A little rant before I leave the game for a while/There be memes!

I am soooo toxic, and with my poison I gonna make you my next meal…mohahahaha! :joy::sweat_smile:


Did both actually lol


You can do both at the same time! :joy:

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I am sorry, but that would be a venom as someone pointed out :wink:


You are such a good boy, Luther. Don’t listen to those who judge you! :wink:

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@Saltypatra I suggest this end here.


yeah, it will continue on the next thread destroyed by memes and trolls :smiley:

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You know, you could always steer clear of meme threads. It’s an option, just sayin’.


you never know when a thread will turn into a trolling madness :wink:
considering they troll even Dev’s threads :wink:

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No. Nobody here has to deal with your group that always do 1) private jokes, 2) consider this forum as their own chat. Because you’re here longer than others so no rules for you?

Memes are totally misused but we can see real and funny ones on this thread Just another GoW rage comic thread
The issue is these memes by some players used like smileys and poluate every topics. Strangely, it’s always the ones that are negative about the game…

Yes that’s true but since Sirrian “retired” from the forum and we don’t what is the new limit.

The community is not only your small group of friends on this forum.


Considering your first post in this thread was well after the first meme streaks happened, clear knowledge about this threads nature did not seem to be a factor.
Further considering your first post here was trollish in nature itself your statement is also kinda ironic.


but it’s well on topic, the OP was already well aware that some people would have used this thread as their personal playground :slight_smile:

Also seems that posting trolling memes is a tolerated thing, why not we all start doing it?

if we see someone that says something wrong from our perception, 50 memes to ridicule him! /sarcasm

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So in essence it is ok when you see it fit, but not when others do? Got it. Now i know the rules.


Maybe @Vangor @Eika could really help us, and make a complete Guide on how to troll random users :smiley:

It would be a nice addon for the forum, would make the community make a leap toward a total new level!

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no no no, it’s never ok :smiley: even when i do it :smiley:

but in this forum is ok, you know the rules.

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A wild Sirrian appears!

Well, I think we’ve discovered the new limit!

A couple of memes are funny (for ME at least)…
Meme-bombing threads (even you disagree with them) not so much. We’ve got room for lots of varied opinions here in the forum, and it’s a lot classier if you can disagree respectfully (even if it DOES get a bit heated) than just lazily meme-bombing a thread.

We’ve got lots of new players joining the game every day at the moment. The forums are a great place for them to learn about the game & hang out… We’re quite happy for them to see all the opinions, both positive AND negative, but bad behavior in threads is the thing that will stop them contributing the most.

I’ve instructed @Saltypatra & co. to come down a little harder on meme-bombing in the future.