A New Mythic Approaches - Vash'Dagon

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New Mythic Troop: Vash’Dagon

Vash’Dagon will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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I think I forgot to ask or check in the lead up – is the damage boost from Life calculated before or after the Ally has been successfully devoured? :hamburger:

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Based on how Widow Queen works I think boost comes after. Preventing spamming devour on impervious self. Haven’t had a chance to test and confirm yet though

The way it is worded, you would expect the damage to be calculated after devouring.
At the same time though this is another troop with inconstent wording.
If they could add “gems” at the end of its third trait this one would come up if you’re looking for things that interact with brown gems instead of dragging in brown allies and brown enemies for example.

3000 glory keys (nothing)
550 gem keys (1)

If only the game stayed like this consistently, I’d be at peace.

I didn’t save up that much, but it’s still disappointing to go another month without getting any Mythic.

200 Gem key
1000 Glory key
5000 Seals

I also wish you could disable the Mythic announcements in chat. It’d discouraging to see people get more Mythics in a day/week than you have in your entire play time.


Roundabout 30 VIP Keys , 300 Gemkeys and uncounted Glory-Keys and no Mythic.
Thank you for taking my money and no reward.

I got two copies with only 2000 guild keys. Consider myself lucky!

6gem,4glory and vash appeared:)

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Yep, 29 gem keys, all I had, nothing else, got him. RNG is ridiculous.

Got a guildmate over 400 and another over 800, neither have had a mythic drop, and yet last week a level 30 player and a 120 player each got 2 drops within an hour.

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I’m totally with you. No way this could be considered as fair.

6k guild seals

Yes I did call out the dev on regard to this. They seems to shy away as they can’t get logical arguments atm. So we still waiting :mask:

4000 seals so not bad at all.

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550 gems keys + 1k Glory keys.

Barriers block him from being able to devour allies. So does bless. Black Beast was intentionally patched to dispel before attempting to devour after barrier was changed to block devour attempts so this wouldn’t be an issue. Any (already generally not very good) strategy that relies on him devouring allies to boost is completely stalled when you get an impervious summon. Don’t know why he needed another set of tools he is incompatible with.

I still think this guy should dispel then curse before devouring so his spell could at least be consistent. Yeah, that means he wouldn’t be able to target himself, but seriously.


400 gem keys for a troop that I will probably never use! On plus side Karakoth gained some stars :grin:

400 glory keys, can’t beat that :+1:

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my first mythic , pity he is trash and useless :frowning: great work devs ( see tacets description of him in his latest video), yeah useless and worse than black beast a ultra rare troop …

He is nice for delves but this is the only thing…