A New Mythic Approaches – Consort of Darkness


New Mythic Troop: Consort of Darkness

Consort of Darkness will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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Decisions, decisions …


Yeah, if you have Zuul (or even archduke), it’s a collect & forget.
9k seals, so cheap to get (for me anyway).

Another pants Mythic, that will clog up the already massive forge rotation!!!


Will be useful for some in delves getting to 500.


Another example of them churning out benchwarmer troops and throwing “Mythic” on them so that they appear special. They put this crap out and you have constant whiners asking for good things to be nerfed…awesome.


Insert Padme meme

You’re just getting the bad mythics out of the way early in the new year, right?

… right?


How I wish that the creators of these troops understood their game just a tiny better…

Just played the game for at least half a hour each week…


It makes no sense to me:

They churn out these “Mythics” that are meant to be, well, Mythic, special etc. When most of the legendries do better these days.

Again, Queen Beetrix as an example.

There does not seem to be any creativity or imagination any more. I would rather have a new Mythic every other month or something, giving the creators time to do just that… CREATE.


The approach hasn’t changed with this current mythic: removing 10 to all skills (aka ‘worst case scenario’) is pretty useful for newer players who may still be willing to spend because they haven’t experienced their first Weavergate yet; same goes for the 3rd trait.

Silver lining for end-gamers: no rampant Power Creep.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:

If I have 4 of these, and I match some purple gems, and the first enemy only has 12 health, will they steal 12 health from it and then 12 health from the next troop, or will they try to steal 24 health from the first enemy?



Appears to be the first case, they go one at a time and steal from the 1st troop alive - in this case, 1st troop had 7 life and on purple match, first Consort stole 6 life, second stole 1 life and killed 1st troop; and the third Consort stole 6 life from the 2nd troop :slight_smile:


So it’s clearly not as effective as 3x Ironhawk with Dust Devil, or 2x Ironhawk + Dust Devil + Greed/Sister Superior. Those teams do 20 damage to all enemies with one cast, or 25 damage with two casts in the latter case. The lower 20 damage is sufficient for most vault key farming, whereas the higher 25 damage is needed for gnome-a-palooza.

It’s hard to compare 20 damage to all vs 24 true “scatter” damage. It’s not even scatter damage though. Take this scenario for instance…

The most combined life+armor any enemy troop has is 20, so they’re all going to die with one cast. With 4x Consort, a purple match would kill the first two enemy troops (6 damage from the first Consort, then 2 damage from the second Consort, then 6 damage and 1 damage against the second enemy). Then you’d need 2 more purple matches to kill the remaining enemies. One match would kill the third enemy (18 damage), and then the last match would deal the remaining 12 damage.

The only way it could possibly one shot the enemy team is if the enemy had a perfectly distributed 6 life max life per troop.

Khetar troops have the lowest life it looks like. Let’s check it out…

So, Wild Plains had a total troop health of 49. Khetar is only at 34. Two purple matches would wipe out the enemy team. That’s not too bad, especially since Consorts create Darkstorms.

So if you don’t have 3x or even 2x Ironhawk, I’d say getting some Consorts isn’t that bad of an option.


If IP2 wanted the Consort to behave like a True Mythic, they would’ve made it that he steals 10 instead of eliminating, that way his magic would increase…


Thought the same thing. That would have made him at least somewhat viable, and quite good for new players.

For me he’s just kingdom star fodder.

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Now we need a Father of Darkness.

They really didnt try with the flavor, did they? they used a template of the older mythics that were also lazy, but didnt know words to replace “skulls” and “skills” for Gems of War storytelling.

What story?

That is great the new troop was created but i used a ton of my resources and not one new troop no new mythic or legendary showed up from any chest. For 5 years i been just crafting the mythic troops and other troops i don’t have. Trying to get a new troop from a chest on gems of war from what i experienced is impossible. So ya “Only For this week only” is nothing short but a big waste of time for me, i finally got Zuul’ Goth after 5 long years of saving up the 8 power orbs that cost 49.99 each. And now this troop shows up. It be more exciting IF we had a BETTER success rate on drops then what the game was programmed with. And all this week the servers was having problems with performance.

The only “good” thing about this Mythic is that it only took me two lots of Guild Chests to get… :man_shrugging:

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What I am getting tired of is every time a new mythic comes out I spend (on average) 30,000 glory and don’t get the new mythic…ever.