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5.0 Update

The secret project videos and tech quotes are incredible. Sometimes incredibly disturbing, but incredible nontheless.

Are the tasks the same for everyone like adventure board or per person? If everyone has the same then it can be scouted.

I really wish you could see the whole list and select three to be active. That would really take a lot of the anxiety out of this update.

Also if they are shared people are more likely to help each other like putting purple defense troops. That was one of the positives in the community of the original snot stone tasks.

This game has streaky RNG and seems more likely to pick the same outcome it previously chose. That makes unlikely combinations like 4 of the same silver tasks less improbable.

That could result in some unlucky requirements like doing more than a weeks worth of dungeons or adventure board. Having to do multiple pets on a Wednesday is problematic. Stuff like treasure gnome will definitely leave some people stuck.

I hope the tasks are cumulative and don’t expire before the campaign ends.

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They are the same for everyone yeah.

We tested this on Beta, and were setting def troops so we could finish the tasks a bit faster lol

I replied before I actually finished reading lol.

With the tasks they will stack yes. So if you only do 1 task in week 1, in week 2 you will have 31 possible tasks to do, with 16 added each week to the total amount. Think of it like GW fights. If you do them all daily, then you only ever have a max of 5 to do, but if you wait until Sunday, then you will end up with 30 fights to do.

BDC is already working on channels to post the tasks to, and a way to scout and add them for everyone so everyone can see what it is for the week.


I guess the freeloaders have taken their toll, and the devs want some money before they pay for upgrades. So now it’s time for the freeloaders to pay up or shut up so we can get new content.

Thanks for the good news. With the tasks scouted, that should reduce some of the issues and with everyone getting the same tasks, if the task choices are particularly terrible, the outcry might be enough to make the devs fix it.

Then why make the data public if you haven’t tested it sufficiently to ascertain if the mana cost/spell /whatever is balanced and appropriate?? It just makes their QA look even worse than we already know it to be. Plus the mechanics of the (un) nerfed troop are beyond any understanding cos they don’t understand how their own doom skulls operate (a notable unaddressed issue in this down date).

The data isnt made public though.

Tarans basically works by accessing the data of the game, be it released or not, final or not, and shows it to people to see whats coming.

Legit says it at the top of his website



OK I accept that. But my point about zero understanding of doomskull damage remains. Or do you have a formula for that? Skull dmg is the most basic concept of the game but is completely incomprehensible since doom skulls were introduced. The devs make no comment on this and avoid all related threads. So my point remains…why introduce lord of slaughter when nobody has a clue what skull damage actually is?

The way massive matches were made was changed a while back.

iirc, its Attack for every 3 match of skulls NOT connected to any other lot of skulls, with a +1 per skull and +5 per doom skull.

So if you have a cluster of skulls at the bottom that is half the board, that is all connected, as in all joined in some form of crazy tetris lines, then it counts as 1 match. So if you have 70 attack, its 70 damage +1 per skull and +5 per doom.

If that crazy line though has a gap and its really 3 different groups of skulls, then its 210 damage with +1 per skull and +5 per doom.

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If I heard this last year when I started the game, I’d have believe it was happening. However, they said the exact same thing on a Dev Q&A about class rebalancing. They were already looking at a few classes, Warden was mentioned specifically, but wanted to release changes in groups. I bet we’re now close to a year after they said this.

EDIT: Ok, I keep forgetting what they said exactly. They talked about in the August 2019 stream, starting around 1:12:54. They said it’s on “their list”, “would like” to go back and look at them, and would “probably do a batch of them at once”. So technically, they never stated it was actively being worked on. Hopefully weapon changes are actually coming soon.

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But that’s not what happens. I’ve instakilled full HP lvl 12 enemies with a single DS 3 match and there is ample Screenshot evidence from other players to demonstrate similar occurrences. Your theory doesn’t hold up in these situations.

Kurandara’s art is awesome.
I only wish the devs wouldn’t :poop: on all gnolls and would have picked something half as good for Lord of the Slaughter.
[sarcasm]I’m starting to think they do it on purpose just to spite me as their own internal joke…
Like: image


Seeing the rewards after the update, I can confirm Campaigns are useless for f2p players except in high-level, very specific scenarios.


Kurandara’s art is awesome.
So is the art of Diablo.
No resemblance. At all!!


I know this has been stated elsewhere, but…

The devs made a mistake in including the new campaign troops in the regular pools, and some people were able to draw them with keys or seals.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable for the devs to take away those troops, but they are replacing them with a couple of keys.

Some people pulled a mythic troop. They got lucky. They defied the odds.

You shouldn’t give them keys in exchange for the mythic they pulled. You should replace that mythic with one they could have earned, something else from the pool.

It’s just plain wrong to give them a few keys and the slim chance of getting lucky once again.

I wasn’t one of the players affected by this, so I don’t have any skin in the game. Except that the way you treat your players matters.

And I know that you can do this. If I give you some money, not only will you give me a mythic from the pool, but you’ll make sure that it’s one that I don’t have if that’s at all possible.

I’m not suggesting you give players a mythic that they don’t have. Just any mythic from the pool, that they would have gotten anyway if you didn’t mess up the pool in the first place.

Do the right thing.


That is the only ethical way to approach it. A few keys is lazy and cowardly. The devs created the problem they need to fix it and properly. Clearly
They do not learn from mistakes or this wouldn’t have happened. It isn’t the first time.


Back in the day I showed that their pet “artist” traced a photo to make Arctic Fox. And even tracing it still looks like :poop:

Oh yeah, even the spell is a trace/edit from another photo…

My life has changed and there is much less time to play. the latest updates take away the last fun from the game, since on the one hand you don’t want to lag behind, but on the other hand you want to play the modes that interest you. I have vip 7, it is very difficult for me to leave my progress, but I stopped playing because it is no longer fun. Thanks to the developers, for the fun that came before.