A New Mythic Approaches - Arachnaean Weaver


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New Mythic Troop: Arachnaean Weaver

This emissary of the Spider Goddess is sent to defend Zhul’Kari in times of trouble.
Once it breaches the mortal plane, it will take over command of the minds of the Sec’Tari Dark Elves, all except the Widow Queen, and will proceed to control them in battle with its hive mind, summoning spiders, and entangling foes in its sticky webs as it goes.

Arachnaean Weaver will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

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1st Elf troop without immune to mana drain. :frowning:

Web all enemies is going to be pretty fun though. XD


That’s what happens when a troop gets changed last minute with complete disregard for established Traits set for that type.

Oh and 2k seals.


It has impervious instead. Why you gotta hate?


2,200 glory keys, ez


thousands of keys and nothing f**** this game :fu:


7k seals I’m happy with that


1820 glory keys and 100 gem keys, good luck guys!


Huh. It’s not Divine?

Well I’ll wait for it to show up in the forge anyways…


Contininuity. (that’s why)


6024 glory keys and 600 gem keys for 1. I hate glory keys.

The troop isn’t too bad though if you can get a kill with it.


Only 4k seals, cheap as chips :+1:


Double your pleasure, double your fun.


Something like 30,000 seals for me. Which is… equal to 1500 Gem Keys. And then another 600 real Gem Keys too.

How is there an Elf in there?


Took 1400 gem keys, thank god for 200 at once button :smiley:


For those unclear on the elf connection: Spiderbait (Weekly Event Post)

I am extremely glad the designers realized that mythic=divine is bad game design and also less interesting. I hope they go back and fix some of the others.

p.s. 8000 guild seals for me. Looks like I took everyone else’s luck.


Nice Elf connection. But then why is that one a Beast not an Elf or Monster. Surely the TombSpider and the new mythic are related…


Changing it from Divine; so it won’t get half-mana from Divine Ishbaala, to Beast; so it get half-mana from Forest Guardian anyway, seems like a failed Balance change, don’t you think?


Not really. I don’t see many meta overpowered sillydefences built around FG and Beasts. The balance change wasn’t to stop it getting half mana full stop, but to stop it brainlessly plugging in with Ishbaala and Infernus (and Ubasjoke).


400 Glory keys :open_mouth: i may have used all my GoW luck ever on that one, especially as it gave me a Divine Ishbaala that i’d been saving Event Keys for Leonis Week.

Hope you guys are as lucky as i was.