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4.5 Update Patch Notes

I’m looking forward to “new troops” just being the same color of the troops we have now, but with a different name. coughs at Nimue and Alderfather


Can we please colour or fill the circles ( maybe orange) that are not achievable? :slight_smile:


How does Lethal and Devour work with this? Half the troops HP will be damaged back?
(I’m already seeing it in the game.)

So the only way to get deeds,is through occasional adventure boards or…
With real money?


Devour reflects 50% of (armor + hp). Havent tested lethal but i assume it works the same way

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I rely on my only skull damage team to take down the toughest enemies with tons of hp and armor. Skull damage has never been too strong. First, it is already weak against skull reduction and evasion troops. Second, playing with skull is never easy because sometimes I have to trade my hp for mana, and one misplay can backfire really hard. Now that there is even reflection, I’m afraid skull teams will be no longer viable for playing. Weak team with low hp troops will die faster and strong tough troops will be even tougher. This is not balanced and fair.


In regards to skull damage… This has been around for a while actually.
But dispell or barrier will prevent the skull damage coming back at you.

Shentang doesn’t give a bonus to Magic, it gives a bonus to Life. Sin of Maraj (with his bonus to Attack) is missing on Kingdom List.


For a hour it did upon release. :persevere:

Still, I think 50% is too much. To kill a 200hp unit with your 100hp unit with skull you have to also sacrifice yours. The special damage type indicates that if I hit a 80% reduction troop with 100 dmg I will receive 50 dmg and they only receive 20. What’s the point of playing skull anymore?

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Well you shouldn’t be using a skull team Against 80% skull reduction.
But yeah… Stuff like this is to slow down skull spam teams.
Since the devs made the game 4 times faster, they’ve been trying to figure out ways to make it 3 times slower. :man_shrugging:

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Only if you do 200 damage in one hit, reflect only works on the first instance of damage.

You receive half of the damage done, which should be 10 in this situation. The 10 damage you receive is neither physical nor magical, so it won’t get reduced by any of your traits.

Is the reflect occuring before or after the devour adds the stats?

Thinking how fun would be to have an irongut with 70 armor/70 life trying to devour an delve opponent with reflect, that has 200 life/200 armor…
If reflect will inflict first, the reflected dmg would outnumber irongut’s base stats, so he should be killed before getting the extra stats from devour…



In theory, when it comes to Irongut, the damage it does should trigger the reflect, then devour chance gets checked. Havent tested yet

I haven’t paid close enough attention. But I think it devours or damages (disregarding the text.)

I’m surprised no one asked the devs about this during the stream. It seemed extremely likely that the souls from the new Challenge system would never actually equal that of the old.
Perhaps it’s more fresh in my mind than older players because I utilized those bonus souls only a few months ago.


Nope, it damages (always), then devours (maybe).

That’s why, if targeting and devouring an 100 life/100 armor enemy, it will always gain (100-irongut skill dmg) armor/100 life, instead of 100/100.
Tested that on 1x speed a while ago.

So yea, reflect should occur before devouring, so targeting a high end delve enemy with reflect shouldn’t kill irongut itself before the devour kicks in… I guess someone’s gonna confirm/infirm it via warrens runs sooner or later.

Don’t forget you can use a hero with the dispel talent to remove reflect. None of them are fast starting currently, but highforge can make the runepriest start with half mana

@Saltypatra thanks for being awesome! The cat lover title and portrait are now showing on switch for me. I don’t think I’ll ever change them again :joy::joy:

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