7.1 Update: Paragon's Path

The 7.1 Update: Paragon’s Path will be released September 6th AEST.
Nintendo Switch will receive the update on a later date, to be announced.

We took the Adventurer’s Path and changed it into a new system that supports new Paths for different parts of the player’s journey.

● There are now 5 Paths, based on a Player’s Level:

○ Adventurer’s Path: Players Level 1-100
○ Guardian’s Path: Players Level 101-250
○ Champion’s Path: Players Level 251-500
○ Paragon’s Path: Players Level 501-1000
○ Exalted Path: Players Level 1001+

● All Paths contain the following areas:
○ Hero Level
○ Path Chest
○ Shop
○ Daily Tasks + Progress

● Like Adventurer’s Path, Hero Level menu is where players can earn rewards for reaching milestone Hero Levels while they play.

● There is both a free track and paid track for each Path, that does increase in price for Paths:
○ Adventurer’s Pass+: $4.99 USD
○ Guardian’s Pass+: $7.99 USD
○ Champion’s Pass+: $9.99 USD
○ Paragon’s Pass+: $14.99 USD
○ Exalted Pass+: $14.99 USD (for each 500 Levels)

● The Exalted Path’s Hero Level resets every 500 Levels, so players will continue receiving rewards for levelling up
○ They will also need to purchase the Exalted Pass+ every 500 levels to continue collecting the rewards from the paid track.

● Path Chests contain Troops (each path gives different Troops), and bonus Rewards that should be relevant to the player’s level.
○ E.g. Adventurer’s Path Chests may give Gold, Souls, or low rarity Ingots; while the Exalted Path Chests may give Cursed Runes, Dragonite or Diamonds.

● The Path Shops for Guardian, Champion, Paragon, and Exalted will allow players to purchase their Daily Deals and the Ring of Wonder subscription from the shop menu, along with the Hero Level Pass+ for that Path.
○ We will look to set up unique Offers like we have in the Adventurer’s Path for each path in a future update.

● Daily Tasks is a new addition to the Path system that is intended to give players targets they can do for the day if they don’t have any goals in mind, or can be achieved through regular gameplay.

● Players will get 3 Daily Tasks daily to complete, with each Path having Tasks targeted towards that level range (so Tasks for Guardian’s Path are not always the same as other Paths, or have lower targets to be achieved compared to the same Task for a higher Path).

● Daily Tasks, like Campaign Tasks, have a “Go to Task” button that should take you to the area they needed to progress that Task.

● Completing a Task marks it as complete and the Task card will turn Green. Players will still be able to use the “Go to Task” button to direct them to areas of the game if they wish.

● After players complete all 3 Tasks, they will receive Daily Progress Reward – a 15 minute XP Booster.

● XP Boosters will give double XP from battles while they are running.

● If an XP Booster is collected or earned while another is running, it will stack the times together.

● If players are unable to collect their earned Booster before Daily Reset, the XP Booster will be sent to the player via the mail.

● XP Boosters trigger once collected either from Path Menu or Mail Menu.

● Daily Tasks renew at Daily Reset, so any uncompleted Tasks will be lost.
○ This is intended so players do not get stuck with a Task they do not like.

● If players have any unused Keys when they finish a path, the game will use them to automatically open chests and then send the rewards via the in-game mail.

● If players have any uncollected rewards when they finish a path, the game will send the rewards via the in-game mail.

Please Note: We are aware that the current placement for the Path icon can cause the middle of the screen to look very crowded, especially on phones. We have a fix coming in the 7.2 Update, that will address this.

Adventurer’s Path has been updated to match the new Path System.

● Adventurer’s Path menu has been updated to the new Visual Style to match the other Paths.

● The Adventure option in Adventurer’s Path has been replaced with the Daily Task system.
○ There will be a Daily Task that will take players to a Kingdom for their current Quest (and help them unlock the Kingdom if it is not yet unlocked).

● Players will always have a Task each day related to Troops, which players will be able touse to access the Troop menu, to replace the Troop button that was on the previous version.

● Adventurer’s Path no longer directly gives Keys from playing battles in quests during the Adventurer’s Path (they are now given from the pass when you level-up, see below).

