A message that I have never seen before


After playing a PvP match the following message popped up before I received any rewards…

What exactly does this mean and what possibly caused it?

Bizarre Error message

That’s … strange …


Kinda creepy…
Is your name Dave, by any chance?
Does it allow you to do anything after that message? Dave?


No, my name isn’t Dave. I couldn’t do anything after receiving it, I had to close the program.


That is strange. … Almost seems as if someone was having fun with this one?

Another error the game expects me to understand

My interpretation:
Person A made a promise to Person B
Person B cleared Person A of any obligation
Person A secretly fulfilled promise regardless

But I’m guessing there is a more technical (and accurate) explanation.



Judging by the window, you were playing on Steam at the time?
Do you have Steam Cloud Synchronization enabled for this game?


Indeed I was playing on steam. If I have Cloud Synchronization enabled then I do not remember doing so, but I’ll check. Edited: It shows that I do have it enabled


Keep in mind I have no idea what I’m talking about, but based on a quick
Google search I’m going to say you encountered a bug with that service.


Ah ok. Thank you for looking into that. Do you think that it would be best to disable this cloud service? I’m still interested to know what exactly that message means, it has stumped me.


I’m really not qualified to answer that. :sweat:
All I know is that I don’t use it myself…


Hey @Macawi , seems like you encountered a server error that we’ve never seen before.

Brief technical explanation for anyone interested…
Our server is built using javascript, node.js. It uses a coding pattern called “promises”… where it performs small actions, each one being a “promise”. A Promise is a section of code that, when it finishes, can either notify the calling function that the promise was “kept” or “broken”.
Seems like something happened at the end of a battle where the calling function thought a promise had been broken, but the actual promise thought it had been kept!

It’s highly unusual, and should be fairly easy for us to track down (I hope)
So we’ll get on it first thing Monday morning when the crew get into the office.

Cute error -Uncaught Promise
A rather perculiar, cryptic error message
A rather perculiar, cryptic error message
What does this mean? (SOLVED)

Thank you very much for looking into the matter.