4.1 Patch Notes


Sirrian, Webspinner is dealing Triple Skull Damage to any troop not immune to Webbed, that’s because of the order in which stats are applied before damage is dealt…

You could consider changing her second trait, Snare (causes Webbed when dealing skull damage) for Tangle (inflict Entangled when dealing skull damage) to avoid changing the whole order of effects during skull matches and consequently break more stuff in the process while keeping her as a decent summon for Arachnaean Weaver.

This change can be considered odd when you look at the whole (Webbed) theme on this kingdom, but it would be acceptable to think that Webspinner weaves stronger, and less magical, webs to sustain the weight of her immense body, but that is not even a bad characteristic for her arsenal.

I’ll ping @Cyrup so she can take note and make sure this gets under the team’s radar.


Same goes for crimson arrow applying hunter’s mark. Trait’s apply before the damage, so the boost ratio (x2 damage from hunter’s mark/x3 damage from webspinner’s 3rd trait) is applied before damage.


Yes, but balancing him would be easier by simply reducing his attack gain on each level a little and exchanging the placement of his Eagle Eye and Agile Traits.

Double damage with no setup is manageable, but triple damage with no setup is extreme (and even if the troop survives being webbed is quite crippling usually).


If you have a bug report please report it to bug reports! Or if it’s a suggestion to the correct location :wink:


It’s not exactly a bug, might not be a suggestion as much as a report of possibly an unexpected side effect as the team didn’t considered the order of effects for this particular troop reworked in 4.1…


Anyone know if power scroll actually gives +1 to all stats or only +1 towards earning your next stat boost?


+1 to all Guild Boons (progress point towards bonus skill point)


That wasn’t vague at all! :angry: :no_good_woman: You have a name to live up to.


There is something stranges in this article:

  • you receive 4 Sigils at the start of each day but it is written Earn 5 more battles in 2h 25m in the screenshot just below…
  • I thought that there will be no color restriction for the Hero, but nothing is written about that
  • it is not clear if new members can join the guild and the event during the week like RB/Invasion or cannot like GW


This is now resolved :sun_with_face:


Now i wonder how many people will shoot me lol


Is there some change to the updated pool of troop in Arena? I remembered it only update once every 2-3 months, but it’s now changed to update every weeks now? As both Arctic Fox and Executioner are very new. Anyway, great addition to the Arena! :grinning:


@turintuor Hey thanks! I’ll update that screenshot once the event starts :slight_smile:

The info about the Hero Weapon being allowed to be any colour is written right after it mentions the colour restriction for troops.

I’ll add the info about new guild members on there thanks! (yes, they can join in during the week under the same conditions as Invasion and Raid Boss)


Hey folks, we’re aware that the servers have degraded performance right now, it will clear up soon. It’s because so many people have jumped in to check out the new Tower of Doom event.

Ride The Wild Wind

Servers should be returning to normal shortly


IDDQD trophy popped, when I unlocked the 6th boss. Positive “bug” :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a bug. Towers and Zuul’goth are the same.


I still don’t know why transformed troops have to have no traits when forced by an opponent. It used to exist with non pvp modes, but now even if you own it tge troops have no traits in all game modes now. Kinda funny how something so useful for delves got ridiculously nerfed for it but insanely buffed everywhere else. Is this intentional as I don’t see a note about it?


No traits (by the way it was supposed to be level 10 on the first transform in PvP)

The other baby dragon was transformed to Level 0 as well.

And Magically went up in level and got traits again.
I lost the match of course (at least that’s working as intended).


For a player transform like baby dragon, that works. But for when an opponent does it, the troop has no traits like possessed king or dragon’s eye. It didn’t work like that before but I guess the change had to double dip.