3 event gems battle?(4 pvp casual)

Platform, device version and operating system
Samsung Galaxy S3 OS4.3

Screenshot or image
I’ll get one

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
at end of battle, gfx bug left last troop, said 3 event gems(4 troops casual pvp)

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
noticed once, trying for more_

Steps to make it happen again
repicked until I got quick win opponent, have gotten cliffy bug b4.

Hey there, sorry but I don’t quite understand what you mean with “at end of battle, gfx bug left last troop, said 3 event gems(4 troops casual pvp)”

Can you please provide some more details on your issue? Did Cliffy error pop-up at the end of a battle?

the event was eliminate pvp troops, I won battle, but the last troop
remained like a glitch, no cliffy, but it said I got 3 event gems. no
biggie, just weird. I think it was stunned, and it died to status
effect. I didn’t realize it was 3 event gems until after I clicked
out, otherwise I would screensnap, check for reduced rewards.

It may have been 3 trophy even, but didn’t seem like it. I was
reloading for firebomb teams mostly, seems reloads make glitchy.

I think he/she is referring to this bug preventing the correct number of event points being awarded:


that be the problem exactly.

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This :point_up_2:

I’ve had a few Explore events not give me the proper amount of event points either. I had a few in a row that were 1 under what they should have been. 3 for 4, 1 for 2, 2 for 3… *edit There were no troops left behind, the game simply wasn’t awarding me properly

Thank you for clarifying!

  1. Are you using WiFi or Ethernet connection?
  2. What game mode were you playing in?
  3. Can you remember whether or not the ‘ghost troop’ or ‘empty board’ was killed by either
  • A Doomskull match
  • A spell that ‘Explodes’ gems which targeted a Doomskull?
  • Any other Troop that casts an explosion spell.
  1. When did this issue last occur? Please provide the exact time (or as close to it as possible)


^^^Wifi, does glitch and reset quickly

PVP ranked, had been refreshing

almost certain I was using khorvash/TDS team, exploded gems coup de grace

near 8GMT i think

Just to support your investigation Cyrup, also this happens more frequently with a troop that has ‘dodge’ as a trait.

For example

Step 1: Opponent troop has less than 5 health
Step 2: Player matches 3 skulls with 1 doomskull
Step 3: Opponent troop dodges the attack
Step 4: Fixed +5 doomskull damage still registers
Step 5: Opponent troop remain on screen but dead

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I noticed this happens usually when you cast a skull spam (Glacyon, King Bloodhammer), and the troop in question has the agile trait, dodged the skull damage but doesnt dodge the spread from Doomskulls, which is what kills it and trigger the bug.
The usual cases i saw it was with Nobend Brothers, but if it happens with the Pet Gnome doesnt trigger the Pet Rescue.

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Thanks everoyne I’ll pass this onto QA

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