(30/30) FULL! Guardians of Terra, Rank 140, hardcore or casual. Come join our active, friendly and generous bunch!


Cool - I’m in.
You guys use line? My username is the same. Can I get an invite?


We still have 2 spots left if anyone is interested!! We have a great group now, and are really raking in the trophies, seals and rewards. Come play with us!!


Please invite me: YANNNANCY


Hey enremission!! We would gladly have you, I just want to make sure you know we reach about 30k seals a week. I know you were looking for one that reaches 40k (I’ve seen you on the message boards before :)) so just want to make sure that is okay! We keep getting closer and closer to 40k, but haven’t quite reached it yet.


Yep. No problem.


Invite sent! Welcome!! :smile:


Okay guys, we have two open spots due to a couple of inactive members. Any takers?


I’m looking for a home guild, would love invite!


What is your name in the game? I tried “ritzywind” and it says it doesn’t exist.


It’s ritzywind, but invite code is ritzywind_jiru


Invite sent!!


Any other takers? One spot left!!


I’ll take it! Daily player, lvl 256. Invite code: PEACENQUIET


Sorry man, for some reason I am not getting the notice e-mails I’m supposed to when a new reply comes through!! I see you found a guild (congrats!) but it you’re ever in need again let me know!


One spot left!


It’s that time again…anyone want to join an awesome guild? We have two openings…active members, high brackets in GW, on the cusp of having all statues at 100+, and a great and active chat on the LINE app. Please leave your invite code here if you are interested!!


I’m looking for a guild, only lvl 95 atm, but I’m working on it. Plenty of gold to spare and am always willing to do GW.
invite: BELIAL_B8KP


I’m looking for a active guild.
My level is 125 and 1500 seals weekly and participate in guild wars ever day.
Let me know, if you’re going to send me an invitation, and then I will leave my current guild.
Invite code: OLAFSON_RD3A.


Hey everyone, I apologize I was on vacation and really slacked on the forums recruitment!! We still have one spot available if anyone is interested…@olafson and @Belial if you are still available let me know!!


Still looking for one player to round out our awesome team…come join us!!