A New Mythic Approaches - Tian Yi


Part of me wishes Tian Yi hit 3 targets all for the same damage and not splash damage. Tian Yi’s only redeem quality currently is the 3x stun, but … there’s a troop being worked on that does AoE dmg + stuns all enemies and that really makes Tian Yi wish to see better days…


Hmm, the third trait and the summon Monkey Disciples aren’t enough to put him on par with or on top of the other stun oriented troops? I was kinda hoping to use him as a counter to stealthy + submerged teams I occasionally run into.


Seriously you guys should fire the french translater, this is ridiculous


Nope, its not.

At the higher hero levels, matches don’t last that long (typically 10 turns or less) which largely nullifies the long term value of the 3rd trait.

At the lower hero levels, chances are this won’t be traited or you won’t have King Silenus traited (or owned).

Its the same reason that Death’s 3rd trait is largely useless as well. (Yao Guai/Nimue/High King Irongut’s 3rd trait are slightly less useless as it can trigger multiple times per player turn)

At 24 mana, the stuns just takes too long to be reliable (and can’t target stealthy troops anyways.) 3x stun will hit most targets, but situations like normal, stealthy, stealthy, normal (bandits) will interfere with proper casts.

3 stuns are nice, but Emperor Khorvash at 14 mana is just easier to use under most cases which stuns the front 2 on cast and can eventually randomly stun anything/everything.

This can be taken down to 12 mana to cast for the first time if you’re willing to burden yourself with a very underwelming King Silenus on your team.

At 24 mana, you could probably find a way to kill your stealthy/submerged enemies faster than doing 30/60/30ish dmg to 3 targets and stunning them.

As for the Monkey Disciples, they’re just unreliable troops. It can stall out skull bashing teams like Cedric + Bombots can, but Tian Yi doesn’t have the Stealthy protection to make that super viable for defense. On offense, it’ll work in your favor to stall out matches like that, but why let it get to that position in the first place if you could just use a more reliable damage dealer in the first place?

If they added Stun all Stealthy enemies to its spell, then Tian Yi could have a unique purpose even if situational.


150 keys V.I.P.
210 gem keys
2840 keys glory
No mythic.
Time and money I did not have any reward, it is not the first time I spend resources without any reward.
It does not help to be V.I.P and have more than 1500 level, each time a new mythic comes out is the same, with 150 keys V.I.P. should be enough.
Tower weapon 500 gems
Faction weapon 410 gems
150 keys V.I.P. 6750 gems
The odds are not the same for everyone.


It is amazing how many people do not understand probability. There is a difference between “should be enough” and “guaranteed success”.

Edit: @Tuaya, there was a 13.5% chance of failure with that many keys spent. Slightly worse than rolling a 6 on a 6-sided die, which I think most would agree is possible.


This isnt even actually surprising. You took a (long) shot and you came up empty.
Glory keys have a so slim chance at a mythic that they barely even count.
Whilst 360 (the combined VIP and gem keys) give you something in the ballpark of 25/30% chance of success. [math magicians pls correct me with the exact percentage if you are so kind)


Imo that’s not the way to look at it. Working out how much you need to spend to have x% chance of success helps no one really. I prefer to work out resources spent vs the average you should expect to see a mythic (1:100 VIP key for example) to see if I’ve been “lucky” or not.

150 vip = 1.5x the average +
200 gem keys = .2 approx +
2800 glory keys = .3 approx

So he spent 2x the amount of resources expected on average. I can understand the disappointment but I’ve gone as high as 3.5x.


This is the most expensive Mythic in a while.

Almost out of resources; 1K gem keys / 3K glory keys /14K seals, but managed to finally pull him before running out of all them. So, I paid a visit to his temple 3 km away to thank him for this last streak of luck. :grin:


I’ve gotten the last 2 mythics with 50 glory keys and 250 glory keys respectively! I knew 2019 is my lucky year!! :smiley:
I feel sorry though for for those spending too much resources to not get what is surely a crappy mythic


In GoW everything is possible if there is even a minuscule probability for that. There is some small chance a tossed coin may land on the side. Some claim it is about 1 to 6000 under certain specific conditions if you actually aim for that. Now, make that 6 times in a row and we are talking the GoW language. :rofl:


Whoot! That’s amazing! I currently have all kingdom mythics except for Zul, but none I got from the many many thousands of glory keys… It’s good to know it is possible so I’ll keep trying in the future


My guild on my second account just hit 40k seals so I opened some keys. 1k seals and got it again. 50 gems keys on my main account ad 1k seals here I think I’m pretty lucky.


First day of the new Mythic release, I spent 2,300 glory keys and 450 gem keys, which resulted in non Yi.

Day two (today), I took the omen of the Gard’s Avatar art appearing upon tribute distribution (Whitehelm is my home kingdom) and proceeded to open some chests.

103 glory keys, followed by 180 gem keys, and Tian Yi appeared.

Incidentally, that makes a baker’s dozen in base rarity Mythics for this guild-less, level 37 F2Player. :wolf::blush:


OP has a typo. But it’s Chinese, who cares. Only Huawei cares. For our souls.


Appreciate the clarification. I must say I wouldn’t have expected such great odds for the (subjectively) low amount of gem and vip keys used. Guess I had it wrong this whole time.

Is there any chart out there with porcentages of obtaining mythics/legendaries in any given key/chest, or maybe some spreadsheet into which one could imput the number of keys and type of keys to know the probability of landing a specific troop?


Yes, there is: https://www.taransworld.com/Chest/


Nevermind just saw this was recently posted moments ago

"How to find the answer for yourself next time!

  1. https://www.taransworld.com/Chest/
  2. Type “event” in the “Chests” column.
  3. (Optional) sort by rarity.

Good luck!"


Thank you!

So… 700 event keys this week give you slightly less than 50% chance of finding Worldbreaker. Learning new things everyday.


My plan to get Worldbreaker in the event chests was to warm up the rng with a thousand gold keys and 600 glory keys. I did the thousand gold keys and then in the first batch of 200 (edit) glory keys I got Tian Yi. Yay!

You guys wanna hear the kicker? Then after about 130 event keys… no Worldbreaker.

First I went like this ‘GAAAAAAAAAAH’
Then I went like this ‘Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I should have stopped right when I got Tian Yi’… all that while smacking myself in the head. the sad part is that’s not even me throwing a tantrum (it’s a whole lot worse when I do).