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5.3 Update

Paywalling banners is a bad idea.

Paywalling banners mid way through a guild war week is an exceedingly bad idea.


I’m not going add to the complaints about this update.

But I will say that the current state of the game is rapidly losing my interest.


Hello everybody !

My 2 cents about Shrines as a Beginner in GoW:

At 0.99$ it would has been impossible not to purchase it !
At 1.99$ it would has been tempting to purchase it !
At 9.99$… I’m not a cow to milk is my only thought !

Don’t even feel the need to say anything more.


This is why, in my opinion, the devs are completely out of touch with their game. It appears they consider banners to be trivial and only important for new players.

I understand what they are trying to do, which is save new players time from having to grind kingdoms to unlock banners with monetization. However, they fail to realize banners are important to EVERY PLAYER new or old. I could even argue more so are banners important for end gamers because min/max at that stage is so small.

Said another way, a new banner could lead to potentially new or stronger team builds. That doesn’t seem like something only a new player would care about to me.

I hope everyone has an equal opportunity to unlock warbands or at least the banners sooner than later.


I got a daily offer for 30 War coins, but it requires VIP 6. “100 gems value at 25% discount”, whatever that comes out to. (Good at bashing with the Warhammers, bad at the maths.)

I tried to upload a screenshot, but my Xbox is being stupid. x10 it says upload complete, but when I try to put on activity feed “You must first upload it”. I’m stubborn and obstinate, but after x10, I gotta find Elvses to bash.

Edit: Elevensies is the charm. :slight_smile:


What makes me really sad is that the vast majority of forum users (and most people I interact with outside of the forums) feel this way, but the devs are more concerned about profits, and will thus “keep working in this capacity moving forward”.

There will be no communication about this between the devs and the players. It is clear to me that Salty’s job is mostly bug tracking and social media. While she may make mention of non-bugs presented by players from time to time, it’s blindingly obvious that’s not a high priority.

They’ll chase the whales. If we convince whales to stop spending in an effort to force the devs’ hand, this game will shut down.

It’s just a business, after all. And that makes me very sad.


And to be fair to them, I would absolutely love for @Saltypatra and the team to respond to this and prove me wrong, prove all of us wrong. But I’ve learned from the thread I created and the many ones like it in the past. I very highly doubt Salty or a dev will reply to this. If they do, it will be defending their actions and nothing more.

Here’s the kicker. Whether or not your actions are justified in your eyes, if they are making the community miserable, you need to take another look. So many of us here would love nothing more than to work hand in hand with the team, offering suggestions and helpful advice for how to work together better. Yes, there are people who are just plain negative and toxic. But many of us, and I daresay most of us, are good-willing players who have tried to be positive and supportive for so long but have been ignored. Look at my earlier posts on this forum and you’ll see the gradual shift from positivity to negativity. I wouldn’t call myself toxic, and I hope I don’t come off that way, but man, it’s frustrating when you’ve got an entire community gritting their teeth at every patch that comes out, constantly afraid of the next move, constantly making remarks across almost every thread about the negative direction of this game, and all you’re willing to do is defend your actions.

Again, we understand the dev team feels justified. But you’ve got a miserable community here who feels completely ignored. Justified or not, it is on you, @Saltypatra, to be an advocate and actually allow for proper communication. We understand not everything we suggest will be implemented. We understand we don’t control the direction of this game. But we help this game happen; we give our time, money, and effort into this game too. Without the players, this game is nothing. We feel unheard. We have wanted for so long to be heard and talk with you about our fears and concerns regarding the direction of this game. Yet even in a thread about the game’s direction, all of your replies hit upon smaller points rather than the underlying issues: this community is really hurting, and we don’t feel like you care. Let the 43 likes on the original post speak for themselves.

I am not attempting to bash you or any dev, and I apologize if it feels that way. The amount of time this community has been groaning and trying to get your attention weighs on us heavily in terms of attitude and hope. I admit I have very little hope that you’ll reply to this at all, let alone defend yourself or, miracle of miracles, express interest in continuing communication and working with the community to reach a solution.

In the end, the joke is on us. We moan about the direction of this game and yet continue to put time and money into it. We’re hypocrites, I guess.

