7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

Hi all,

We will be sending out compensation in the next 24-48 hours. The details are as follows:

For the Underspire Map reset issue that happened last week:

  1. All players will receive 50 Gems

  2. For players who purchased Torch Boosters and Lantern Boosters between Monday 4th September (7am GMT) and Wednesday daily reset 6th September (7am GMT):

  • Players who purchased a Torch Booster will receive the 5 Torches from the purchased Torch Boosters + 1 Extra Torch per Booster

  • Players who purchased a Lantern Booster will receive the 5 Lanterns from the purchased Lantern Boosters + 1 Extra Lantern per Booster

For the Completing Battle Server Issues/CLIFFY errors last week:

  • All players will receive 150 Gems

For the Adventure Board containing impossible to complete Tasks:

  • All players will receive 50 Gems

Tower of Doom Headstart Offer gave Ice Forge Scrolls instead of Dark Forge Scrolls:

  • Players who purchased the Headstart will be sent the Dark Forge Scrolls they expected and will keep the Ice Forge Scrolls that were mistakenly sent.

Thank you all for your patience while we worked on fixing these issues and while we work on sending the compensation out to everyone.