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5.2.5 Patch Notes

5.2.5 UPDATE

  • Players will no longer receive a popup message saying that a troop will be consumed when crafting Enraged Kurandara.

    • This is a visual change only, as the server change was made previously to no longer consume the troop when crafting this recipe.
  • We have added new Faction Delve Portraits for some of the released Factions for players to unlock.

    • The new Portraits will appear in the next 24hrs.
  • Halloween Icon + Images have been removed, until Halloween next year.

  • We have also fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

Which would be… :thinking:


Prefer if they could have fixed the bigger issue of Explore runs sometimes causing the game to soft crash… this still happens a year since it started though :frowning:

If they add Pet Gnomes to Explore as a form of compensation to this persistent bug then this is fair enough imo. I can dream… :laughing:


Nah bro.
It’s your hardwares fault because not enough people report the issue in tickets.
So when I do it. Across 5-15 different devices in 4 years.
The devs see it as 150 tickets about me reporting crashes on ONE DEVICE so therefore I can’t be compensated for lost Sigils due to their lost time… seriously. :joy:
(My crashes happen in events once in a while on my phone, on my Chromebook they happen when the game launches occasionally, RNG determines what kind of GoW crash the player experiences.)

If I play on wifi the same thing happens occasionally. If I play on 4g it never happens.

Any chance you could take a look at this for the next update?



No its not a complete sentence leave me alone forum.


You are asking for too much I am afraid!

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I expected nothing but still feel disappointed. They removed the inconvenience of having to click 1 thing for the 0.01% of players crafting that dreadful mythic, meanwhile everyone else has to click 11 times to get to the next explore battle.