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A New Mythic Approaches - Undine

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-undine/

New Mythic Troop Troop: Undine

Undine is the Demigod of the western oceans, son of the Sea God Seidonis. He is worshipped by the Merfolk of Merlantis, and although he mostly resides in a separate plane of existence, he keeps a close eye on the seas and the folk who pay him tribute; even many of the Blackhawk pirates have an unwavering faith in Undine’s ability to grant them safe passage.

An ancient tale is told of a young pirate who was washed overboard in the middle of a fierce storm. He found a piece of driftwood to cling to, and as he floated, desperate and miserable, he began to pray to Undine for help. After a day and night, he spotted a small boat off in the distance, he considered waving and yelling to get their attention, but he was confident Undine would hear his prayers and save him.
The following day, he spied a huge merchant ship from the Leonis Empire. Once again, he considered attracting their attention, but he was still confident Undine would save him, so he let them sail by.
Another day passed, and he spied a Griffon Knight from Sword’s Edge flying overhead. They seemed to spot him, and waved, but he was still so certain Undine would save him, he never waved back.
On the fourth day, a large wave washed over him and he drowned. As his soul departed his body, he saw Undine watching over him, and he said, “Great Undine, why didn’t you save me? Have I ever been unfaithful, or doubted you?”
And Undine replied, “Sheesh! I sent a boat, a merchant galley, and damnable griffon… what MORE would you have me do?”

Undine will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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First :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: :grinning:


Hey look, it’s your new mythic!!!


Lord Jesus what is that?

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First ?
100 glory (warming up :grinning:)
20 VIP
50 gem
50 gem (found)



313 Glory Keys
350 Gem Keys

Got one. (and a Magnus, woo)

Thanks Vault Event!

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Nice addition with the story of “The Drowning man” in to the lore! Very fitting for the god of sea!

Also, with confirmation that he is in the pool, Let’s fish for him! ^^


2600 Glory keys and 360 gem keys GemsOfWar%202018-04-06%2001-12-40-63


So… initial impressions…

This thing is not good. Its too narrow of a troop.

I’m currently testing its damage output with Undine, 3x Champion of Anu. Even then the damage feels so uninspired for its mana cost.

Its entire value is facing Blue enemies. Even the Submerge all Blue allies is a bit underwhelming…

In certain cases, Gargantaur might actually be better.

I do like the troop art, sound effects, and spell art (especially this)

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6k seals.


I love the art it sooo cool. But the ugly whispool of submerge hides it.

So far 1k Gem Chests and 3k Glory Chests for nothing. Awkward. Will give Seals a go when we max out those chests… maybe.

1,600 glory keys. The gold chest opening ritual works, don’t knock it.


Forest Troll

Trident Banner

you are welcome :joy:

11000 seals.

Casting breaks his own Submerge before the damage is calculated, making him even weaker. His defining features are now the blue silence (which I think has the potential to be extremely annoying in Guild Wars), the infini-submerge (which has the potential to be extremely annoying in Explore), and the Mana Shield on a Mythic (which doesn’t do much outside of baiting the AI into doing something stupid, since he is really, really non-threatening with his spell as of now except on the aforementioned blue day). I think he gets penalized a bit too much with his “fake synergy” rather than being something universally usable that gets a bit stronger (eg., Euryali/King Highforge who have fully formed spells that get a boost).

While I appreciate the effort, I don’t think these “anti” mythics are very popular. In the long run, they are further diluting the drop pool for new players against getting something that would actually be a game-changer.


Finally broke my run of bad luck first 200 glory key pull and I scored one :slight_smile: the bad news is I’m still experimenting with teams and so far he is very underwhelming :confused:

Agree with Mithran as usual. I’m trying to use him in an “effective” Merlantis team and it’s not happening I have him 10k plus tower teams and 1 trophy ranked PvP match is a coin toss to beat me unless it’s filled with AOE opponents.

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  • Burning all the 300 gems keys and 3,000 glory keys, didn’t get him.
  • Feeling sad, went to explore at Merlantis to cheer myself up.
  • Got Undine in loading screen in first battle.
  • Take that at a luck boost, spend 450 gems on 50 gems keys, since it’s the first time I have more than 1K gems.
  • Drop 1 Undine! ^^

On top of that, also getting Dawnbringer today from disenchanting. I’m so happy !! :slight_smile:

PS. Still don’t have Champion of Anu though. Oh well…


First 50 vip keys…

Now anyone got a successful anti-Nyx team actually using him?

7K Seals:


Got one!

1000 gold keys (prime RNGesus)
785 glory
800 Guild (16k seals)
400 Gem Keys
50 VIP (Winner, winner chicken dinner!)