A heroes tale of glory


Once long ago, there were heroes brave and strong. Their strength only matched by the most fearsome beasts that roamed the lands. Gallantly leading an army in to battle being the first to cut down their foes. but…alas, these by gone eras have passed.

A shadow of their former self. The recent changes in the world proved too great, now they struggle to fell the great foes they slew in their glory days. Even now they cannot compete with the lowest of the low.

Some still hope for the glory days and charge in to battle, but with dull blades and cracked armor, they quickly overwhelmed by the most greenest of foes. Recruited not for their strength, but for the armaments they bring.

Most heroes can now be found staring intently in to handfuls of colored stones as if trying to unlock a hidden mystery.

less than heroes…less than peasants.


For amongst the hay bails could be heard a rustling in the wind …

As the townsfolk mumbled and the dark clouds parted there was a slight feeling of hope in once victorious heroes …

The winds pick up as from the clouds comes a booming voice that states “Don’t forget update 1.0.9” !!



I don’t quite understand how PvP and such are harder because of traits. I ran a team of only commons and rares for this reset and got back to rank 1 in about an hour.


It makes it vastly harder if you don’t have a lot of resources to get your own troops properly traited, and the opponent is running fully traited Skellys, Centaur Scouts, etc… Agile and True Shot especially make life a pain. Can’t win if you never hit your opponent.


You mean ascended to mythic (and fully leveled), right?
I just find it hard to believe you still have any actual commons and rares. I know I don’t have anything less than ultra-rare anymore.

Also being high level and in top guild (and possibly maxed kingdoms), your mastery should be quite high, plus kingdom bonuses, and with the right selection of (former) commons and rares (some are quite strong), then sure, you can get away with not using traits.

[quote=“Elendil52, post:4, topic:2831”]
if you don’t have a lot of resources to get your own troops properly traited
[/quote] What are these ‘lot of resources’ you speak of? Traiting a good common (centaur, skeleton) can be easily done by traitstone farming, which anyone can do regardless of level or ‘resources’. Just today I fully traited a Centaur Scout with almost zero effort.


For starters, your common troop needs to be both leveled and have its traits. Leveling takes souls, which is a resource. At low levels, you don’t have tons of souls to spend, or tons of money to trait farm, for that matter. Furthermore, if you’re like me and don’t care to spend real money, it takes much, much longer.

Consider also that as awesome as a fully leveled Centaur Scout with all traits is, you still want it backed up by a good (and preferably synergistic) team, which means having other, specific troops leveled (and preferably traited) as well, so it’s not as if it’s merely a matter of getting traitstones for one troop. Which, by the way, is not that easy if you’re at an early stage in the game.

Traitstone farming is all well and good if you already have a good money farming team going, or just tons of income, but lacking those, you’ll lose money every time you replay a challenge, which means you can’t do it indefinitely.


You know, just today I experimented for the first time with farming teams based on Valkyrie,Alchemist,Banshee. All rares, mostly unleveled. Just put a random leveled tank in front (could be the hero, bonus points if it works with the team). I found it works very well in most challenges, mostly the enemy team never gets to touch you because of extra turns, and you don’t lose gold - sometimes even if you lost the battle - because of alchemist and 4/5 matches.

And the Centaur Scout I traited - I didn’t even farm for it. Just had the stones from playing regularly this past month. There is no reason why this much time after the patch you would not have enough tratistones to at least get some traits for your favorite troops (assuming you play a few matches every day).


Interesting farming team. I will say, though, that even though all those troops are rare doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by them. When trying to get additional Valkyries at one point, it took me quite a while to get them; luck of the draw doesn’t always work out in the short term, especially when there are now 20 kingdoms with at least 2 rares each.


I was wondering though, what level would be those players that supposedly lack resources but are meeting fully traited teams in PVP?

As far as I’ve seen, most defense teams up to level 200 or so are either poorly traited or not traited at all. So a level 50-100 player is not supposed to encounter many (or any) properly traited teams at all. On the other hand, players who are over level 100 are not supposed to be pressed for resources, they should already have enough useful troops for proper farming or PVP team, and get them to sane levels easily. so then, which is it?


I’ve seen several teams under 200 with full (or at least most) traits; a lot of it depends on the amount of real world money they spend. Also, someone posted here just within the last couple days about how they encountered a level 700+ player even though they’re pretty low, so it’s not impossible for a low level player to run into much higher level player.


So you met a few traited teams, still most of them are not. Even among higher levels, you often meet teams with few or no traits. So really, the few traited teams you encounter should not really bother you.

Also, you still didn’t say what level range are those ‘low levels’ you speak of, which are supposedly struggling.

BTW, I’ve recently had an encounter with someone over 700 (I was around 160 at the time). we had the exact same troops, except his were better ascended, and better kingdom bonuses. Still, my team was far better traited - and no, I don’t spend real money on this game.


There’s counter-examples to everything, especially given that some people prefer to lose their defend battles; the fact that you ran into a level 700+ player with relatively few traits is pretty much irrelevant. After all, no one said every battle was against fully traited teams.

By “low level” I mean under 200, and primarily those closer to 100 or lower.

Regarding your first point, I actually run into a lot of teams with full or near-full traits, but I don’t fight too many teams under 250ish so it’s hard for me to say what the prevalence is in the sub-200 range. Bear in mind that a player who does PvP more often is more likely to get pulled as a defender when someone else starts their own PvP, which means the better-off teams are more likely to get pulled because those are the ones who find it worthwhile to do PvP rather than other game modes to farm resources. Again, not a universal rule, but it does skew what your typical PvP battle will look like.


Hummmm… I guess some of us didn’t get the point of this topic.

It was just that heroes < troops now that troops can reach level 20.
Even a peasant has better stats, once he reaches level 20, than a hero lvl 1000.

Why did we end up talking about traits?

Anyway, as @7ekn00 mentionned, this issue will be adressed by the devs in 1.0.9, let’s wait and see what they come up with :slight_smile:

1.0.9 hype boys !


@Elendil52 The example was just an example, but what I was saying is I rarely meet a fully traited team, even when I get to battle level 500+ players. Maybe it’s just my luck though.

@Zelarith I really did not understand a word of what the OP was saying, it was quite vague even for a poem. I only replied to the others posts which I could understand.


Here’s my avatar. All kingdom are level 10; only broken spire has 5 stars.
To @Zelarith 's point, a mythic peasant with full trait has better stats than the hero…
Lower armor, but better life; considering the “true shot” trait, it’s an advantage!

Please don’t hurt me mister peasant! I’m a mere level 1000 hero! :sob:


Heroes are due some love in the next patch, for sure…

Bring back stat gains every 25 levels or so - make heroes be super heroic again, not out-classed by wolves, goblins and other minor nuisances…


What I miss is the incredible Mana Surge I used to have… Now, I’m topped around 60%…


That peasant isn’t lvl 20 though ! You can’t fool me :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, I didn’t know mana surge was capped so low now… I’m almost lvl 500 and already have 50% mana surge chance per color… And my guild is also waaaaaay behind yours. Feels like it’s not worth grinding :I

~ goes back to grinding ~


OMG! It was not even level 20!
Good catch @Zelarith!

Here it is with a peasant level 20… I had some spare souls…

7 more attack than the hero! That’s one dangerous pitchfork (+5 hero’s bane pichfork).


Haha… That’s just sad. :confused: