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4.1 in Screenshots

Hi everyone, as promise there is the 4.1 update (2h stream) resume in a couple screenshots. sorry about the late post i had some internet issue so i couldn’t post a soon the stream was over

First they started to show us the mail menu, we can see there is a new tab called Gifts, yes we will be able to buy guild key and they added guild guift in the bundle wich is 25 gems and give it the the person we want in your guild. obviously you can’t give it to yourself :stuck_out_tongue:
Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(18) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(20) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(21) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(22) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(23)
then they showed troop menu and everyone will be happy to know they added a reorder team button!!! OMG i think just that is enough to make my day, i was waiting for this feature since the game got released. youi can also see on the left side of the screen, a daily task shortcut so you can see the daily task while you are building your team


also in the inventrory menu you can now sort by category (orbs,pet food, stones)

so like the other guild event, you can find the tower of doom event in the guild tab


so basically you need to climb tower with a color restricted team, in this case it is blue color. the color restriction will be different for each event. to climb a tower you need to beat the doom but before that you need to find the unlock scroll wich is hidden in a random room, each room contain a different scroll to help you during the battle. the room contain the same scrool for the entire guild but is different between the other guild. so comminication will be crucial, if you find the unlock scroll you can tell your guildmate witch room you find it and then they won’t waste sigils for nothing


there is an exemple of the doom weapon


shop example, you will receive random troop of the tower of doom color and also can get the weapon or the doom troop itself, you can also get the doom troop from your rewards


Doom troop

Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(33) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(34) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(35) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(36)

Current Scrolls

  • Armor Scroll – Gives Guild Armor
  • Boon Life Scroll – Gives Guild Life Boon
  • Attack Scroll – Gives Guild Attack Boon -
  • Haste Scroll – Gives a Doom Sigil
  • Magic Scroll – Gives Guild Magic Boon
  • Luck Scroll – Gives 2 bonus points towards the Guild’s Doom total
  • Power Scroll – Gives to all Guild Boons
  • Unlock Scroll – Unlock the Boss Room containing the Doom
  • Heroism Scroll – Auto-Defeat the Doom for that level and move on to the next level
  • Fireball Scroll – Immediately win a non-Boss Room

Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(40) Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%20(41)

also you can see on the first pic a little quality of life improvement, you can see ozz won 2 sigils cause he beated a valraven, now look at the reward pic, you can see the valraven picture, sweet!

like guild wars the top guild will win gems and doom troops

4.1 will also include a new event, you remember the thanksgiving event? the Moas invasion? well now any troop will be able switch for another troop and like always, Luther is there to let you know

so when you beat them they will rewards you a random rewards like the gnomes, and you will see the picture of the troop on the rewards card, like the valraven

new offer system, when you will find a new troop you will receive a pop up offer that will alllow you to buy all the stones souls and troop needed for the next upgrade (omg more offer pop up :frowning: ) so you will see on the left corner beside your avatar how many time remaining for that offer before it get removed

this is all about 4.1 sorry again for the late post the internet and electricity trouble.
overall the new tower of doom event look interesting and fun and i like the fact you need to comminicate with your guildmate to advance in the event,

but i am a little bit worried about the rewards system, imo unlike the guild war event, you can buy the win if you got more money to spend then other guild and this is a part of the game i really dislike cause it is not about skills but about money and i think that suck


This week I was going to reorder all my teams. Thanks! :grinning:

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Thanks for the screenshot, Rickygervais!

So… Doom weapon is not a “weapon” equip-able by Hero, but a troop with its own triat, just like 6 Guild War Guardians? And as it’s not a “weapon”, you can’t use Ingots to upgrade it, so you need Forge Scroll instead. What…? Misunderstood information. Sorry!

Tower of Doom is not just a Guild’s week-long Delve, but each rooms’ opponents use the exact same pool as Delve itself? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hope the new set of new rooms have some new Epic ones, as that would also make Faction Challenge in Underworld a bit easier. (or harder, who know…?)

More non-Gnome Gnome troops to fight in battle? Nice!

PS. Kinda unrelated, but my favorite small part about your screenshot is looking at Saltypetra’s and Ozball’s face, and make up a conversation between them based on their facial expression. Don’t judge me! :rofl:

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Besides this. The new Gems gift option will pretty much allow “bounties”. Like highest Trophies this week gets 25 gems from X player. :roll_eyes:

No the spell and trait are from the doom troop you can get in the shop or as a reward

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Okay, thanks for the correction. Fixed the main post! I see Doom weapon and Doom troop as the same thing for some reason, sorry!

again and again gems to spend :expressionless:

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Yeah i also was thinking about that. At least it is a limit of 1 bundle per person

But if everyone love you and decide to give you a gift you will receive 725 gems :slight_smile:

Or 2175 if they all buy the 3 bundle lol

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My birthday already passed this year. :persevere:
But maybe for Christmas. :wink:
I hope it’s not more than a $1 to gift it.
If it’s $4.99 to get 15 gems daily for 2 weeks.
Then surely this can’t be $5 as well. If someone offers the gift I’ll just give them my PayPal instead. 🤷

Going by the screenshots you get the gifts as part of buying a guild seal bundle. So if you buy Guild Elite for $20, there’s now also 4 gifts for you to distribute.


They spent a lot of time on that 2nd screenshot (the guild shop), but that’s already in the game. I think they were confused and thought that was where you got gifts from, but realized you get them elsewhere.

It confused me too, because I thought they were trying to package a feature that’s been in the game as long as I’ve played as a new thing.

My guess is you get the gifts through the normal course of the game. Other games I’ve played have a feature like this, and the point of the gifts in those games is you’re supposed to fill out a Friends List with 30 people. So the game has a dedicated “friend” thread where people desperately try to match with 30 strangers who take a “daily login” pledge and never talk again. And every day you push the “send all” button so all 30 people get their candy or whatever and you don’t get put on the “friends blacklist”. Really all it is is another psychological, “I lose this if I don’t participate EVERY day.”

My imaginary GoW improves on this several ways and fails in one obvious one, I’m basing these assumptions on how GoW tends to take features from other F2P games:

  • Your Guild is already a list of 30 people and you probably socialize with them. :+1:
  • Your Guild already gives a lot of benefits to people who play consistently. :+1:
  • You won’t get 30 gifts every day, the cap will be much smaller. Not sure if I like:
    • This reduces the workload and addresses complaints about “chores”. :+1:
    • This means the “favorite” people in the guild get showered with gifts and some people don’t get anything. :-1:
  • There won’t be a “send all” button, or a sign of who you sent a gift until at least 6.4. So the forums will be clogged up with “send all gifts please” and “I keep sending all my gifts to the same person accidentally” threads.

For the first :-1:, it makes sense: 29 gifts of 25 gems is 725 gems, there’s NO WAY the devs are introducing that as a repeatable reward unless it’s at least monthly. That’s why there also won’t be a “send all”, the idea seed was “yeah this would be fun every now and then”. For the second, I hope I’m proved wrong and the trend started by the level screen redesign continues, not the trend continued by the Delve screens.

One ray of hope I have: there were a lot of aspects of Tower of Doom that emphasize collaboration. Maybe the point of these is “hey, guild, give this guy gifts so he can buy another tier and win this level for us”. If they pitch that as “this is why you do it”, then I have to throw away the concerns above because they’re for a different feature that doesn’t exist, and probably shouldn’t.

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I’m a little disappointed with the gift system. I do not want my guildmates spending real money to give me 25 Gems.
I was hoping for a system that would allow guild leaders to use a small bonus (such as codes) to motivate the guild and reward the best without having to spend real money on it.
It’s a narrow grade between F2P and P2W and I hope the game will not tip in the wrong direction someday.
However, I am looking forward to the new event. It looks exciting.
And I really love the ability to sort the decks now.

I’m hoping what I posted above you is right, and the 2nd screenshot is more, “Salty and Sirrian didn’t remember how gifts worked” than anything.

Because that screenshot already exists in the game. Go to your Guild page and look at the “Shop” tab. Nothing in the screenshot is different, so I think they made a mistake.

Being able to send gifts only using real money will bring the guild system to guilds where the players join only because there are lot of other members able to spend and send gifts to everyone

I can see a lot of a new kind of recruitment annoucements "join our guild: we garantuee weekly gifts to all. Reqs: 500k/1500s/weekly events/1 monthly gift

I’m more concerned by the very last screenshot that introduces really irritating pop ups when you find a new troop pressuring you to buy 6,000 souls and 90 traitstones (a $30 value! Hahahahahaha hysterical - do they have any concept of money or are they delusional?)


What puzzles me even more is that for that evaluation they didn’t even include the last trait. You know the one that someone might actually really want immediately for legendary+ troops.


Sly, take a look at the fourth and fifth screenshot, they explain it better. You get gifts to distribute as bonus for buying one of the Guild Seal packages.


So imo the best strategy is 4 player doing each 4 different room then they all say what scroll is in their room. Someone take notes for each room and post the result somewhere for the people offline. Each floor 4 different player make 4 different room. Rince and repeat

When offline people log in they read results and can go for rare scroll room and unlock scroll room and beat the doom

That way not everyone will waste sigils for nothing

@Mithran is it a good strategy?

I wonder if it would count as a QoL improvement to just display rooms to the whole guild once a member has explored them. :thinking:


By my count, you need to spend a minimum of 50 sigils to fully clear all 25 floors: one to find the unlock scroll, and then another to beat the Doom. Thus, as long as you keep 2x(number of remaining floors) sigils available to yourself, you can spend the others however you want.

If you want to rush the first four floors while your guild mates sleep, you can post the results and save them some sigils. Heck, you may wind up spending less than 16 sigils doing so, since you could get lucky and find the right door before exhausting all the possibilities on a given floor.