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3 millions and 19 months

And we have taken a SS at the right moment this time! :sweat_smile:


But it is not the only new record we have set recently…

Our friends from Marthos Guardians (then called Rainmakers) have been the very first #1 guild of GoW in 2014.

Very fast- in January 2015 from what I have gathered - Match Masters have taken the lead.
Although I think I remember that Clien Net have been #1 2-3 weeks during the summer of 2015, Match Masters and Mr Sammy have dominated the game, set many records and won everything for a very long time. They have long been our models as well as our rivals.
They have remained #1 from January 2015 to June 26 2016, when we finally passed them after many months of efforts. So that is about 18 months.

We have now been #1 for 19 months, so we have broken the record of longevity at the top of the guilds league.


During the summer of 2016 there have been disruptions in our guild and discussions to determine if we wanted to go casual or try to remain at the top. We chose the second option. But it is not easy to keep the fire burning when you have won everything and don’t have any goal anymore.

I would never have expected that we would do so well after so much time… While most of the guilds now are focusing either on trophies or on GW, we are still both in the top 3 for trophies and for GW week after week, and the records of weekly trophies for a guild and for a player are currently ours.

So I would like to tell once again to my guildmates how much I am proud of them all and of what we have accomplished together and to say a huge thank you to all of them.
Thanks to our veterans who have sticking around with us for more than 2 ½ years now.
Thanks to our professor, to our team builders, our strategists.
Thanks to our irish troll to who we owe our most epic moments, to our recruiters, to those who have helped starting Bnonymous.
Thanks to those who organize races and dares, who share pics of their “family” and all those who, day after day, by their helpfulness, their sense of humour and their personality make of our guild what it is.
And to our more silent members for their constant dedication.
Thanks also to our ex members who are still hanging around with us, and who occasionally rejoin to help.
It is an honour and a pleasure to play with you all.

Thanks to Marthos Guardians, Light Army and Bnonymous. What we share makes us all stronger.

And special thanks to @Geran for these 18 months of friendship and collaboration. We wouldn’t be there without you.


ok…but my guild is still the best ingame :blush:


Congrats! Amazing work :slight_smile:


Congratulations :wink: . Shame that there is no in-game reward for each 1 million trophies :stuck_out_tongue: .


Very good job guysllll

we are only at 2M but we started later :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Aelthwyn and the rest of Anonymous! :+1:

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Grats from us at MatchMasters


Impressive @Aelthwyn!

Many deserved kudos headed your way…



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Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

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Gratz from Black Dragon!

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Great work!

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Congrats!!! :muscle::clap:

Definately time for new leagues bonuses at 2,3,4 and 5 milions in next update!
Because lets be honest, the actual rewards are a joke! 3500 gold per day in God league…
5 millions :trophy: = 1 VIP key per day!? :grinning:

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Here’s your flashback from when Anonymous hit #2. I happened to catch it right when we (before my retirement) were tied. I think it was 9:33 March 15, 2016.



That would be great!

Thanks a lot! It is a very nice SS.
And it shows how radically the game has changed! Grinding trophies was so slow then! I don’t know how much longer it would have taken us to pass MM if the ranked PVP system had not been implemented during that spring.

Ah, nice work Anonymous. Best wishes from Tigerclaw.

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Congratulations @Aelthwyn! It’s a great milestone. Anonymous has always earned a lot of respect from TUF and me specifically.

I am glad to know you. Your guilds help to make the community for this game strong and vibrant.

We can celebrate again when you hit 4 million. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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That is awesome you all hit that milestone, I do believe that Willows is the oldest guild in the game though at least according to the Devs though they have never been #1

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