6.7 Update: Krinklemas

I like everything but the ingot orbs.

They’re probably useful for newer players but I’ve already got a gazillion ingots. More orbs that will just pile up, and sadly so far. The ones appearing most for me.

But overall, nice!


They said that would be in the new year.

Guess what I found in a vault battle :wink:


And leveling this pet was a no brainer



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gnomepalooza. not as common as I make it sound like. Averaging like 2 gnomes per 15 mins.

or is it the amount?

Just got a 10 drop, so maybe something is up with it.

I thought the amount you folks were earning was very low, but then someone pointed out you’re encountering them in a GAP so you’re being affected by the low level explore balancer (not sure what else to call this) in your rewards.

The regular Gnome drops are a lot higher.



How broad is the drop range of Dragonite?

If he is getting 18 to my 5s and my highest is only a 10. … Its kinda wild on a GAP limiter.

The Dragonite Gnome (outside of GAPs) can drop a minimum of 20 Dragonite and a maximum of 100.

However, the chances of getting 100 Dragonite from a Dragonite Gnome are VERY low.

So on average, as a whole, players will earn around 30-40 Dragonite from the Gnome.


that would explain it, thanks

That’s quite a big difference

The average of 20 (minimum) and 100 (maximum) is 30-40 in your world?

Interesting mathematics


Not every dragonite outcome is equally possible to occur, so you can’t take a straight average of 20 and 100 as the average amount of dragonite that will drop.

The average would be calculated as follows:

Sum of : (probability of lowest dragonite roll)(amount of lowest dragonite drop) + (probability of 2nd lowest dragonite roll)(amount of 2nd lowest dragonite drop) + and so on for all the possible drops that the gnome would have.

As the lowest payouts would be the most likely occur, the weighted average is going to be closer to the lowest payout than if a straight average was taken.

Example (made up numbers for illustration):

70% chance of 20 dragonite
20% chance of 50 dragonite
10% chance of 100 dragonite

The weighted average would be:

(70%)(20) + (20%)(50) + (10%)(100)
14 + 10 + 10
34 dragonite


Similar drop rate to the cursed gnome, and 20-100 dragonite (before applying penalties for being a long time player). Glad to see we got exactly what I expected, no meaningful change to dragonite farming whatsoever.

Maybe next update we can get a Hoard Gnome. It has a chance to drop the Hoard Mimic troop, with a drop rate and spawn rate equal to the Hoard Mimic itself!

The new orbs other than ingots are great. It’s nice to have something that isn’t designed entirely to do practically nothing for the players at all.

Book of Deeds gnome when? :rofl:


@Kafka @Jeto Can you please update the table on https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002174556 ?

There is no “Greater orb of glory” it’s “Major orb of Glory” in-game.

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Thanks for the update. I’m excited for the orbs of minions, even just a handful of them over the year will make a difference to me.

Any plans for adding crafting recipes for the new orbs?

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Oh… There isn’t any right now? I want to check, but keep forgetting.

Is the path to craft Orb of Power will be different now with new orbs type?

In my opinion, Glory Orbs shouldn’t be involved in any recipe, they was powerful enough on their own. Upgrading to higher tier doesn’t seems to be worth it, similar to upgrading Medals

Crafting Minor Minion to Major seems pointless, unless it’s less than 3 to craft, kinda like crafting Minor Ascension to Major without aiming for Power Orb. Better to just use them.

Ingot and Forging Orbs is the main part. If it cost less then 10 Minors to craft Major, then it worth saving them for later instead of using it right now.

I do not like being told every freaking time I login that there is a campaign in progress, which I already know since it’s in week 5. How am I supposed to make this go away??

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Have you heard about out Campaign let Luther take you on a tour. (4972 times again yikes)