A New Mythic - Infernus

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New Mythic Troop: Infernus

Long before Luther and his Dragon Knights landed on the Broken Spire, long before Sheggra first hatched from her egg, even long before the Broken Spire… broke, there existed a Fire Elemental named Infernus.

Infernus lived for a thousand years, content in his deep cavern below the surface of the world; Fire Elementals are not complicated creatures - if it hadn’t been 1000 degrees in his home, Infernus would likely have invented the Margarita, the Banana Lounge, along with various plush robes and comfortable slippers. It is widely believed that Infernus would never have troubled the surface-dwellers at all, except for… the Dwarves.

As always, Dwarves do what Dwarves do best - dig until they find something shiny or valuable (preferably both), and then leave to take it home and squabble over it. King Firefist of Karak Lorgrim was no exception; travelling unusually far afield - on a boat of all things - he spied Spire Island, and immediately set his miners to digging. Over the next 100 years they became quite wealthy, which served to attract all manner of beasts able to cross the nearby seas, including Goblins and Ogres. Giant invaders aside though, it was all going well for Old King Firefist, until his Dwarves uncovered a deep fiery cavern filled with Flame Rubies. They quickly liberated said rubies and returned to their king to show their prize.

Unbeknown to the Lorgrim Dwarves, these were Infernus’ rubies. Only a Dwarf could travel 500 miles with single-minded purpose and tunnel vision enough to miss the fact that an Ancient Fire Elemental had blown the top off of a mountain and followed them home. Needless to say, centuries later, Karak Lorgrim lies in ruins, its halls charred and burnt, and its occupants largely forgotten. And Infernus once again lives in his cavern with his precious Fire Rubies.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC and Mobile.

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So basically don’t steal this guy’s bling. Otherwise he’s gonna blow his top


My precioooooouuuuussss …

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Confirmed, Infernus is in chests. A bunch of us just pulled him.


Love the proactive confirmation, Salty. Can’t say you don’t give the forums what they want. :stuck_out_tongue:


Confirmed from a non-dev source too for any of your overly skeptic people :stuck_out_tongue:

600 Glory, 100 Gem, 20 VIP was the 11th one from the VIP chests.


Got him! :smiley:

150 gem keys.


I thought of Infernus as a Rapper. The dwarves insulted him by stealing his bling and wreking his hood. He, in turn, exploded and spit such fire that it laid waste to everyone. Basically his mixtape was so hot it caused a full clan to be wiped


Almost ready for acension…



… lucky much? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Odd, this doesn’t happen to me… 950 Gem Chests and 150 VIP Chests, no Infernus. Gotta wait for Guild Chests to max out this week and try again. Alas.

At least I have more than one Tesla now.

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Damage appears, how shall I say it, underwhelming…


Yay got him. :smile:


Since i really want this guy i’m burning my keys until i get him.

about 500 gem keys - nope
got about 2500 gems worth of keys - nope
2000 glory keys - nope
3000 glory after opening chests - nope

Well im depressed and mad now.

EDIT: Ok i went to troop to see If i could go look at him, and he isnt in my game, but euryali is for some reason.

Android by the way.

And on PC he does show up, but euryali doesnt.


I was just going to report your edit, same problem here (on mobile). Also amusing that Euryali has the Marilith artwork.

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that’s. just. wrong.

Same here…android…

Same for me. Good thing Eurayi didn’t drop. Otherwise it would have been rage city for me

Hey everyone on Android seeing this issue, this means that your data is out of date. You are welcome to ignore this issue, but if you don’t want too we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game. (Please make sure to have your account linked and your password ready!) :slight_smile: