6.1 Update: Dark Smith's Curse

Took 250-300 battles to find the first and I got this:



The only Cursed Gnomes I got were during GAPs, I got exactly 0 cursed gnomes both yesterday and today during normal gameplay (without GAP boost). ZERO. Not even one pity cursed gnome made an appearance.


You know you can’t just say this shit right? You actually have to adjust the drop chances.

After 60 minutes of consistent explore play I’ve saw more crashes (2) than cursed gnomes (0).

I found 2 cursed gnomes yesterday during 30 minutes of play.


I wonder how rare cursed gnomes will be after the vault event finishes? Ridiculous.


It is obvious, they knew a lot of end game players would blow 6K Gems to complete the forge, thus leaving the lower lvl players or those with a lack of Gems to “wish” for new gnome drops!

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Reposting this here in regards to cursed gnomes giving vault keys.

This way a dev can see it. I know the devs trauma therapists advised them to avoid reading anything about Arachnaean Weaver. But in this case it was from a AW thread that’s bleeding into the design principals of Cursed Gnomes.

As in, cursed runes are being advertised to drop exclusively from cursed gnomes (outside of paying for them). But even getting a cursed gnome, and winning the match could still result in 0 runes because of getting a vault key instead or bankers math.

Either way, just like Arachnaean Weaver in event chests, it’s 100% a bait and switch and is illegal AF in most countries save for the home country of Gems of War developers.


About as rare as a dev interacting on here without blaming us for their failure to communicate properly.


I bet this is the EVK debacle repeating itself. They forgot to increase EVK during vault events so they were just as rare as during non vault events. I reckon they did the same thing with cursed gnomes. They have been given same appearance rate whether or not there is a vault event happening.

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Just did 100 runs (explore 5, broken spire) got exactly 1 cursed gnome (on my 1st battle) which dropped 12 runes.

We are supposedly having increased cursed gnome appearance rate today and a vault weekend on top. (it might be that vault weekend is bugging cursed gnomes out?! wouldnt suprise me considering past experiences)

If this is working as intended, the appearance rate of the cursed gnome in normal circumstances (no vault weekend, no increased appearance chance) will be less than the chance to pull a orb of power from major chaos orbs.

Guys, youre bullshitting us, at least be honest about it and give us the expected spawn chances so we know what were dealing with. The only reason I’m not more pissed is that i wanted to farm verses anyway, at least band gnomes are appearing xD


ahh, increased chances. Glad to see this verbal jujitsu is being employed consistently, both here and in PQ3.


It is still possible to get the cursed gnomes. I got lucky and got 100 runes after 3 hours of explore.


An update: after 3+ hours of explores - 0 (ZERO) cursed gnomes.
Thank you.


The encounter rate of these guys does seem incredibly low, especially if it’s only going to decrease after the vault event and ‘bonus week’ finish.

I do have to question the wisdom of basing an entire patch around this new resource of cursed runes, but then making them so rare that we don’t get to experience any of the new content?


It’s magic, it involves a (credit) card trick.


Imagine paying for the bait, and then getting a vault key. :person_facepalming:


Best. Comment. Ever. I could totally see that happening, feels like an accident waiting to happen.


Made a feature request in hopes that it doesn’t.

We’ll see if common sense is triumphant or not.
But I was wrong in an earlier post. Pet food was originally exclusive to pet gnomes/rescues before they were added to other rewards.

But with pet gnomes, players get pet food and vault keys. So there is precedent that players can get cursed runes and vault keys instead of one or the other. (Or none for those Ricky Bobby’s out there.)


Imagine paying for the bait then get the VK and thought you were lucky getting the jackpot instead of Runes as you are a player that just started out… :sweat_smile:

4,5h+ explore 5 on Switch : 0 (zero) cursed gnome…

Finished 4h+ grind - 0 cursed gnomes.
On top 30 vault runs, 5 epic - same shit