6.7 Update: Krinklemas

If you’re going to use GAPs to farm Dragonite then I would recommend doing Explore 10+ and if a Dragonite Gnome shows up, let that battle last at least a minute to get the full amount of Dragonite. I got 60 Dragonite from a DG doing that, that’s 300 gems saved right there.


Good! Looking forward to checking out what’s new. I’m thankful for having something else to look forward to thanks devs. As time changes, so do some of the things we enjoy, I just hope I’ll enjoy GoW even more. Thank you very much :+1:



December of 2029.

Oh boys, that gnome looks like fun

Very Nice


except for 0.1%. the Orb Of Indeterminate Ability escaped into the wild.

kids today, with their newfangled instatwit and watches that tell you what dreams you have and kingdom passes.

when i was young, we played one story mode, and we liked it!
we only had 3 troops, and that was it.
and we had to walk uphill in the snow to get to a new kingdom.


this doesn’t just deserve a heart.

this deserves a movement, a cause taken up by the entire gow community, a revolution, an insurrection, a mobilization, a declamation, and a conflagration.


This should only have triggered the first time you signed in. Did you get it more than once today on the same account?

Oh, so now the chaos orbs have a meaning again… I’ll need to find something else to complain about…
This will make guilds more interested in WE And the personal event rewards will be more appealing again, thanks!


I don’t really get why this is all the sudden split up. People have been hitting the same button for years to upgrade troops now we need to click something different just to level it and everything else that we click seconds after we level a troop needs it’s own section? How about you leave all of the upgrading mechanics on the Y button like they always were, put upgrading the troop’s level where the “overview” tab is and then make the extra click that nobody needs the “overview” of the troop? Not only does this annoy everyone who’s done it the same way for years, but it’s just adding confusion to new and young players.

That’s about as pointlessly annoying as making people hit select twice to get to chat when they’re in a match, because obviously everyone needed an on demand speed change button right?


At least I did. And even a daily reminder would be too much, when you have finished all current tasks on monday.

Also I am still opposed to adding new achievements on Steam. Hurts all players, who have stopped playing or plan to do so.

Wasn’t that all a bit more readable before?
I feel like this layout choice could need some more attention at the next patch. I mean, I do know, what the medal texts are saying, but it’s still much more cramped and narrowed, than it needed to be.
Why not move the soul stock above the medals and give the rest a bit more width?
(game resolution 1024x768, if you can’t tell)


Why is that? What’s the different between the one on Steam and the one on Android/iOS? They have different value somehow?

I rarely play on PC anymore. Back then, my steam account somehow have trouble logging in the game, so I create a new one and link it to my old account. That fix the issue, but all achievements are gone, and I have to gain all of them again. Have to understand how it trigger for while until I have them all again. Now I don’t care anymore. Google Play achievements are all that matter to me.

Is the problem come from account credit, completionist mindset, or something else? I hope it’s not “too many new contents are bad”
issue, as this is an online game, things staying the game is impossible. Either adapt from it or move on might be the only way to be happy with the game.

And how could achievements become hurtful to any players? Creating fear of missing out? Those who quit won’t care anymore, and those who want to take a break won’t just keep playing even though they don’t want to, just because they want to have all achievements that doesn’t have any value in the game, right…?

As for the 2 new achievements, it should be easy enough to earn. Dragon Gems one, I can just play today’s faction event with Herald of Krystenax, and it should be done.

Dragonnite Gnome kills will take a while, as farming to target it will take too much time. Can’t afford using Gnome-Palooza outside Vault Event either, so I guess I will just take how many that come up, while waiting for next Vault Event.

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this does happen, more then you’d imagine

Every login, every platform. Yet another case of QA gone AWOL.

@Jeto @Kafka Thanks for the update. It is great to be able to upgrade doomed weapons without forge scrolls


For some players, myself included, the interesting part is not, how many achievements I have earned from a game, but, as you stated elsewhere in the text, how close or far I am from 100%. Completionist stuff.
From a Steam perspective, I have completed the game a few times in the past, until it has become “uncompleted” again.

Percentages for individual games as well as in total are kept track of on a few places, that some freaks pay attention to. So, if the number of achievements is doubled over the years, what once was 100% turns into 50% if you don’t keep playing and drags down your average.

One of the main reasons, I am stuck with this game despite liking it a bit less every year. Think about it, what you want, but I am sure, I’m not the only one.

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I can confirm, it is getting triggered on every login. First, second, third… same account, same platform (Steam).

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Adding my voice to the “nagging me to buy an elite (lol) pa$$ every time I log in is really freaking lame”.

Steam version for me also.