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503 Service Unavailable

Koala’s must be eating all the CPU cycles. Can anyone shoo them away?

Steam version btw.

same here, just join and get the same error

I just won my first raid battle since three days and that’s what I get at the end of battle…

Yup. Just got that too. And I had just won my raid with a single troop with 11 life remaining :unamused:

At least, we will finally have some news from the devs…

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High capacity error for me too :frowning:

I’m now in, but seeing a lot of server too busy messages.

Me too, Sheba.


I’m trying to refresh for whole 5 minutes, able to get to Victory scene. Return to map and immediately to get here to check. Seem to affect a lot of people. More than just overloaded traffic problem?