[30/30] Sushi Bar: Casual Guild for Veterans ! Play for FUN not WORK ! NO Raid/Invasion Requirements ! (PC/Mobile)


I’m a new player that would be interested in finding some people to just give me some point and stuff while I grow. I am only level 77. If you will have me, my invite is rulerkorin_CJAB


Apologies but we are looking for players who have played a bit longer. This is because of our GW bracket where a new player will really struggle.


Can I order sushi to go?


Definitely. Grateful if you can share your level and your invite code.


We have a spot available. Please leave a message if you are interested.


I’m lvl 869 now
1500 seals this week now (so no seals for this guild.
Tier 1 PvP now
I gain 75 lvls last week.
600 k gold all ready this week.


Plse send send me your invite code. Thanks.


We have a spot open. Please leave a message if you are intetested.


Hello, i am new in mobile and Level 58 and i am active…on PS4 my Level is 1220…can i go in your Guild? My invite code is ELEMAUGRIM_BSUZ


We currently have 2 spots available. Plse leave a message with your level and invite code if you are interested to join.


Let’'s come to us, good folks, great guild xD


I meet every requirement for your guild except LVL. I am a LVL 232, but a very active player and steadily increasing daily. I own an xbox guild that does well and has been active for two years. I am trying to find a suitable guild to join for mobile. My invite code is TREBOR_EZ69. Thanks for the consideration.


Welcome Trebor ! We are ok to make the level exemption. Plse leave your current guild and we will send you an invite.


I will be able to leave @ 12 pm MST today. Thanks for the opportunity look forward to playing!


Hi, are you still recruiting?
I’m at level 733 and my invite code is DEMRES_JGNW


Hi Demres,

would have invite you :slight_smile: . But you have to leave your guild first.


Whoops, of course that’s a prerequisite. Just left, so it should work now.


I have left my previous guild now ready for an invitation if still open!


We currently have 1 spot available. Plse leave a message with your level and invite code if you would like to join.


I’m level 1148. ANTMAN_3 is invite code. Would love to hear from you