● We have made some changes to some of the rewards for Hero Level Pass and Adventurer’s Pass+
○ Level 1: Players now gain 1 Adventurer’s Key / 5 Adventurer’s Keys
(Adventurer’s Pass+) – this previously gave nothing
○ Level 36: Players now gain 2 Adventurer’s Keys / 4 Adventurer’s Keys
(Adventurer’s Pass+) – this previously gave 1 Gem Key / 2 Gem Keys
○ Level 48: Players now gain 2 Adventurer’s Keys / 4 Adventurer’s Keys
(Adventurer’s Pass+) – this previously gave 2000 Gold / 5000 Gold
○ Level 100: Players now gain 50 Cursed Runes – this previously gave 1 Cursed Rune

● Adventurer’s Chest menu now has the option to open 1 chest or multiple Chests

  • We have changed the Pause Menu in battles to make it easier to adjust common settings or access the Settings menu.

● Battle Pause Menu is broken down into 3 areas:
○ Settings: This area contains volume controls for Sound FX and Music.
○ Player & Enemy Stats: This is the information that players were able to view previously – Resources Earned/ Maxed, Banner Mana Bonuses, Mana Surge chances.
○ Battle Info: This is where the timer for the battle and Retreat button lives.

● Players are still able to access the full Settings Menu by tapping on the More Settings button.
● Players can use the arrows at the bottom of the Player Stats area to cycle between the 3 sets of information for both sides.
○ It will always default to the Mana Chance information first.
○ The game will try to remember the last set of information displayed during the player’s game session and display that when viewed again during that game session.

● The Pause Menu in Treasure Hunt has also been updated with this new style, it looks the same except that it does not have the Player & Enemy Stats.
○ The Treasure Hunt info previously shared on that menu is also viewable while playing, so it was not required on the new layout.

We have added support for Headstart and Heroic Boosters to World events.

● World Events will now have a Headstart Offer appear in the 48hrs leading up to the start of the event.

● Heroic Boosters will also appear for World events 48 hrs after it starts.

Due to the modular and individual nature of World Events, we will be keeping an eye on how the Headstart behaves during the first few events.

We have 2 new Achievements for this update:

● Geoff is a Legend: Type ‘Geoff is a Legend’ into global chat.
● Path Finder: Complete all ‘Path’ Tasks in a single day

  • We have made some improvements to the new Troop Cards based on player feedback:
    ○ Mana Cost has returned onto the Mana Orb and the text color has returned to white
    ○ We have changed the font for Mana Cost, Attack, Life and Armor so it’s chunkier, making it easier to read on smaller devices.
    ○ We have made the text for Life, Armor and Attack slightly bigger
    ○ We have adjusted the Green + Yellow Text for when a player’s Skill Points have been buffed or decreased to be easier to read on Green and Yellow Mana Banners
    ○ Weapon Cards now have Rarity Stars in the bottom right of the card with the number of Stars related to the weapon’s rarity.

● We have improved the battle icons on the Delve Maps:
○ Common + Start Room Icons are more white than gray when available
○ Room Rarity Stars on the icons have been made larger
○ Symbols on the unavailable rooms have been given some color to make it easier to see them on the card icon.

● Golden Holiday Battle Bundle will now give an Orb of Ascension when purchased 10 times.

● We have added the Hourglass Heroic Gem for an upcoming Campaign.

● We have added a new highlighter for selecting a Troop target for spells in the puzzle game while using a controller.

● When setting up a team, if you have a weapon equipped, it will show that weapon is equipped to the current team when viewing all weapons.

● We have made some improvements to Headstarts for Tower of Doom and Journey Events:
○ TOWER OF DOOM: The headstart offer now gives the Forge Scrolls that players would have earned from the Dooms defeated by the Headstart, as well a new bonus reward of an Orb of Forging. They will also gain the Scrolls and Guild Boons they would have received on average from playing the event.
○ JOURNEY: The Headstart will now give Skill Point bonuses they would have received on average from playing the event.

● We have made some improvements to graphics for Android to help reduce the download sizes and storage required on Android devices.
○ Players may see some additional downloads as they continue to play the game, but the upfront download should be improved.

  • We have fixed a visual issue where Bronze Troops were not displaying their Bronze card frame.

● We have fixed a visual issue where returning from the Troop Overview menu for a Shiny Troop, will not display the reduced Mana Cost in the Troop Menu

● We have fixed an issue with Suggest a Troop, where it would recommend weapons that don’t match the Kingdom restrictions.

