6.5 Update: Dragon's Path

I do that! :grin:

I don’t always even find a single cursed gnome during a gap, though. Oh well, I’m not in a crazy hurry. If I learned anything through this game it’s patience. :sweat_smile:

Doesn’t “a few minutes of gap” equate to more opportunities for a second Cursed Gnome encounter?

Cursed Gnome during GAP = 1-3 Cursed Runes
Cursed Gnome out of GAP = 10-15? I think. I don’t remember top end. There’s a pic of a 25 below.

So gambling a 2nd Cursed Gnome appearance for 1-3 isn’t worth gambling the frequency of their appearance if you end up missing out on having that Cursed Gnome when the GAP ends. At least in regards to “a few minutes”. 10+ minutes, it may be worth continuing.

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Top end for me so far has been 25 runes.


Wait, something doesn’t seem to add up there. It’s an explore battle, because the screenshot says so. There isn’t any GaP active, because there aren’t enough gnome drops, even considering the scrollbar. A single gnome can drop at best 10 - 15 runes. Where are those 25 runes coming from?

Did you buy any cursed gnome bait right before doing that fight?

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I have had a 25 cursed rune drop before from a E1 explore battle so it’s possible

Exactly 25 cursed runes or roughly 25 cursed runes? How long ago was that? Anything else you remember about the battle, like what you did right before starting it?

If 25 cursed runes can show up, figuring out the trigger might help players getting 25 cursed runes more often.

Outside of GAP, Cursed Gnomes usually drop anywhere from 10-15 Cursed Runes but have a very small chance of dropping 25 Cursed Runes. There is no special set of circumstances to get the 25 Cursed Runes drop, you just have to not be in the middle of a GAP and get extremely lucky.


Exactly 25. It was a normal E1 battle. No bait or anything. I was surprised too. I think it was about 2 months ago.

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That explains it, it’s somewhat similar to the Jewel Gnome having a tiny chance to drop diamonds.

Yet to get it, but I knew it was the top prize as a guildmate got it in the early days of that patch.

Cursed … on Sin of Maraj, land fullfilled of sinners and daemons. All cursed people.
Face the Cursed Gnome there is the big curse guy of entire Krystara. Seems legit it have more cursed runes than everywhere else. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Can’t say that this is wrong (I don’t exactly research/collect large-scale stats), but it doesn’t make any sense for the rewards to differ depending on whether GAP is still active or not.

haha, tell that to the devs.

One of the “balance” nerfs for GAPs was to change the amount of drops a gnome gives during a GAP to be a much smaller amount compared to outside of a GAP.

When a GAP times out, the GAP “benefits” end even if in mid-battle.

Okay, the first part makes sense – it’s the second part that does not.

But at worst, it’s still only a minor resources exploit…

Did anyone actually got forge scrolls on offer?
What was the amount?
What is the price?
Was it the correct color for the weapon in question (if you were blocked for a kingdom task)?

It still hasn’t been activated yet. Last signs of life were almost a month ago:

Given the extended silence I suspect that fixing the broken kingdom offers might once again have been abandoned.

I suspect the same thing. Their issue with Forge Scrolls (FS) is irrelevant and irritating. If that is the only issue, simply remove the FS from the offer pool and implement the fix to stop offering crap that no one needs/wants and add the FS back in once they resolve that issue.

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I am thinking about going back to dungeon level 1 and staying there. The level rewards for higher dificulties are a joke after they have been scaled back, and judging by the difficulty progression so far, level 20 will be a lot of trouble.
Any second oppinions on that?

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A perfect run on level 20 will give you 120 dragonite, that’s worth it to me.