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3.5 update screenshots (part 2)

No idea why she didin’t squeeze it in last week stream it would take 3 more min

New button (shop shortcut) on the event window


Daily tasks, you will be able to refresh 1 task if you don’t like it (limit 1x every day)

Console will get the daily task rework same as pc, that mean nerf for console :frowning:

Some kingdom power examples


WOW 91 orbs of power!!! She could get 11 Zhul :stuck_out_tongue:



Big Annoucement

We should get the update tomorow


Did anybody catch what PC daily tasks reward for each completed task?

Im a little dissapointed about kingdom power, some task need you to upgrade kingdom weapon but to do this you need ingots so the new kingdom might take long to upgrade

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I made sure to buy those Soulforge junk weapons just incase…

RIP gems


It costs 10 gems to change the task, are you sure? It looked like a free roll once per day, why would anyone pay if the task has a potential to reward less.

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Yes, requiring weapons to be upgraded is a huge hassle for players who were already close to that kingdom power level.


so I just checked through the weapons and found one that might have been related to Merlantis?


Anyone know how this was obtainable back then when the kingdom was released?

sorry you are right it’s free, 10 gems was the rewards, sorry for confusion

costing 10 gems to replace a junk task with another junk task just seems so silly. defeats the purpose of even doing a daily task.

Edit: Alpheon clarified it. Phew! False alarm. thanks for the reply


Just to chime in on the replacement cost - Tasks don’t cost gems to replace. It’s a free re-roll once per day, that resets at daily reset. The 10 gems I believe Ricky is referring to is the reward for completing that original task.

Like with consoles currently, tasks 2-3-4 will follow a linear path of progression as you play (which we will begin at a certain amount through, based on your level if you’re on an existing account). When you’ve finished those tasks, you’ll be given tasks from a pool of repeatable tasks. You can choose one of these to skip instead if you would prefer.


Emphasizing this. It’s the one big grumble on kingdom power from beta. Seeing Salty acknowledge that this mountain to climb is being addressed is heartening.


Destroy an enemy’s armor.

Think of that as a future Raid event weapon. Might be the Blackhawk weapon?


Ok thanks for clarification, in the stream it look like it cost 10 gems

I will edit the post

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Ah thanks! Do you know if there is any other weapons added that might be for the future, like the Ocean’s Protector? If so, which ones?

the easiest thing to do is check out Taran’s website.

stuff like that Yasmine’s Pride, Trickster’s Shot. Earth’s Fury etc.

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Thanks for the help.

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Im glad for pc but im not happy about gem nerf for console :frowning:

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So, I did catch that right, that tasks are now going to not be limited to 4 a day on console? You can reroll one, but it looked like when Salty completed her slot 4 task (Donating 50k to her guild), it was replaced by a new one? It was like this when tasks were first introduced, so is it back to that, but with lesser rewards for each task now? Like the change from : +12 gems for donating 50k, to now : +50 glory

Also, maybe it was just because she was sick, but did I hear her say “everyone in the guild” gets the 50 glory?

Or was that just wishful thinking (and poor hearing) on my part? I’m of course blaming Salty’s mic problems if I didn’t hear it properly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol she said that but i think she was sick and confuse, the task are individual :slight_smile:

Edit: nevermind i think it was because she completed the guild task