505stained (aka Bloodstained)

Bloodstained came to Xbox game pass recently. So over the weekend I started playing it. And let me tell you that 505 QA isn’t just doing a shitty job with GoW.
Bloodstained constantly crashes on my Xbox One (other platforms have other issues as well). And unlike most games today with plentiful save points (this one is designed not to). In Bloodstained you’ll go hours without saving so when a crash happens it can be truly painful. Whether it’s 3 hours of progress or 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter… I’ve had to learn the hard way not to read book cases until I find a save point. Which then also makes for more back tracking. Similar to GoW, Bloodstained is such an amazing game otherwise that you deal with the unfortunate fact… That 505 clearly doesn’t care about Quality Assurance and are lucky AF to publish seperate games created by Steve Fawkner and Koji Igarashi.
It’s like looking at Starry Night and once in a while it’ll blind you temporarily. But hey… It’s still starry night so you deal.

I did the whole game on Steam and not so much crash…
And 505 games is the publisher, so I don’t think they are responsible for the QA…
In fact, I think the issue is within the dev team, that the game was delayed several times and they finally released the game as they can…

You should be happy that 505 games accepted to publish this game and give them more time to polish it.

It could be the opposite. 505 games could have forced them to publish sooner than ready. There’s no way to know.

Bloodstained had quite a few progression issues when it first came out. A lot of it has been cleaned up after the first few patches, but there’s still more things that need to be fixed.

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They QA for GoW, so I’d assume the same would be true for another small development team game.

Honestly, I didn’t follow how it happens, but they get 5.5M dollars from Kickstarter and still decided to be published by 505 games… Their choice.
As said they postponed several times the release date… at some point, you have to release the game even if there are some bugs (sadly).

Really? I thought it was done exclusively internally to IP2…

Not sure why always targeting the publisher when it’s devs who do the bugs, etc… If you write code and do QA properly, there should be no bug… But it’s so usual to have bugs in video game that now it became a standard :frowning:.

Really really. I don’t think I’m allowed to quote a dev about this subject. But it’s definitely a fact. :man_shrugging:

Because the publisher is in charge of the staffing for IP2. Maybe not who they hire or fire. But certainly the amount of coders they have. And if they make mistakes, QA is supposed catch it… That’s literally their job. I had to deal with the military version of QA. If something happened with my Humvee after they stamped me clear. It would be the QA’s :peach:. Not the mechanics.

But yeah in a perfect world coders wouldn’t make mistakes. But that’s pretty much an impossibility at this point.

So again… 505’s QA sucks, but it’s not their fault they suck. It’s the companies fault. :man_shrugging:

Zero crashes on ps4.

Beside, let me see, 505 are around 100 ppls that handle 50+ games, not sure how they can be the testers too lol.

Indeed ppls love a bit too much blame 505 for everything (sure is easier for everyone) when imo the only real thing they say to the devs of their games is prolly “the game is making enough money” and “the game isnt making enough money”.

Also strongly doubt they got anything to do with the “staffing” of the software houses of the game they publish (seen even more how often games come and go from their list, 1 year ago was around 60 games).

Ps:the 50 games i talk about are the online free ones, stuff like bloodstained got to be added to them.


505 Games:

Quality Assurance

Global QA Manager: Adam Jones
Global QA Test Lead: Shant Boyatzian

Its pretty early into the credit sequence. You can even fast forward the credits to reach the 505 section faster. 505 had a role in the production of Bloodstained.

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Defo, 13 mins of credits a couple names from 505 involved on QA (there’s “a bit” more below).

Prolly a dude that gone there 1 day or so watching how the game was going.

Another fun stuff, 505 is an italian company (part of a bigger group that then part of another, etc etc) and among 505 ppl names appearing in bloodstained credits there’s a whopping ONE italian name.

ps: another fun stuff https://gemsofwar.com/ scroll to the bottom and click on ip2 banner, is defo 505 games fault that too :3

PPs: forgot to add, i wish 505 would be the ones handling “path of exile QA”, a game had to stop play cuz after a while it start crash every 5 mins (first and only game i seen crash on ps4, their forum is also full of post about that but they just dgaff about it lol).