● We have fixed an issue where if a player returns to the weekly Kingdom’s menu after playing explore in another Kingdom, the Underspire button and Explore buttons appear to overlap, and would take players to that Kingdom’s Explore instead of Underspire.

● We have fixed the issue where the Lantern icons would appear fuzzy in the Goblin Merchant store in the Underspire.

● We have fixed an issue where players’ Torches/ Lanterns were not updating correctly after purchase unless the player played a Underspire battle.

● We have fixed an exploit where the Event Captains’ “double magic” would re-apply each time a Troop was summoned into the battle.

● We have fixed an assortment of smaller issues.


Hi Jeto,

It looks like this part of the announcement was cut off? (both here and on the original entry)

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A new achievement for spamming global chat?!?

That’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a game.


What is Adventurers Path again? Please don’t tell me, it’s the adventure board. That’s one of the more reasonable places to get nice rewards as a free player every now and then.
If those are tiered now, so that there are only the lowest rarities for free, and we need to pay for better ones… :frowning:

Now, that’s one of the dumbest invitations to spam, I could imagine.

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Who is Geoff?)

The Adventurer’s Path is completely separate from the Adventure Board:

A couple of years ago, someone named Geoff posted a screenshot of having reached 100% achievement rate in GOW on some website.
The developers reacted by including a troll achievement to upgrade 100 troops to golden elite level, just to spite him (and the rest of the playerbase too).

This achievement now seems to be a callback to this.


Thank you!

Makes more sense than this

Hold my beer. There’s also a hidden achievement, you get it by typing “Geoff is a Legend” into every global chat channel, for 7 consecutive days. Spread the word. :clown_face:


OneWorld: Thanks for the clarification. I completely blanked out this mode, as it is rather hidden to veteran players anyhow.
I assume, the rewards won’t be in a range, that will change my view on it.

All in all an update, that does not deliver significant changes.
Compared to most previous updates, that actively made the game worse, that’s a step up. So… “Good job”?


Unless I’ve missed it in the sea of words still no update on dragon crafting and traits seem to still be pointless diamonds.


Why would they give you that option for free? More pay options or nothing. Still not pay to win though, im having a hard time understanding what that term means i guess…


I don’t need any of that. All I need are books and imperial deeds (and medals).
The Exalted Pass+ seems like a good deal though (in GoW economy).


This is quite concerning. I can only hope it’s not what I think it is. I happened to like seeing Enemy stats and Battle timer + Retreat in one location.

I don’t want to press more buttons to do the same things I previously did in one press.

Are the “new” Daily Tasks replacing the Adventure Board tasks or in addition to them?

I’m having some doubts the team understands what 500 levels mean for high level players. It feels quite unusual to have a paid track that takes the purchaser 5 - 10 years to cash in, even when they spend a way above average time and effort.

What does this mean for World event reward tiers? Will those still require tier 0 - 2 purchases from the entire guild to close off all rewards? Or have the thresholds been bumped up, while still offering exactly the same rewards, as an “incentive” to spend money on the new boosters?

This is the gem that gives a guaranteed extra turn when destroyed, even when the whole team is frozen, right? Please reconsider, this will break the game in ways you apparently can’t imagine. Featured campaign gems always show up on the board for the entire duration of the campaign, so anything that blows up the board can keep on looping forever once it gets a turn.

I’m sure non-English players will love this one, especially if they aren’t used to the Latin alphabet.


This wouldn’t happen to be recycled unpopular campaign tasks, like playing Arena/Treasure Hunt, crafting summoning stones and spending gold/glory/gem/event keys at times you would rather save them up?


7.1 Update: Give us more money

Appreciate the heads up, and that some fixes have been made - but it still seems you’re very much out of touch with oh so many things.

Overall, this is a more monetization update that still doesn’t seem to deliver what people asked for regarding the graphics.

I know you’ve put some sort of effort and money into the redesign but sometimes it’s best to drop what has been a bad decision.

I guess any improvement is at least something…


I’m honestly a bit surprised that we’re getting more monetization added after the last update. It’s not that I didn’t expect more, just not so soon. :frowning:

Well, at least we have the troop card fix. Look forward to see how much it has improved.


Sort of on the same page here. Doesn’t seem to add anything bad, per se, and seems like there will be some decent rewards on these paths, just not sure how much of it is paywalled.

“A legend”