A New Mythic Approaches - Tian Yi

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New Mythic Troop: Tian Yu

Tian Yu will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.



600 Gem Keys 4000 Glory Keys. Done.

(… Where is the thread for Fang Moor?)

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4769 glory keys, 650 gem keys.

Not an ideal start to 2019, but could be worse.

Edit: Quest text is broken for the faction quest line for Fang Moor.



14k seals

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11500 Seals, and 1200 glory keys and boom

Good Luck to all!

50 gem keys


350 gem keys then 1000 glory keys :grin:

50 Guildchests…felt a bit for free :sunglasses:


18k Seals.

909 Glory Keys at first and after 150 gem keys:

Congrats to all that got the new mythic.

On the face of it seems like a pretty bad troop, especially for 24 mana. Can’t think of a situation where I’d prefer this troop to Ketras given that they have very similar spells

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The only thing that has me thinking is the “Steal Magic at the start of start of my turn” trait. After an Earth’s Fury shot he’s probably doing 50 damage increasing by 2 every turn? Not game-breaking, but that’ll put in work, especially for speed delves.

I also appreciate it says “…at the start of MY turn”, devs. There are an awful lot of traits out there that say “each turn” that actually mean this.

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I found he pairs very well with Chief Dragon. I had fun building a new defense team this morning. It’s not a meta, but it is something that’ll take it to a boss.

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112 Gem keys. Haha, I feel way luckier than I should be :3

Man, all these great pulls. I’m too chicken to spend my keys right now…

7000 guild seals.

Only 50 gem keys, has to be my cheapest mythic pulled here :+1:

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Gargoyle is an Epic 14 Mana and does 80+ splash damage and explodes some gems and to top it all in can be buffed with attack. Tian yi does 60 splash damage at 24 mana, and has fairly good stun capability.

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hehe, kinda said same thing on psn lil ago, other than the stun that new mythic is worse than gargoyle in every way.

Cyrup did her best on stream to fight opponents with lower stats (so he was always doing x2 damage by default) than her trying to make him look good but you could notice there too.

But well, got him on first 50 guilld chests opened so cant complain, he can marry Valdis that felt lonely :stuck_out_tongue:


750 glory keys. I’m ok with this.