4.1 Patch Notes

Not a bug. Towers and Zuul’goth are the same.

I still don’t know why transformed troops have to have no traits when forced by an opponent. It used to exist with non pvp modes, but now even if you own it tge troops have no traits in all game modes now. Kinda funny how something so useful for delves got ridiculously nerfed for it but insanely buffed everywhere else. Is this intentional as I don’t see a note about it?

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No traits (by the way it was supposed to be level 10 on the first transform in PvP)

The other baby dragon was transformed to Level 0 as well.

And Magically went up in level and got traits again.
I lost the match of course (at least that’s working as intended).

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For a player transform like baby dragon, that works. But for when an opponent does it, the troop has no traits like possessed king or dragon’s eye. It didn’t work like that before but I guess the change had to double dip.

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All week I haven’t noticed a single hero being changed to the battle crasher. Is that intended? Or is it just a crazy RNG streak?

From my experience, gnomes/battlecrashers dont replace heroes


Thanks for bumping this thread… I thought it was for 4.3. Sigh.

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you must of

Ugh, I agree with you, but … ugh… MUST HAVE

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Continuing on Battlecrashers, is this normal? First time ever I’ve seen one that wasn’t mythic rarity and fully traited.

If it was in pvp then it’s normal, the battle crusher and gnomes will be same then player troop rarity

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No. You’ve seen lesser rarity before. :wink: