A New Mythic Approaches - Will of Nysha

Well shit. 3500 gem/guild keys later, no 2nd Will of Nsyha.

I finally pulled a 2nd but I’m ashamed to say how much it cost… That was not worth it.

I would be happy with only one. I haven’t got a mythic in 5 months. I’m about done. May just take a prolonged break.

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Obviously you aren’t obligated to play Gems over any other game, but if you are in an active* guild, and doing dungeons daily, you can be earning enough diamonds/shards to Soulforge any mythic troops that you don’t find in chests. It sucks missing out on these troops, but thankfully the game offers ways to make progress even when the RNG works against you.

* Hits 40k seals regularly, and especially during mythic release weeks. Completes the last stage of guild events more often than not. Finishes the base guild tasks each week, and maybe a few of the epic tasks.


It was dumb luck here, but eventually almost every mythic can reasonably be unlocked with time. I was unable to get umenath without going broke, so I’m waiting for soulforge.

Luck is too random and buying gems is an awful deal. I do wish there was some outlet to get mythics for those in more casual guilds with the epic task threshold now.

Holy shnizzle! Wouldn’t it have been better to just wait for it to get into the soulforge?

One can do things like grind Treasure Hunt and save up enough gems to use during specific kingdom event weeks for the sole purpose of targeting specific Mythics… said this Level 37 F2Player, who has never been in or created a guild, and currently has 25 base rarity Mythics on roster. :slightly_smiling_face:

Every post I make about the keys I spend is a protest that the GoW community, unlike other organized gaming communities, prefers to use the troop’s release thread as a “spam your gacha luck” instead of “keep discussion to the troop strategy”.

It’s not that there aren’t people who evaluate the troop, it’s that they’re drowned by people who:

  • Desperately need to share they got lucky.
  • Desperately need to share they got average.
  • Desperately need to share they are unlucky.
  • Promote the weekly conspiracy theory that the game is rigged.

And an overall attitude that “helping other players” is wrong and hurts you.

Some places I go have a dedicated thread just for gacha brags and delete posts about number of loot crates opened anywhere else. That way if you want to read a thread with nothing but “400 gem keys, 600 seals” you have a thing to bookmark!


I have been a daily player. In an active guild completing events. Hit max seals weekly. I have been playing a lot, amassing a bunch of seals and keys. I finally have enough diamonds to forge a troop. It is very disheartening not to have one single new mythic drop in months. My point is developers could, I’m not saying they did, tweak drops to encourage people to buy stuff. It makes good business sense in a freemium game. So. I won’t put any more money into it and will probably start playing some other games.

Be the change you want to see. Why not make a thread like this here? That seems like it’d be far more likely to change things rather your protest.


Because there is no rule or even “tradition” to keep such things apart from the official post about the new Mythic. People are simply entitled to post about their luck/unluck and that’s it. You are also entitled to rant about it and compare communities by the way.

In the same vein people could simply make their own threads to talk strategy, and some did with variable degrees of success.

You are reading/assuming too much about what others share and putting everyone on the same “they are all bad” sack. Some players might just share they are happy about a new mythic acquired, others being bummed for not getting it because they had wild plans to use said mythic or simply keep their collection.

Is such topics, and the people posting, are so insuferable to you there are plenty of options available:

  • Don’t visit the topic.
  • Don’t visit the forums at all.
  • Approach the devs/moderators and suggest changes to their policies and community guidelines. (And hope they consider it.)
  • Start your own threads asking/sharing strategic insights about the new troops.

Or simply keep doing your protest. Everyone would be fine ignoring that and things won’t change.


As for these mythic release threads, I guess it depends on the spoiler thread or in rare cases, it’s own thread based on spoilers when it’s really bad.

In this case, when it was revealed for the magic divided by 2 with spell armor. Perhaps the devs buffes it on the reactions, perhaps it was intended. It did however change to be a good troop.

I’ll admit to being part of the “problem” and I don’t think it’s bad to share teams. I just don’t go crazy unless there is a unique troop to work with. Mother of darkness was overpowered to nerfed to mediocrity. Vesparu is rng times three that to use reliably has massive pitfalls. The best team I can think of is Salty’s team, or a humility team.

This troop is either imho, too obvious to work with to go out and brainstorm to share with the world. Any purple team, especially divine and/or mystic based can use her. A hero with dispel all removes the submerge weakness. I like this mythic, and will use her appropriately, but I don’t have a dozen 300+ delve teams as the scaling, while nice, does need time at that level. As for pvp, it’s literally an interchangeable piece for divines. Here is how I’d use it, a slower but methodical team.

Divine Ishbala
Hero, either bard or class with dispel all
Will of Nysha
Voice of Orpheus

If you need help in the game you can just ask. That’s what I always do and people here always respond with helpful tips in my experience. As a matter of fact, I think you have helped me with my questions on very many occasions (thank you for that, by the way).

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I tested Will of Nysha a bit and honestly… We have better/cheaper options to use in teams around the new guardians

Will of Nysha: Her trait to buff purple troops is mostly a waste in my opinion… Sure she gains +1 of magic each turn, but compared to what you expect to gain from her spell, and you want to use her spell a lot, so you need some troops to generate mana for her. Among some cheap purple options there is Rock Troll and Azura, the later can dispell all enemies as well as cripple some of their stats so she is good to remove Submerged. Rock Troll on his turn is a good tanker to be in the first position, but even Crysturtle could be a nice option for this role, even if it’s not purple, because it can tank damage and transform gems into brown.

I tried, it was less popular than 300,000 glory keys, 400,000 seals, at Tenagra, or the sequel, 78,000,000 glory keys, 400,000,000 guild chests, with arms wide spread.

So, I kinda get where you’re coming from on this/these, and you’re not wrong 'cause the monthly new Mythic release threads seemingly always read like this.

For me, these threads have always been about sharing… how lucky you were this time around and sharing that elation, or the misfortune you experienced and venting the frustration. Aren’t the “gacha brags” (or woes) really just that?

I’ve mentioned this before in other threads, but I cannot think of a comparable feeling in gaming than landing a Mythic, and if a player wants to “gacha brag” (or woe) about getting a Mythic drop, I’m here for the share.


Come on, he’s kidding.

There came a time not long ago when there were errors in the drop pool during New Mythic Fridays or even Monday Resets.

It got bad to the point where people were suggested to wait until other people pulled the Mythic, and resetting the game before Friday reset was always encouraged.

Remember when Taran’s World used to have drop rates for chests? People used that to spot check drop rates to make sure stuff worked. Now that its no longer available, its even more important for people to be aware and not always assume the game works as intended. (keep notes and evidence if needed, but don’t assume every part of the game is broken too).

So no, I don’t feel bad at all if anyone posts their success and cost rate, as its good to see confirmation that drops are working properly and/or if RNG has shifted from normal averages (despite a near 100% chance that it will be said that algorithms haven’t been touched) .

Its certainly a bit more useful than people that just complain about everything and cause drama over pointless nothings.


For Slypenslyde’s benefit more than anything, I thought this was a super lame way to end what otherwise seemed like a reasonable post.

I’m not against a separate thread for gacha results :man_shrugging:.

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I don’t stockpile keys for mythic releases because I need so many old mythics.

I do sometimes post my shard drops during new delve releases, just in case someone wants to keep track of those percentages. I don’t always remember to keep track of the treasures tho, so in the end, I guess my data isn’t scientific enough to be of assistance.

I don’t see it as gacha brags or woes tho. It’s easy enough to skip past posts I don’t feel like reading, just as I’m sure my posts are sometimes skipped. I don’t see the need to create a whole new thread to be skipped.

It’s not really one of his posts unless he signs it that way. He has one rhetorical trick: “attack the person, not the argument”.

The short way to observe what happened is I voiced my opinion and “the community” doesn’t like it, for some definition of “the community” measured by “Who can post the loudest and throw in some insults?” Whatever. I made a post, it got people talking, some people showed their butts. Typical Friday!

This is how I evaluate.

The first glance I get at Will of Nysha she seems dumb and underpowered, but that’s because the devs still haven’t found a way to express how their troops scale on an announcement image. WoN isn’t “Steal 3 magic and deal 17 damage”, but “Steal 3 magic and deal [Magic + 1] damage.” (Devs: I’m not licensing that high-tech way to display the scaling factor, you can use it without license or credit!)

Her Magic is 8 at level 20, so I want to talk about her doing 9 damage, not 17 as advertised. Don’t like it, write your own review.

I’m already underwhelmed. Stealing 3 magic is cool, so I suppose I can say if they got the order right she does 21 damage on her first swing. So she’s a good blaster for a level 1 Explore if you can get 22 mana on turn 1. That’s not a good place to put her.

Swing 2 she’ll hit for 33, Swing 3 she’ll hit for 45, and realistically speaking I just don’t see you winning the match if you got this far. A reasonable PvP match these days is over in 5-10 moves. It takes 3-4 of those to get 22 mana optimistically and assuming you have great board control. Hence she has the same weakness most mediocre mythics have: she’s just too dang slow without a team built to support her.

Spell Block makes her reasonably tanky vs. snipers. Essence of Magic has good flavor but is also a relatively slow burn. In my average game she’s contributing +4 to the rest of the team before my pivotal turn, I’d really like more value than that out of my mythics. Stun her and she’s worthless. Web her and she’s just as bad. She can’t protect herself from her biggest weaknesses.

The place where Will of Nysha shines best is a place where you’re generating more than 11 mana per turn, you can make the game last 8+ turns, and ideally you have something else that’s scaling Magic * 2 to really exploit her +stats. That’s flavortown. It’s also… a team that’s probably winning without Will of Nysha. Ouch.

In just about any situation I might want WoN, I’d rather have Trickster’s Shot. In terms of troops, her purple friends that outrank her are A.Weaver, Infernus, Obsidius, Pharos-Ra, Scorpius, The Possessed King, and in many cases Suna. She’s really a worse version of Suna.

Will there be neat teams? Sure. Will there be meta teams? Not unless we get a lot of brand-new mechanics.