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4.6 Update Patch Notes

Nothing in 4.6 makes it pay to win.
They just “flipped the castle” on us and made the game twice or three times as long as it was before.
But essentially giving medals to troops literally does nothing more than give a 20% boost to skills that aren’t even useful for most of the troops.
So basically it’s like their event week all the time once they are super charged.
I pay money in the game to make it a faster and more enjoyable experience.
Nothing about medals does that outside of the Mana and magic one. But again we’re looking at 20% difference that can be grinded for… No need to pay for it.
It’s a cool addition without a subtraction.


I like the update.

As a long time player for over three years this adds a lot of content to spend time on. Of course it’s too much to grind for now, but the same could have been said about ingots or traits when they began.
I am pretty sure some additional ways to earn medals will appear over time.
And the way this game moves forward no one but the most dedicated players/payers can finish everything on time.
Everyone can concentrate on the part he or she likes. For example, i have collected all troops and nearly completed the factions, but i am a very lazy pet hunter due to personal time requirements.
But that’s the great part about GoW, different approaches and fun for everyone.

My thanks to the development team!


if you in a top guild you cant ignore modes , you allways want to do the same amount like others are doing in your guild or you making them leaving your guild. and sadly this explore thing doesnt give you trophies, so people get hindered doing there reqs. at least thats what happens in my guild

Thanks for answer. And yes, it seems you are right. I was able now to test it. :slight_smile:

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Did anyone else gloss over this when they first read it and then become disappointed when their medals became less effective after buying the first enhancement?

I wanted to fully upgrade my Wild Knight, to have a little more edge in Pure Faction Runs. I got my extra Medals of Cedric all ready to go (9, total, I figured, because the first enhancement cost 3) only to find that, if I use 3 Cedric Medals for the silver enhancement, I only have a 50% chance of my 20k souls and time spent grinding Explore actually amounting to anything.

No thanks.


Thoughts on the topic:

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I was confused by your experience, until I remembered that Wild Knight is an Epic.

They’re really trying to force players to use higher-rarity medals for the higher-rarity troops, it seems. The gambling system seems pretty pointless - nobody should be gambling 20k/30k souls on an upgrade, even for something like an 83% chance of success.


But souls farming has been removed now that the Warlord difficulties don’t apply anymore. :-1:


you can continue to cultivate souls

Warlord 4, TDS and 3 Faros, level 3

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Yeah, with a bug.


Every 5-6 fight in Explore comes the difficulty window why?
It just annoys you every time and slow down while farming. :rage:
Press like an idiot fast x Button (PS4) and nothing happens.


It is supposed to. It happens when related to attack.

It does not matter at all. After farming morr than 16M Gold from explore level 12, since it was releases, it just dropped Yasmine, cedric and anu’s tokens. I mean, it was not possible to get a single medal of Nysha. Frustrating. Well, it is really all about (un)luck.
The problem with it is that Explore is too boring already at this point. Despite playing with cards like Zull or Yasmine, it seems I got back to firebombs for farming tokens (ok, not traitstones anymore). I mean, not even a single medal of Nysha! Frustrating.

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It’s not impossible to get Token of Nysha, just more or less RNG for different players.
I just managed to get my first Medal of Nysha after many many hours of grinding.
Here’s my total haul I got along the way.
Gaard 61
Yasmine 62
Cedric 119
Aranaea 36
Anu 18
Nysha 9
A total of 305 token all from level 12 grinding. Around every 6th or 7th chest was one with three token, so that’s roughly 130-140 chests opened.

I don’t care what you all say. This is a pay to win now. I only still play because I have spent enough real money on this game. I did because I thought it was worth it. Now… Nope. I won’t pay to spend 10,000 years grinding. The point of paying to to get ahead not fall back. And this update has done just that. People with real jobs don’t have time spending 8-16 hours a day grinding and maybe in 20 years you proceed further in the game. Then this mini boss and mythic boss trash. Extra steps. No more just win or lose and click next. Now you have to confirm or press continue after each boss. This new explore is just garbage imo. And those stupid badges… Not worth the time. The time and work are not worth the bonuses and you can only use 3 global ones at a time. Whatever. R.I.P. GoW. This super grind fest will detour many new players. Too complicated and too long. Enjoy your 10,000 year grinding.

True. I just can’t explore anymore. It became a pain in the back. Just like it was farming traitstones.

I do know the feeling. No way! I simply gave up exploring. I have boring stuffs at work already and I don’t need one else lol

has anyone test the interaction between barrier and death mark since 4.6 update?

What’s wrong with it?

Your whole post complaining about it being pay to win is describing how it is not pay to win. First of all you can’t buy medals, so everyone is in the same boat. The explore mechanic, much like the pets or honor systems were not meant to max or at least not meant to rush to max for the average player. They are all passive systems. If you don’t have the time to grind that much, simple, just don’t. It’s a choice you as the player are making, not one the game is forcing you to do. As you said the global and troop bonuses from medals arent that game altering that NOT having them would handicap a player, especially at the high levels.

It’s not a pay to win game at all, in fact it’s one of the most free player friendly games out there(I’m VIP 0). The issue for most players is they mix grinding time with gameplay progression so it can seem pay to win if you aren’t playing hours a day. I will admit this could be frustrating to a completionist but this is a game that can’t be won, only played. I think too many people on here expect to max everything fast when the game is intentionally slowing progression to retain players longer as they slowly roll out other updates over time.

I’m not going to completly take the Devs side, as it’s been posted all over the forums about their mistakes. But I will say if you unhappy you should quit. Players that spend money on a freemium game should be more aware of their choices and the consequences of them. If you are looking for a game you complete in a timely manner go play a triple AAA title. Cause this isn’t one of them.

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