7.1 Bug Update (Please read before submitting any new reports/tickets)

Ugh. Thanks, I guess? I actually really do appreciate that someone at least made an attempt to fix this demoralizing debacle. Unfortunately, this is not a fix, at all.

The way the paths worked (as implemented), players are quite literally punished for being farther along. This “fix” does not change that problem. As a player over 1500, I am still shut out of getting resources that I earned just as much as someone who reaches 1500 next year. The “fix” just makes it so I am shut out of one less tier of rewards. The “fix” also does nothing to address the glaring imbalance between being say, level 1499 versus 1501.

Honestly, doing this makes less sense than doing nothing. The only fair and balanced thing to do for the free paths is this:

Every player over level 100 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards
Every player over level 250 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards AND all Guardian path rewards
Every player over level 500 should receive all of the Adventurer path rewards, the Guardian path rewards AND the Champion path rewards
etc etc etc
All of the level 1000+ people should receive ALL tiers they have passed.

The paid paths are a bit trickier because of the exalted path being essentially repeatable. I think it’s completely reasonable for that to take some time to sort out a solution. But holy wow, the free path rewards are a no brainer.


This may have been answered before or it might also be not discussed yet at all. But if a 1500+ player would buy the Exalted Pass+, what would he get. Free has been added from 1000 upwards (but not below). But 1500+? Only rewards from 1500 upwards? Or also the tier below? And if the free pass finally gets everything (as it should be), would there be a way for higher ranked levels to get those rewards too? Either from buying the highest pass or even from a 2nd offer?

Once again, not buying any path pass until this is sorted.

@Jeto, as I only received the second item you said we were supposed to receive as compensation, I will be filing a bug report and a help ticket.


Since technically it’s 8:30 am on a Saturday in Australia right now, which counts as a working day all over the world, we should get an answer and the rest of the missing rewards in short time.

On the other hand, everyone knows that’s probably just wishful thinking … :thinking:


If you did not receive the Paragon Path rewards, please see the bug report I created (link above) and add a comment so they know how many people have been impacted


This is not true. Most countries, including Australia, have a working week starting on Monday and ending on Friday. See this link for details.


Well I agree with Australia having a short working week with 38 h per average, starting from Monday and ending on Friday.

But there are several countries in the world that see Saturday as a regular working day. Like Bolivia, Brunei, Colombia, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Hong Kong, Republic of India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Somalia, Uganda or Uzbekistan.

And there’s also “special fields” like medical care or retail, that generally are available at weekends (sometimes only Saturdays, sometimes also Sundays). Taxi drivers or Uber has working days on the weekend. Cinemas as well. Or Restaurants.

The company I work for never closes. Open 24/7 and 365.

So “generally speaking” Saturday IS a possible WORKING DAY …

Especially when you’re working in the IT sector where everyone is able to work from home at any time.

But with this few lines I probably worked more today than all of the devs combined. Everyone to their own. In other words, everyone is allowed to have their time off. BUT every now and then in between they should do their work if they want to keep it …


Every day is a possible working day, but without time off things will never get better. Working from home doesn’t fix that. Being able to just log on and work in their free time isn’t the same as having time off. It does seem that there is a good bit of strain with getting content out at the rate they want it, while also releasing at the quality players want it.

Just saying all this because it’s not like they aren’t working or putting in any effort and I really doubt they’re trying to put out something bad on purpose. Just feels, to me, like they are rushed and struggling to keep up with whatever plan is in place.


Saturday is a workday in Germany as well, though many jobs are only from Monday to Friday - most office jobs for example.

But this isn’t am issue of working days - they probably have some reason for delaying compensation (and information). I could speculate on those, but whatever it is has probably nothing to do with business hours.

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It could also be a simple problem with email delivery - lots of potential issues when mass emailing. I just want to make sure that they are aware of the issue, and if possible, the scale of it. @Jeto, a guildmate who is level 1544 also has not received their Paragon Path rewards.

Everyday is a work day for someone but that doesn’t mean it’s a work day for everyone.

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But it means WHEN it’s a work day, the work should be done in the 1st place and done correctly on top. At least one of these “requirements” usually gets lost lately …

Should we open a ticket or wait a reply from official news or any information about the new pause menu that show less information than before ?
We cant check the bonus mana anymore. I think is a big stepback after the 7.0 drops
now we have 3 separate menu but less information

Where is bonus from talent or traits ?


hats off, thats kind of an achievement - increase splash screens count 3 times while placing less information.


Are we getting 7.1 on switch any time soon? @Jeto @Kafka

Ive been asking this since 7.0 removed invasion and raid from weekend schedules. Were missing weapons on Switch now. Seems like theyre creating another issue.

@kafka @jeto @Bramble plenty of time to make new ways to break things. Fix whats already broken first


Hi all,

We will be sending out compensation in the next 24-48 hours. The details are as follows:

For the Underspire Map reset issue that happened last week:

  1. All players will receive 50 Gems

  2. For players who purchased Torch Boosters and Lantern Boosters between Monday 4th September (7am GMT) and Wednesday daily reset 6th September (7am GMT):

  • Players who purchased a Torch Booster will receive the 5 Torches from the purchased Torch Boosters + 1 Extra Torch per Booster

  • Players who purchased a Lantern Booster will receive the 5 Lanterns from the purchased Lantern Boosters + 1 Extra Lantern per Booster

For the Completing Battle Server Issues/CLIFFY errors last week:

  • All players will receive 150 Gems

For the Adventure Board containing impossible to complete Tasks:

  • All players will receive 50 Gems

Tower of Doom Headstart Offer gave Ice Forge Scrolls instead of Dark Forge Scrolls:

  • Players who purchased the Headstart will be sent the Dark Forge Scrolls they expected and will keep the Ice Forge Scrolls that were mistakenly sent.

Thank you all for your patience while we worked on fixing these issues and while we work on sending the compensation out to everyone.


I’m going to be real honest. This doesn’t sit right with me.

Some lost a full week of the Underspire because a full reset is mentally draining.

Some like me had to spend extra gems to finish in time by the week end from scratch because the Customer Experience team made no effort to advise what actions to take last week and that’s what makes this really annoying.

And 1 extra Torch per pack is all that is being offered? It doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of time lost actually playing those battles in the first place, just the monetary cost of the torches.

It’s like someone read a spreadsheet to see what people lost and offered the bare minimum for all of the problems without wondering what the implications would be for the actual problem occurring in the first place.

I’d be pissed about the lanterns too, but I haven’t bought it yet this week, so somehow that works out. I feel for anyone that did buy it this week though, because at that point extra lanterns are pointless unless it can be saved to next week.

What’s my actual loss on this? I had to buy 150 gem torch packs x 3 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday that I normally wouldn’t buy to safely complete it in time, and I had a really lucky week after reset. Out 450 gems to save $2. … I’m not impressed by this comp.


What about the fact that I had to go through the whole Wednesday all over again, I bought 15 torches for 300 gems and did not progress in the Underspire on Wednesday? After that I had to buy an additional pack of 5 torches for 150 gems every day to make up for lost time, isn’t that the cost of your mistake?