A Bone To Pick

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Tomb Robbery is a grave business.

New Troop: Bone Scorpion

Many centuries ago, there was a Khetari King, named Menakauri.

One night, while he slept, a scorpion crept under the covers and bit him. It would have killed a lesser man, but the royal blood of Khetar flowed in Menakauri’s veins, and he survived. Little did the King know, but the scorpion had been summoned there by an evil Apophite Priest, and a powerful curse placed upon it.

The following night, while Menakauri was still recovering, a strange thing happened; beastly noises were heard from his chambers. When one of the royal servants opened the door, a huge scorpion-like creature leaped out and killed him, then ran off into the desert. Neither it, nor Menakauri, was ever seen again.

Until today…

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Any chance for a second troop for purchase with a different traitsone too? Pretty please? :grin:


Cool troop but i really hope you guy will rework poison cause it feel very weak

Maybe remove the random -1 and make it happen on every turn and make it -2 instead of -1

That might be TOO deadly at low levels. Some kind of % of maximum life or something that scales with troop level would be good.


It is a common troop. They can’t all be Goblins. never mind. Misread the post.

Agree. When I’ve had food poisoning I feel pretty crappy - think any skull or spell attack should be hampered (perhaps 50%) while poisoned.


I Second this.

Lists of options probably have been posted on the forum in the past. But what about giving poison troops a meaningful Magic stat and scale damage off that. Keeping the 50/50 chance if the devs like that mechanic. This would still maintain early game balance (no effect). And allow posion to have a chance for more damage at higher levels.

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A nice troop for Arena battles.

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Poison just needs some meaningful synergies. Frozen is already a powerful status effect that somehow also gets good synergies while applying poison has limited synergy (very few “if they are poisoned”, no “boosted by poisoned enemies”). We don’t even have a “double skull damage if poisoned” trait (only Webspinner’s silly legendary), and we have one for entangled, a status that already gives you an absolute advantage for putting skulls on the board and quite frankly I thought would never exist for that very reason before it was added. Just boosting damage of poison to make it “significant” (2 damage, even 3, even something ridiculous like 5) still wouldn’t make it “good” for PvP, since it would be super slow to rely on it to deal damage regardless. Mid/late game, even many early game matches today simply don’t have the pacing for poison to be useful in this way at high end in the same way it is in arena or in early game circa a year ago.


Putting it to 5 flat would be way to strong for early levels.
Making it to take down 10% of current hp would make it miles better. And it wouldn’t kill you (not fast at least) because the more troops HP goes down, the less those 10% of current hp will be.
Lets say troop had 50 troop when it got poisoned here is how health drop would go: 50>45>41>37>34>31>28>26>24>22>20>18>17. . etc.
Poison always ticks for 10% of current hp or if the current HP is less then 10, it will still do a minimum of 1 damage a turn.


Not really a whole lot different from Sand Cobra, is he?

GoW rounds up, so
50 - 45 - 40 - 36 - 32 - 28 - 25 - 22 - 19 - 17 - 15 etc…

But I agree that making it 10% would be so much better than it is now, it would actually have an impact.


It’s been ages since I was an early-game player, but I remember a few matches where poison was actually significant. Like, “racing the clock because my last troop is poisoned and down to 2 HP” significant. Has that changed in the past year and a half?


A single common? Please make old troops available for Glory and be sure to include a more interesting Traitstone.

How about 2 Arcane Glory packs per week?


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We actually have a plan for a rework on how some flat-numbered features (like poison & burning) work… it’s part of a bigger feature though, and is likely going to be 3.2 or 3.3 when it releases (3.1 is gonna be focused on crafting)


Thanks Sirrian. In the meantime, please consider making an old troop available for Glory. Be sure to include a different Arcane.

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I used 5 flat damage as an absurdist example that even at that much damage, it wouldn’t be a “good” strategy to use poison. Five flat damage would most certainly be broken early game and in the arena.

Ten percent damage would make poison a better status than it is now late game, but still very weak overall because of the general pacing of the game past very early game. Do you really want to poison someone and allow a bunch of turns to pass so you can reduce the number of true damage casts you need to kill them by one? It certainly wouldn’t be faster, but if it could be classed as “more fun”, that is also valid.

Poison just has very poor synergy overall compared to stuff like frozen, burning, even silence and death mark. Sure, poison doesn’t auto cleanse, but battles don’t last long enough for the other stuff to auto cleanse most of the time anyways.

Yes. At least, if you can get the 600+ gold keys from a level 6 brown task by your second week playing. Having access to just most the rares and commons gives you stuff like alchemist and ranger, which you can use to set up and team wipe the opposing team with very little level investment or back and forth. Things like Chimera can pack a punch in this manner, being that they are low mana cost for the burn and poison as well as taking most the total hits of the strongest thing on their team, and it can most definitely get this way if you don’t have access to any mana converters, but on my new account I’ve never been threatened by just poison, simply because of the pace of the game.

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Would have been ideal to have a Necrezza glory pack. It was a free card, so no chance to stock up. It would provide an extra outlet for glory. And be an arcane that we won’t see for a month+ and haven’t seen since January.


Good News! I just chatted with the team, and we’re adding in a Necrezza glory pack for y’all! :smile:


Thanks, Sirrian. :smile_cat: Just the stone I needed.