I just hope you realize it’s because we love this game, and it hurts to see something you love sinking.


Its almost as if none of the forced positivity threads actually amount to anything in the long run :gem_doomskull:

Best way to survive this place is neutrality/ambivalence


Well, if there is a silver lining for this valuable finding, it is that the discount in the offer suggests that the War Coin offer is not a VIP exclusive offer. At 30 War Coins per purchase, it would take two 100 gem purchases to unlock each Warband. That’s reasonable, especially when compared to the $10 USD for 75 War Coin offer.

The rarity of this offer in general remains to be seen, though.


I just want to know what each banner actually does prior to purchase. Silly me feels like that’s useful info to know or something.
Clicking on the banner tells me this currently.

I assume +2 Green, +1 Yellow… But minus what I ask? Besides my War Coinage.


Zooming in as much as I can it appears to be purple? But maybe blue?

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We can probably expect a Help Desk article with that information, since providing it in the game is too hard.


Of course, this offer makes no sense. As you might expect:

9.99 / 75 = 13 cents per war coin
500 gems / 30 war coins = 13 gems per war coin

If each gem (typical good offer) is 2 cents/gem - that means the offer values war coins at 26 cents / war coin.

I so totally agree, @TheIdleOne and @Fleg!!

This exclamation staring me in the face, taunting me to buy the pack in question doesn’t do well for my ADHD or my OCD.

It’s also like a subtle “poke” for us to spend money, when I’m sure I can speak for others when I say we can’t afford to buy into this stuff.

There are also those who simply don’t wish to see this turn into a P2W game, which more and more it feels very much like it is. ‘Do this, spend your time and effort on so-n-so, spend your money and you get that’.

Sorry, guys, but I really don’t think this is a good feature to have.


It seems to me that that is exactly what they should be doing. Making money is what makes it worthwhile for the developer and publisher to keep the game running and making new content for the game. So it really makes perfect sense to focus on profit.

The fact that many of us here on the forums remember the early years if the game when the emphasis on making money wasn’t as strong is what makes us notice this ever increasing focus on making money even more which certainly has driven (and will continue to drive) a lot of endgame players away from the game.

And let’s be honest here, the devs don’t mind that at all. Whatever money we “veterans” have been willing to spend on the game we’ve already done. The new players is where the developers and publisher can make money now.

Exactly. The devs have to make a living from this so it is most definitely a business decision when resources in the dev office sent towards certain development aspects of the game.

Also, I think we should be very careful on how we view the opinions about the game that are being posted on the forums. We’re almost all longtime veteran players here, so our opinion is almost always going to be negative about the new things introduced in the game because they’re almost without exception not focussed on endgame players (because there’s less money to be made there).


Not sure where you got 500 gems. It says 100 gem value. So it should be 3.33 gems per war coin, which gives you 6.67 or 7 cents / war coin.

Edit: At 25% discount, that’s 75 gems for 30 war coins, or 2.5 gems / coin, or 5 cents / war coin.

At 10% discount (arena offers), that’s 90 gems for 30 war coins, or 3 gems / coin, or 6 cents / coin


It’s all about balance. There are ways to make it so that there is plenty of monetization without basing the last 7 major updates on it. Of course devs need to make money, and I think a lot of us would be much more willing to buy things if we felt like we were being heard. It’ not about them implementing everything we want, it’s about being listened to and feeling heard.

Look at other games as an example, even in these genre. Many of them are much more p2w, yet every major update adds new content and mechanics. People are excited for updates, not afraid of them.

Monetization is not evil, it’s necessary. But pushing the community away and focusing everything on monetized features is not the way to go about it.


Banner info:


They quit listening along time ago best thing to do is write reviews and rate. for the new players of the game Help them as we see them in global making sure they get into guilds that can help them grow. These Money grab updates is sickening at best.


Okay. I’ve had enough of this. You do not paywall tiny extra useful things that we’ve wanted for ages.

They’re not “big impactful things”, this is “quality of life stuff we could have had years ago”. You don’t charge for it. Wtf. Talking about the banners and the team slots.

Tell us we can get those without buying these stupid wretched warbands.