A few ideas for new Goblin troops

I love goblins; both in this game and in fiction. I have a few ideas for new goblins that I hope get into the game. These are not high power troops. They could be depending on the stats they are given. But, I think that the power of the goblins is their low mana cost and that they take another turn. So, these are centered on the character concept rather than new abilities or game mechanics. I didn’t optimize any of these ideas to give the goblins a bigger advantage or to stack with other abilities. If they do, it was unintentional.

All of these are of course suggestions and they are not completely fleshed out down to the last trait and ability stat. Basically I have just included the parts that I find interesting and have left the finer details to developers to keep the game balanced.

I’m using a little bit of short hand. “M” is for the troop’s current level of magic. “X” is for a unique constant that you as the developers can set to increase or decrease the effectiveness of the troop. For example the base “Goblin” would have an ability of “Deal M+2 damage to an enemy. Gain an extra turn.” If I use “X” twice in the same description it doesn’t necessarily mean that I think that both should be the same number. Just that there should be another constant in the description.

Goblin Grave Robber:
Destroy a column of gems and explode the bottom. (This will look like a tunnel to a grave) Do (M+X) damage to a random enemy and gain (M+X) gold and souls. Gain an extra turn.
Do triple skull damage vs. undead (Like the “Goblin” but he’s gotten good at fighting the almost departed)
Flavor text: The more hole you dig, the more hole you find.

Goblin Sapper:
Hold my beer. (Other ideas: Boom Time. Fuses: Am I right?, This time definitely)
Select a gem. That gem will explode, or explode that row, or explode that column, or do ( M+X) damage to all enemies that share that color, or do “Y” damage to all allies. Gain an extra turn. (Or, if that is too wordy “select a gem: something will explode. Gain an extra turn)
DON’T TOUCH THAT!: Do one (or more) point of damage to all enemies on 4 or 5 gem matches.

Goblin Bat Riders:
Guano Del Fuego
Do M+X splash damage to an enemy. (You can give it the “If that enemy is a tower do 3x-5x based on my Ascensions.” Thing. ) Gain an extra turn.
X% chance to summon a Bat Swarm or a Crimson Bat upon death

(I picture them on a giant bat, but there isn’t currently a giant bat in the game. There is a monster giant bat legend from the java region called an “Ahool” (I’ve also seen it spelled “Athol”) But that means another troop addition)

Grandpa Goblin
(He should have a max potential magic of 22 or less)
Story time
Summon 1-3 Goblins. Lose 1 magic. Gain an extra turn. (Note these are just base goblins) (He will be summoning weaker goblins as the game goes on. You don’t want the game to go on forever.)
You can have my seat: X% chance to summon random goblin upon death (Or X% chance to run away and summon a random goblin when a thing happens)
(I’m not in love with this one. I like the idea of a really hard to hit old goblin and I like the idea of swarms of goblins. I don’t like the fact that this will prolong the game. It’s not a huge problem as there is no head to head game play, but you wouldn’t want to face this in a PVP match)

Flavor text: There are old goblins and there are bold goblins, but there are no old bold goblins