6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

Isn’t that literally what just happened with parikl? What do you want man? You a dev alt or something?

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He quit over a bug, something that can be fixed. His problem is literally temporary. It’s one thing to say “I’m playing too much, I’m spending too much money, it’s impacting the rest of my life.” It’s another to say “everything I’ve done is gone! I’m quitting! I uninstalled!” It’s not gone. It’s a bug. Contact support.

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You could easily update the delve renown rewards so we’re not just getting thousands upon thousands of useless ingots.

Add 1 or 2 cursed runes for every 10000 milestone. Give those of that have put time and effort into rewards that actually mean something.


I’m waiting for a response/answer to an open support ticket I created on 2021-03-25 with a bug I’m still experiencing to this day.
So, please don’t troll others by saying “Contact support.”


This is how I felt about they Journey event. I still did it for the achievement, and I’ll do this update for the achievement. Wondering how long it will take if I do it legit, without spending gems. Maybe I need to rejoin one of my old guilds ^_^.


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Is there somewhere I missed in the update where it says “Players should expect to upgrade all levels within X number of days using the new Cursed Runes”?

They want you to use gems to upgrade it. If you have 6000 gems lying around, upgrade it. If you don’t want to use any gems at all, you can use cursed runes. But there is also nothing that’s requiring you to upgrade the forge as fast as possible. It’ll still be there tomorrow.


I don’t mind grinding rune stones. The problem is they are a scam. I cut off for dinner, but am up to 1002 battles without a single gnome.

They have them dialed lower than a mythic from a glory key. All in hopes you junkie out and spend the 6k. Idc if you just have them laying around, so do I. Spending that amount is stupid.


Collecting 12 tributes a day for 30 days at 15 gems on average yields 6000 gems. Let’s tone that back quite a bit though…


This is just gems from tributes. There are also gems from adventure board, guild tasks, vaults, chests, etc.


I have my issues with the game these days but … its not Thursday reset yet. In most parts of the world its literally not even Thursday. To those complaining about lack of gnomes, I don’t know what else to tell you.


Yep, same here.


I agree, but here is the problem. I have 1002 battles. I am 64/65 for gnomes and haven’t gotten a single cursed gnome.

Add in the 700 battles I did on my wife’s account? She hasn’t gotten one either.

Bottom line is these grifters purposefully lowered the rates to almost nothing in the hopes that they could scam people out of 6000 gems.


@Tabu could you please let me know your invite code?
I think I’ve found your wife’s account and sent the battle data to the team to double check, but yours with 1000 battles would be good to look at too.


fully agree with you: i was so lucky to get one in explore after around 300 battles (idk exact number anymore).
now i did 500 more explore battles - nothing.
with these numbers the increase on Thursday has to be huge, otherwise this isn’t worth our time.


I probably just got extremely lucky but I’ve had 2 of them in about 200 battles. None of them were in a palooza.

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I also got a couple Cursed Gnomes and I barely played in the last 24h. Felt like maybe one in ten Gnomes or something, which is around where it should be (dunno about “intended” rates).

Zero out of lots does not seem right, no.

There’s 12 gnomes that can be found in PvP and in the arena. So 1/360 battles.
1/330 battles in explore.

Since they are the newest gnome they probably have the lowest weight attached to them which drops the chances even more. Vault events double the chances outside of the one time they tripled the chances.

The rate for cursed gnomes is stupid due to the fact that every gnome reduces the gnome you want even more. :person_shrugging:


Day 1 results:

Fight C. Gnome C. Runes
90 1 12
269 1 10
39 1 11
206 1 12
170 1 13
TOTAL 774 5 58
AVERAGE 0,65% 7,49%

I got 6 Runes / 3 C.Gnomes from 2 GaPs. Saw one C.Gnome gave 0 Rune.


First 2 hours
Looks like rate tripled.

16-Dec Fight C. Gnome Rune
126 1 13
25 1 13
31 1 10
50 1 14
TOTAL 232 4 50
AVERAGE 1,72% 21,55%

I noticed increase rate in first hour after reset (found 6) but in next hour only found 1. Feels like the increased chance was only for first hour. Anyone else?

Yes Same I was able login into game after 1 hour after reset and only got 1 cursed Gnomes