A New Mythic Approaches - Arachnaean Weaver


Mountain Crusher

Could also use Skullbeard or Crescendo in first slot for green day.


Soo i got a third one 40 guild keys in 10 pulls each i was looking for extra copys of Shocktopus.


Ha! Typed up VERY similar comments in Guild Chat. You sure you don’t have your alt account still in our guild? :grin:



On a related Zul’Kari kingdom note: I’ve been working on the Zul’Kari Hero "Orbweaver"class but it would be difficult to tell based on the Talent Tree. The final top level (100) buffs Wargare or Urska, or assassinate.

Please consider utilizing some the races from where the Classes originate in the next update as opposed to random picks. It would also be thematically appropriate to utilize some of the main Kingdom features (Web and partially poison in this case).


Great minds think alike :grin:…or is it fools never differ :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no, I can’t believe the summon was changed. :frowning: Please consider changing back to Tomb Spider.
Others have mentioned already: such great synergy with Tomb Spider.


Yep, within 3 days he was nerfed, pretty sure that’s a record.


Fizzbang must be one of the quickest nerfs ever


This ‘nerf’ was intended to be a buff. But it seems to have backfired. I agree the change is arguably for t worse…


I’m all for “Creeping Doom” 100% summon a Tomb Spider when an enemy dies. Like the all the other forum posters above.

@Saltypatra please pass the feedback mentioned above to the developers, the intended “Buff” is more of a 'Nerf". thanks.


I actually love the change and think its a buff. I do think it should be 100% summon though.

I love the webspinner card


This works well.

The Great Maw
Emperor Liang
Arachnaean Weaver
Using: Dragon Banner


I like Webspinner too, though - those of us who were around 3.5 years ago will remember when it was the most hated meta pvp defence… but I think (as many here have put in more detail) that it’s a worse summon for this mythic…


Bit confused what the win condition / strategy is there: skull hits with maw and AoE damage and true damage…? For example wouldn’t CrimsonBat or Tesla work better with the mythic Weaver than Dawnbringer…?


I use Bard class so let why I put dawnbringer up there. I will tryout your suggestions and see. it all just works well and is a little fun. Thanks!


Yeah no offence meant, they’re all decent troops, they’re just designed to win in different ways… hitting things with skulls or Dawnbringer won’t soften them quickly for a Weaver kill…

I don’t have the Weaver yet - but a bit of theory crafting suggests that Ragnagord and Euryali would go well with it…


I use

Mountain crusher
Crimson bat
Arachnaean Weaver
Bear banner

Works great and using titan class to get it to 100