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Ghost enemy troop preventing invasion points from registering

I checked the known issues and didn’t see this:

Platform, device version and operating system
Android 7.1.1

Screenshot or image
Before finishing battle:
Immediately after victory:
Rewards screen:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expected to get credit for killing 4 towers even though there was a ghost of one remaining on the board at the end of the battle. I only got credit for 3.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The leftover ghost troop seems to happen most often when using exploders. This is not normally a big problem, but when it occurs in an invasion battle, you lose a point. This happened twice to me today. I got some screenshots the 2nd time.

Steps to make it happen again
Not entirely clear. The ghost troop seems to remain when skulls and aoe damage from a troop like worldbreaker do a lot of damage all at once, but it is inconsistent at best. This has happened for a long time. The primary purpose of this report is to note the consistent effect of this bug on invasion scores.


Thank you for your report! This is now a known issue, I have sent you some Sigils.

  1. Are you using WiFi or Ethernet connection?
  2. Can you remember whether or not the ‘ghost troop’ or ‘empty board’ was killed by either A) A Doomskull match or B) A spell that ‘Explodes’ gems which targeted a Doomskull?
  3. Any other Troop that casts an explosion spell - you mentioned this happened twice and I can see you are using WB, just clarifying.
  1. WiFi - on a Moto X Pure Edition Android 7.0 phone (I have gotten a new phone since making the report.)

  2. I don’t remember how “ghost troop” was killed. Because of the nature of the bug, I didn’t realize it wasn’t properly dead until a turn or two after I had killed it, but my team was very exploder heavy that week.

  3. It was probably killed with a WB cast, but I’m sorry I don’t remember. I’ll keep an eye out in future and try to update if I can nail it down. I should note that I use Gorgotha, Glaycion, Skullbeard, and Bloodhammer for all pet rescue battles and I’ve never seen a leftover “ghost troop” using that team in many, many battles.

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I got another one this week. It has no affect on the raid score, of course. This troop was almost certainly killed from a Skullbeard cast, when an explosion targeted (probably non-doom) skulls.

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Thank you, I’ll add this to the information on the issue!

Hi there, I’ve had same issues times ago, but didn’t spend much attention to. I realized that event stones didn’t count and only thought “Sh** happens”…
Now just to confirm this behaviour.

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