A good no mins Guild needed

Looking for a guild for someone, they are ~100 level, working on leveling up cities. They want to spend their gold there, so they cant donate much, or at all for the moment. Guild bonuses and completed tasks are a plus as to benefit their improvement. Anyone willing to help a newcomer?

Have this person pm me we have no mins and we expect all our members to level all kingdoms before donating any gold but id like to talk with them first guild rank 455 name Gems of the Ostfront:-)

Chocoholics Unite would be perfect for them, relaxed with no requirements, but very active. But they must like chocolate:-)

I can vouche for Vangor… great guy with a great clan join him :wink:

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Thanks pablo☺

If they had a forum acc, i wouldn’t need to post instead, now would i? :smiley:

Try adding them on steam (limited steam acc). Nick: MeikyouShisui

Seems good, let me see about chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: