meanwhile I’m thinking…

“Guys. The troop just isn’t that good!”

Haven’t got mine yet still.


I’m getting that impression from the reports and videos, seems to be a partner for elemaugrim and not much else.

he pairs well with Ketras with an alchemist hellcat loop too.

I saw tacet using that one

Pulled him with 600 glory key and 125 gem keys. I wish I had that luck when i tried for Pharos Ra, i burned everything i had and got nothing.

So what do we do with this Infernus…thing ?

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I’ll see your 400 and raise you a SECOND Infernus with my FIRST 50 Guild Chests!!

Luckiest Mythic EVER!!


You’re not alone, even though I’m on Xbox One (I don’t play the Android version that much anymore), I’ve been unlucky with mythics lately too. The only one I never bother to attempt to acquire it was Stonehammer, as of now, the only 4 mythics I own are Death, Plague, Gard and Wulfgarok. I hope I really get my hands on War, Famine and Ketras someday.

Derailing the current conversation a bit, but back to discussing the troop at hand in game.

@Saltypatra Infernus’ spell cast involving the 2nd random enemy, is targeting troops that previously were killed from the first random enemy cast; causing only splash damage on the troop/s still alive. I’m presuming this is a bug to be corrected?

Edit: If working as intended, I would be in the camp requesting a buff to his damage.


Now sitting at:
1000 Gem Keys
150 VIP Keys
1084 Guild Keys (= Gem Keys)
0 Infernus

I may try some Glory Keys after the event rolls over, but it’s looking grim. Event Keys next Broken Spire event, anyone?

Is the legendary/mythic drop rate boosted for tier 6 guild keys like it is for gem keys?

as far as i know there isn’t a broken spire event scheduled this year.

im still waiting for my guild to get the last 4k seals for max lvl chests. Really hoping for my saved 2500 seals.

Ouch lol. I’ll live. Probably.

He ain’t worth it if you ask me.