7.1 Update: Paragon's Path

100 mb to install the game.
1.1 gb to download all the assets.

What has been improved?


You mean the background for the troop spell? Still matching the mana colors.

Not sure what the soulforge upgrade is?


I agree 100%. At my level of 2816 it’s incredibly unfair to not be given those resources retroactively, especially considering that I’d have to work much harder to level up to earn the same rewards as someone in the 1001-1500 range who would need a lot less XP to level up than I do.

Dear Devs, please consider giving retroactive rewards from all previous paths.


Screenshot 2023-09-06 034501
What’s this, because I have nothing to upgrade and the green dot is annoying it won’t go away :rofl:



Just jumping in to quickly address a couple of things:

  • Level 20 Soulforge displaying an update has been reported to the team
  • Awaiting clarification on the Adventurer task ‘Complete all battles on a single Adventure Board’ task whether the task itself is incorrect or the text is inaccurate Team is currently working on a fix for this
    • Also passed on concerns that the tasks may be unfavourable Campaign tasks (spend X resources, play arena etc)
  • Getting some more information about the various Paths for players who are beyond those levels (retroactively unlocking)
  • Confirming if the new achievements have been pushed to Xbox, as I can see they have on all other platforms

Please make sure to check whether not just the free rewards, but the premium path as well should be made available to everyone at or above the stated levels

when, on 7.2 ?


I’m level 1516.

I got 15 gems
2 exalted keys.

The Devs are so good to the players that made this game work.
And bought there houses for them.


“Complete all tasks in a single adventure board” seems to be the one from previous campaigns that needed days to finish it.



Are the weapons for the Blackhawk campaign fixed yet.
Or still in wrong kingdoms.

Seriously 6 weeks later.

What are you people doing all the time.


The task itself is incorrect. I had two sets of Adventures unfinished (keys and traitstones) after the update. I completed both sets of Adventures and only got credit for 1 out of 4 Adventure Boards completed once both sets were done. It’s impossible to complete this task.

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Already completed today, but sadly no achievements active on Xbox yet :laughing:


bad title. Should be “Glory”


Achievent for daily tasks also not triggering on Steam

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Ah, the copy-paste-coding :sleeping:

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They are not intended to be Blackhawk’s.


Ok so booty gems
Ie. From a pirates booty.

One’s from blighted lands.
We’re the sea and ships,weres the merfolk, weres the anything to do with pirates in the 3 Wrong kingdoms then.

Weres any other troop making booty gems from the 3 Wrong kingdoms.

Anyone got a sensible reply.

These weapons use a smilar mechanic to the Nefertani’s.
Obviously they will be needed to craft something and it’s intended to not paying costumers wait for their kingdom to rotate and craft them and then the other something (mythic weapon - that is from Blackhawk).

They are not update related though, just off topic.

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Your assuming things, I said sensible reply cheers.

Also updates fix errors, so very update related.
As the weapons are ocean related pirate related.
The 3 kingdoms arnt, but thanks for the useless reply.